Ailment: Athlete's foot

Remedy: Flowers of sulphur

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Comment posted by Paul of Pretoria, Gauteng, SOUTH AFRICA on 18 August 2013 at 2:48       1330

Flowers Of Sulphur (yellow powder) for any skin infection like scabies or other microscopic critters: Mix FLOWER OF SULPHUR powder (yellow) with vasoline or hand-cream and apply. Problem will go within one or two days!!! A skin specialist secretly told me if i wanted to save a lot of money I should ise that for any type of skin infections! I used it myself and it works like magic!!!

Comment posted by Paul of Pretoria, Gauteng, SOUTH AFRICA on 18 August 2013 at 2:41       1329

PLEASE PLEASE READ TO THIS: for scabies or any other skin bug or disease caused by microscopic critters just buy cheap FLOWERS OF SULPHUR - its a yellow powder and mix it with Vasiline or with hand-cream and apply! Kills any irritation on the skin! I once went to a very expensive skin specialist and told him i didn't havr money for expensive treatments. He laughed and said that if I want to save a fortune then FLOWER OF SULPHUR on the skin will ALWAYS work! And it did! Not only for me but also for all the other people i told about it during my 50years of life on earth! FLOWER OF SULPHUR for all dermatological infestations and its a cheap yellow powder available from your chemist. FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY (i think!)

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Flowers of sulphur remedy/cure/treatment for Athlete's foot