Ailment: Blepharitis (red eyelid margins)

Remedy: Red clover tea

Visitors personal experiences with Red clover tea

Comment posted by kelly of london, bromley, UK on 12 September 2012 at 4:10       741

Hy, all those that suffer this torrid lifestyle of never ending touching your eyes, and a desire to scream. I've had this condition for 3 years, and after several ongoing unsucessful treatments, I think I've stumbled on something good, well it seems to be slightly making an improvement 'Red clover Tea' from a health store, just a few drops, brew and cleanse eyes, been doing it for two weeks and feeling good. Hope this helps anyone out there that having a nervous brakedown. Good luck.

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Red clover tea remedy/cure/treatment for Blepharitis (red eyelid margins)