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Grow Youthful: How to Slow Your Aging and Enjoy Extraordinary Health

Ailment: Scabies

Remedy: Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide H2O2. What it is, healing properties, uses, remedies and treatments, how to use it, possible reactions, warnings, and what to buy (and what not to buy).

Visitors personal experiences with Hydrogen peroxide

Comment posted by Chantal of Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa on 25 June 2015 at 22:4       3535

Thank you, I started using the hydrogen peroxide recipe have seen improvement. I never thought I would ever pick something up like scabies and the hell it can be. I tried a lot of what I read even made my own cream with sulphur, borax, iodine, tea tree, calomine, witch hazel, vaseline and some vicks vapour rub. Well I smell like a pharmacy but who cares. The cream has helped a lot but the hydrogen peroxide was the cherry on top. I read someone used witch hazel and that got the bugs to come to the surface. The one thing I noted really got them to surface was tincture of iodine I nearly went though a whole bag of cotton wides wiping the critters off my skin. That is were the hydrogen peroxide soaks have really helped. If anyone has been going crazy with the itch I found hand soap mix with salt granules or grated onion helped me a lot.

Comment posted by Lidia bucktin of kialla, Victoria, Australia on 9 June 2015 at 21:37       3509

A step l found amazing: just before you put the peroxide on your skin, fill a sock with rice, put a cup of water in your microwave and heat both up for 4 minutes so they are really hot but not too hot. Hold the sock filled with rice to the affected area for as long as you can take it. Then put the peroxide on the same area and your sore should disappear in days. When you lift the sock you will see the tunnels so you can clean the area with peroxide too.

Comment posted by rick of danvilee, CA, USA on 22 March 2015 at 13:47       3357

i filled bath tub 2 cups borax from walmart, 1 cup h2o2, 1 lb epson salts from dollar store, 2 drops tea tree oil and baking soda half box. Stay as long as you want in tub, in tub use soft scrub brush to rough up bumps then shower off and scrub with sulfur soap from gnc or sprouts store. After 3 days I had total relief. Make sure u wash sheets towels all u r clothes that u use.

Comment posted by knh of Phoenix, Arizona, USA on 10 February 2015 at 17:44       3253

I followed the instructions for the peroxide and borax remedy and finally got some relief, after three treatments of premethrin and trips to the Dr and er. Expensive treatments I might add, as well as toxic. For the first time in months I have some relief, I wish I would have known earlier. Thanks!!

Comment posted by scabiesnomore of Raleigh, North Carolina, USA on 19 January 2015 at 15:7       3168

I purchased a stronger peroxide online (35% diluted to 17.5%) and borax bath as noted. 2 cups of borax soap and 1 cup of the peroxide. I bathed at night as hot as I could stand for 10-20 minutes, then sprayed my entire body in 1/5 th peroxide to water in a spray bottle. It stung for a couple of minutes. Then in the morning I showered rubbing my entire body straight with borax soap, to scrub, and sprayed my entire body with the peroxide again, after showering. It has been three days and I am in the mend. I laundered at the beginning of the process, not wearing any of the same clothing, towels or linens for three days. I sprayed my mattress with each linen replacement with RID just for precaution. I will continue my regiment to make sure they are gone for good for another week or so, even thou I am healing up.

Comment posted by frank of Jersey City, NJ, USA on 16 January 2015 at 0:1       3156

Two cups borax and one cup hydrogen peroxide in a hot bath twice a day is working for me. I am on the mend. Thank God and Thank All of You.

Question posted by Chiapet of Fort Worth, Texas, USA on 18 November 2014 at 16:27       3040

My 3 year-old, my husband and myself have all been diagnosed with scabies. Is the borax and hydrogen peroxide bath okay for my 3 year-old? Should I use the 2 cups borax and 1 cup peroxide ratio? Or use less? These little devils are a complete nightmare. I am at my wits end. Also- any suggestions on how to decontaminate my car? Can I use a borax solution spray?

Comment posted by Alinn Smith of Brooklyn, New York, USA on 9 November 2014 at 9:10       3019

Really beneficial it is

Comment posted by HWILL0612 of Augusta, GA, USA on 7 October 2014 at 15:49       2934

After trying almost everything in the world... literally, I finally found something that worked tonight! Borax and peroxide baths. I literally could see the awful pesks in the bath tub! I have tried everything and even done 3 treatments of permethrin in less than a week... yes, I know that's way too much, but I was that desperate. Benedryl and the prescribed itch medicine the doctor gave me do not even begin to help with the horrible itching. After two peroxide and borax baths tonight, I FINALLY have some relief! I'm praying to get to see the dermatologist tomorrow so that I can get the oral prescription and hopefully get some relief once and for all. This has literally been one of the most miserable times of my life. I wish I could stab and kill each of these bugs separately. That's how much I hate them.

