Grow Youthful, How to Slow Your Aging and Enjoy Extraordinary Health

Amazing anti-inflammation approach helps everyone - even those with 'normal' health

In just a couple of weeks, sometimes much sooner, you will see improvements in your health and wellbeing.

This information is revolutionary

It really works

Do you suffer from:

  • Feeling tired, have low energy?
  • Brain fog, feel unenthusiastic or depressed?
  • Muscular and skeletal aches and pains?
  • A variety of allergies or intolerances?
  • Digestive problems?
  • Frequent fungal and other infections?
  • Diabetic, pre-diabetic, overweight, mood swings?
  • Finding it near-impossible to fully recover from other chronic complaints?

Most chronic ailments are caused by low-level toxins in the supposedly-healthy foods that nearly everyone eats. Get rid of these toxins and it makes a HUGE difference to your health and aging.

My book offers the possibility of real relief for you. I will show you how to transform your body to a new level of health and youth - literally, to Grow Youthful.

Often, we are doing the OPPOSITE of what your body wants for great health and longevity. To create a slim, healthy, younger body you do NOT need:

  • A low-fat diet
  • Lots of hard exercise
  • Any kind of dieting
  • Daily supplements
  • To avoid all sun
  • To drink fruit juice or eat lots of fruit
  • Any kind of processed or manufactured food
  • And other myths which I will explain, referring to published scientific studies

Thousands of people around the world are consistently having thrilling success and transforming their lives using this contrarian approach to health. This is not a diet, or something that only works for a few people or for a limited time. It is based on hundreds of published scientific studies that were NOT sponsored by corporate businesses.

What I will reveal to you has completely changed my life

  • I feel younger than I did twenty five years ago, strong and full of energy.
  • Several chronic ailments I had for years have completely cleared up.
  • My skin is clear again, grey hair has disappeared.
  • I wake up every morning feeling happy and grateful.
  • Friends comment that I look great - and they mean it.

Imagine yourself with a younger biological age and vibrant health. You CAN slow your mental, body and skin aging. Picture your body looking 5, 10 or even 20 years younger than your real age. Discover how to slow the aging that most people consider to be quite normal.

Important new information in Grow Youthful 2014 fourth edition

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You simply don't need to suffer from today's modern chronic diseases

  • I will show you how to lower your risk of getting cancer.
  • You can avoid metabolic syndrome, and getting diabetes.
  • How to heal your liver, even an ageing liver, and prevent liver cirrhosis.
  • How to protect yourself from allergies, all kinds of inflammation, chronic infections, digestive malfunctions, heart disease, strokes, asthma, obesity, osteoporosis and other diseases.
  • Shield yourself from mental diseases and decline. Memory loss, Alzheimer's, depression and numerous brain and nervous disorders.

Your body wants to heal itself, if only you will let it. I will confidently explain to you the greatest causes of ill health that nearly everyone suffers from, and they are probably not what you expect.

You can even heal some of the damage from years of abuse

  • Whatever your state of health.
  • At any age.
  • No matter what your weight or level of fitness.

You've been sick or less-than-well for years?

  • You've tried several diets and cures.
  • Doctors haven't helped.
  • You're taking a couple of medicines.
  • It's hard to feel enthusiastic and full of energy.

You've been searching websites, reading articles?

If you've tried popular diets and still seen no real change to your health and aging, then at last you have found the right place. I know exactly what it's like to be in the dark. Fifteen years ago I was sick and looked ten years older than I really was. I had read all the popular books, tried gruelling exercise and a strict diet (sound familiar?) I was confused; there was so much conflicting information. What is healthy eating? What is a healthy lifestyle?

A lot of the health information you read is simply not true

In 2001 I started full-time research on which remedies and diets really work in health and longevity. I learned everything I could about nutrition, biochemistry, healing with food, psychology, mind-body links, consciousness research and different types of meditation. I researched (and used myself) Tai Chi, yoga, Pilates, breath work, Taoist exercises, breathing and meditations, Tantra, different modes of bodywork and heat and cold treatments.

I tried many different diets and health approaches including vegetarian, vegan, ayurvedic, Taoist, raw food, macrobiotic, acid-alkaline, blood-type, paleolithic, Mediterranean, traditional, and the diets in numerous popular books. I interviewed hundreds of people to get their personal experience and assess how they are aging.