Comment posted by sscardilli of marocopa, phoenix, AZ, USA on 16 August 2014 at 2:45       2795

I have scabies took peroxide bleach on my hands. I dried them and then began rubbing my hands together, hundreds of scabies fell in my sink. I did it the next day and more scabies came from my hands, hundreds. I tried this on my whole body but it leaves red streaks on my legs. But it got rid of the scabies on my hands. I am going to try Borax and peroxide together next.

Comment posted by Scabiesarethedevil of Fort smith, Ar, USA on 24 July 2014 at 6:16       2729

I was having mites really badly in the webbing of my fingers so I ruffed up as many of the spots i could see to open up the skin a little and I put my hands in a bowl of really hot Hydrogen Peroxide. It just so happened to come out of my car which was hot, but i'd recommend heating it up. Seemed to do the job well, I could actually see the mites in the bowl afterwards

Comment posted by Chad of Manila, Manila, Philippines on 4 July 2014 at 0:12       2669

Hi would like to share: For the treatment of Scabies: Hydrogen Peroxide(Agua Oxigenada) + Sulfur Ointment. 1. Apply/Clean wound with Hydrogen Peroxide allow to dry. 2. Apply Sulfur Ointment. 3. Repeat treatment 'til clear from mites.

I have also used another remedy with Gliricidia / St. Vincent Plum Plant ("Madre De Cacao" in French & Spanish). Preparation for scabies treatment:
Ingredients: 1. Coconut oil or mineral oil: 500cc 2. Gliricidia leaves 250g
Instructions: 1. Clean Gliricidia leaves thoroughly. 2. Chop leaves finely. 3. Add 250 g (approximately 1 glass) of finely chopped leaves into 2 glasses of coconut oil. 4. Mix while boiling. 5. Gather leaves on the surface of the oil, then drain using a strainer. 6. Let it cool. Apply directly.
"Gliricidia" preparation is as effective as sulfur lotion in the treatment of scabies. The leaves have a fetid smell, crushed, used to rid dogs of fleas and ticks and cattle, of ticks. The juice from leaves is applied to daily for one week to areas affected by external parasites.

Comment posted by lalalasweetie of somewhere, ontario, Canada on 29 April 2014 at 1:9       2517

Hi there everyone! I just wanted to say, I am so grateful to have found this site. I believe I picked up this dreadful bug on vacation. :( According to my aunt I had this also as a child, which would explain why I reacted so quickliy. it started on the soles of the feet, then travelled quickly to my hands. I had spoken to my best friend before I knew what it was, and she said, oh bath in salt and vinegar. so I laughed at her, until that evening when the itching was so bad, I woke up and wanted to go outside and scratch my hands and feet on the brick wall. I immediately grabbed my box of sea salt, poured really hot bath, I added about 1/3 of a box to the bath, and then rubbed the kosher crystals all over my skin and scrubbed. this worked for one night, I got to sleep. it also cured the itching about 1/2 as much. then I went to my doctor, who refused to scrape me, because she couldn't see the signs, recommended per 5% but refused to write me a script for my boy. I was so choked. why put a poison on your child if youre not sure? well, I thought why put a poison on myself if im not going to treat my child. SO I FOUND THIS SITE. (I USED CHILD SIZE PLASTIC CUPS AS MY MEASURE) I put 1 cup of borax and 2 cups Epsom salt, and poured in some 3% peroxide about 1 cup. I made the water as hot as I could stand. it worked all night, and when I got up in the morning, my hands, (same spot as before) were itching again. :( so I did it again. :) no more itch. also, I had put clean sheets on my bed, but only dried my comforter. (and my dryer isn't that hot.) Today I start the mountain of laundry, and sterilizing everything in borox/ peroxide and steaming my house. also today, I will be adding a natural oils recipe to my regimen after my borox bath, I will also add the borox recipe to my childs bath (he's 12) and will be bathing him right after school and bagging his clothes to be laundered in case hes bringing the buggers from school. wether or not borax works completely, or is a temporary fix or permanent cure remains to be seen :) the point is, at the very least it provides temporary complete relief. I'm thinking about the Oliver twist song, only I'm singing "i'd do anything to be rid of you dear, ANYTHING" and if you have scabies, you will understand completely. I also bought 2 tubes of the stupid perm cream. but will not use them unless these recipes do not work. the joy of borax is its absorbable by your skin. so it works for the stupid eggs, under your skin! if you grab a magnifying glass you can see the creeps coming out of your skin! (not recommended for indiviuals with OCD. :) ) I WILL LET YOU KNOW OF MY PROGRESS, BUT RELIEF OF ITCH IS THE FIRST LINE OF DEFENSE)