I travelled to and studied areas of the world where people are traditionally long-lived, and also places where the health of the population is deteriorating rapidly.

I found many people who looked more than a decade younger than they actually were. As I got to know them, I realised they weren't even trying to stay young and healthy! They were playful and had fun. They exercised, but not nearly as much as me. They ate foods that were delicious and enjoyable. I was shocked to discover that many of the foods they regularly used were the same ones I had avoided for so many years.

A lot of the health information you read is simply not true. It is carefully crafted to serve the industries/associations that sponsor these articles. Much of the information on the web, in popular books, and even in published scientific research is just lies and twisting of the facts. The food, pharmaceutical, health products industries and associations of health professionals first and foremost serve their own financial interests.

The truth from independent research

In my research I look for independent and caring scientists, physicians, health-workers, individuals and organisations. I have read hundreds of books and publications of a dedicated band of scientists around the world who have helped expose the fraud and dishonesty in the media, among some of their peers, in the corporate world, and in different government bodies, right up to the highest levels.

My sources are NOT sponsored by organisations that pay for the money-making results they want.

Because my sources speak the truth, their opinions rarely find their way into the mainstream media which is, like much of the world, under multi-national corporate domination. They are the only scientists and healers I trust. So now, you have come to the right place.

I am so confident that I can transform your health that I actually WANT to refund your money if you are not absolutely delighted with my book.

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In Grow Youthful's 490 pages you'll also discover:

  • The one thing every centenarian has - regardless of diet, exercise, drinking, smoking, family, social life or emotional level.
  • The widely-used foods that are responsible for low-level inflammation and digestive problems in almost everyone.
  • The hurdle your body has to cross before it can extract the full nourishment from the foods you eat.
  • Which simple food group we are short of. High consumption of it cures numerous diseases. The food industry does everything it can to discredit it - and why.
  • How to improve your memory and mental clarity.
  • Why sunlight is critical for good health, and how much is too much.
  • How to prevent breast and other cancers.
  • The surprising link between sleep and certain foods.
  • Which foods and minerals build your bones and prevent or reverse osteoporosis (and they're not what you think).
  • The foods and drinks which are responsible for nearly all bone loss.
  • How to prevent or reverse prostate disease.
  • Revolutionise your sex life (men and women) and stop erectile dysfunction.
  • Banish constipation forever.
  • Transform your skin - rejuvenate your skin from within.
  • Sail through menopause without any drugs.
  • Plus many more amazing insights.

Most doctors don't know what to do!

Most doctors look just as old as everyone else. In medical school, they are not taught how to create really great health and prevent diseases ever occurring. Instead, they learn how to treat problems with drugs and surgery. Did you know that most medical schools allow only 1-2 days learning about diet?

You just have to look around you. We have an epidemic of allergy, inflammation, cancer, heart disease, asthma, diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis and other diseases that were rare a century ago. I will show you how to protect yourself and your family from these diseases.

All of us know a few people who look younger than their age

Just occasionally, you meet someone who looks fifteen or twenty years younger than they really are. How do these people do it?

I will show you:

  • The root causes of aging and modern diseases. They are embarrassingly simple. You will need an open mind to accept some of what I suggest, because it is quite contrary to what we have been led to believe.
  • Simple, common sense guides to gain real, vibrant good health. After reading this book it will all seem obvious and self-evident.

Four good reasons to preview Grow Youthful now:

  • I've lived through it myself. I know what it's like to be old and sick. Most doctors think that sickness with aging is just normal. I know that's not the case and I prove it with my life, my research and with the results.
  • The same approach is working for others all over the world. Thousands of elated readers have changed their lives. I receive numerous unsolicited emails with delighted testimonials.
  • A few enlightened doctors agree - they and other health care practitioners are now quietly recommending Grow Youthful to their patients.
  • I am here for you - always. I am only an email away. Please call me. I want to talk to you.

2014 fourth edition.

Order the 2014 fourth edition Grow Youthful eBook

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Grow Youthful

How to Slow Your Aging and Enjoy Extraordinary Health

Grow Youthful - How to Slow Your Aging and Enjoy Extraordinary Health

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After reading Grow Youthful you will know exactly what to do. You'll understand why these techniques work and are so effective. I'll do everything I can to make them work for you.