Comment posted by Taylor of Columbus, OH, USA on 10 March 2014 at 11:52       2383

I have had mild rosacea for several years, and very, very itchy ears. I've had a lot of life stress over the past few years, and right now am in one of the most stressful jobs I've ever had. I have developed Adrenal Fatigue from the stress and my immune system is much lower than it has been before. The rosacea has been spreading over my cheeks and leaving pustules and broken veins behind. I also have had a lot of cysts in my inner thighs which I now believe are related to this disease, tiny bumps on my thighs and bottom. Itchy scalp. I tried Finecea and Azaelic Acid with some success, but eventually it seemed to lose effectiveness. I was researching 'Natural cures for rosacea' and came across information about using peroxide mixed with a tiny bit of borax, also honey and vinegar 'cures' I started using the vinegar and saw a slight improvement, but I saw an even more dramatic improvement with the peroxide and borax. I made a solution and have been using it as a toner on my face. I also have been using it twice a day on a cotton swab in my ears and eyebrows. It is the first time my ears have been itch free in years. Interestingly, the first night I swabbed my ears I was siting at my computer later and felt a sharp 'bite' on the edge of my ear. I believe one of the mites had crawled out looking for a more hospitable place. My scalp has gotten itchier as well. I think they are migrating from my face to other areas. I noticed cylindrical dandruff. I started using the peroxide / borax on other areas of my body, too. Then I ran across this forum and read about the tea tree oil therapy. I immediately ordered some tea tree oil and castile liquid soap. I am mixing a few drops of the tea tree oil into the soap and scrubbing my body. My itchy areas, and redness around my groin and thighs has almost completely vanished in just a few days. I have been putting it also into my shampoo and conditioner and letting the shampoo sit on my head for awhile. I made an almond oil, lavender oil, vitamin E and tea tree oil for my face. I plan to mix a greater quantity and begin using this as a moisturizer on my body. I still feel 'itchies' but I think it's just the mites looking for more hospitable territory. Eventually, after about 6 weeks, I plan to use vinegar more on my skin and continue the tea tree oil, but I will still hit it with hydrogen peroxide and borax every few days. I'm not sure you can ever completely be free of these mites, but I believe controlling them is very possible. Thank God I have found these forums. I am so blessed to have found a natural cure.

Comment posted by David Niven Miller of Perth, WA, Australia on 11 January 2014 at 14:29       1688

Reply to sara of azle: please click on the Hydrogen peroxide link at the top of this page for details on how to use H2O2.

Comment posted by sara of azle, Tx, United States on 11 January 2014 at 13:10       1687

What percent hydrogen peroxide did you use?

Comment posted by Danielle of Burlington, Vermont, USA on 9 December 2013 at 5:38       1604

A month ago I started having all the same symptoms, not soon after my younger children did too only milder if there is such a thing. It started with ichy heads and I treated for lice but then my left started in especially in the folds. Drs said it was eczema which clearly it is not. These things have attacked my ear so badly I cant even sleep on that side! I was given ivermectin which worked for a day or 2 till new eggs hatched and developed. I found that borax and peroxide baths help immensly but do not kill eggs in the folicles. These things r on all body parts in nose and even on tongue lips and gums....EWWW! Last night I did borax n peroxide bath and then blow dried my entire body it helped the most since this started and skin felt softer! Today I got tea tree oil which Im adding to lotion and shampoo. I also got some Apple Cider Vinegar. Ingredients are acv, cayenne pepper powder, ginger root powder, and 50% hydrocloric acid. I have read many positive reviews about acv and its mite killing power. My bf and I started taking 2 a day hopefully I can report positvely about this! What im struggling with most is keeping home clean with having a full time job and children. Ive read suggestions to wash bedding daily and dispose of pillows and buy new, maybe for someone who has money to do so but I just do not! Ive sprayed with bleach/water and borax/peroxide/water but I think the borax clogs the sprayer so I an gonna try straining the solution. This is an ongoing battle! I believe either the kitten we rescued brought this into my home, or that my teenager has had them for a while but we thought he just has bad acne from teenage boy hormones! Either way doesnt matter, what matters is getting rid of it before my once beautiful face is disfigured for life! I hope this helps, I will post with updates of progress.

Comment posted by USMC of MCB CP, CA, USA on 18 October 2013 at 22:16       1474

My dog killed a rat & picked up tropical rat mites & 6 weeks later they found me....lucky me. I have suffered with this for nearly 2 years. Tropical rat mites have very painful bites 80% of them are from my rib cage to my knees. However when they crawl in my nose, ears & bite inside my anus it is sharp painful bite & a living hell. Former USMC here. Every enemy has weakness & it's up to you to exploit every single one of them mites love sugar & yeast & are drawn to it in your body. Giving up sugar for the short term is well worth it. You will notice a difference as you change your pH from an acidic to alkaline. I drink warm raw lemon/lime water everyday usually twice per day to alkalize & make my blood chemistry bitter to mites. They hate peppermint so I also drink hot peppermint tea daily. Garlic, red cayenne pepper, MSM powder mixed with half cup water....very bitter...mites hate it. Castille Peppermint Soap, Sulfur bar soap, mattress encasings after bleaching the bed & also the bed frame...then apply vasoline to the legs of the bed. Hot sauna at the gym heated to 165 degrees will kill mites on your skin. AVC, DE aka Diametaceous Earth Food Grade kills mites with microscopic cuts to their eco-skeleton is harmless to humans & pets as long as you do not inhale it. Clove oil added to coconut oil as a transport oil has been discovered in Australia to kill scabies & penetrate the eggs to kill them as well. I sleep on a hefty trash bag with my entire body covered in coconut oil/clove oil from head to toe. The large hefty trash bag is great as it will not soak up the oil like cotton sheets do. After the first night I pulled off 365 mites off my body...their size ranged from a salt granule to a splinter to what looked like an apple seed. A week later I am down to 39 mites. Anytime I feel a bit, an itch or tickle I never scratch it, I just apply more oil to suffocate them. Buy a magnifying glass from the dollar store, this really helped to find the mites on me & my white mattress encasing. I did one treatment of mixing grapeseed oil with was like a thick paste....covered me did itch, however the next day there were many dead mites all over the hefty trash bag....the combo of the oil suffocating the mites & the DE killing & cutting up any that try to escape is a good target enemy for these parasites. DE Food Grade from Pet Supply here in CA goes for a $19.95 a 2 pound bag. I bag all of my clothes in black hefty bags & place them outside & let the sun bake the new eggs hatch the heat will kill them. I will wash them in 6 weeks & hope this will kill any remaining mites. By keeping the oil on you at all times you will break the egg cycle. I had them so bad around my waist line & on my rear it was very difficult to wear underwear or pants without feeling biting or an extreme itching or both. Vasoline also works to suffocate them. I buy one infused with cocoa butter. Going to give the borax with peroxide bath a try tonight. Appreciate this forum to help support one another in this battle of the bugs. Semper Fi, USMC

Comment posted by chicago of chicago, IL, USA on 2 August 2013 at 21:8       1303

I used the borax and peroxide in a hot tub for about 15 min, dipped my head under and can say that i finally notice some improvements : ) Its been hard to smile dealing with this. I just want to say I hope more people success with winning this temporary battle, an a beautiful life ahead.

Comment posted by NaX of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia on 10 June 2013 at 20:19       1191

My husband got it first and he is itching like crazy for two wks, all over his back neck, chest and hands. I just got them around my pelvic area and only a couple but they werent itchy so i didnt think it was the same. They have since spread all over my inner thigh and inner right arm but still don't itch while my husband is raking himself till bleeding. We have cleaned all of our clothing and sheets and only flipped the matresses because we had protectors on them. We've both bathed in borax and peroxide for last two nights but I am getting worried we arent being vigilant enough. Any thoughts? My husband read you could apply borax straight to the skin and he said it stung for a while but then stopped and he felt much better. He says the baths help for a little while but then certain areas start itching again. I'm wondering if its where the mites are still in him? We are most concerned for our 9 month old who doesn't seem to be infected....yet :( will keep u posted

Question posted by trish of rees, WI, USA on 6 June 2013 at 17:57       1186

my daughter and boyfriend used a spray bottle to apply 3 percent hydrogen peroxide and their skin, started burning! they said they felt like their skin was on fire! has anybody had this issue before? her boyfriend is worse than her his body has bloody scabs all over that's not from scratching

Comment posted by Amanda of Toronto, ON, Canada on 2 May 2013 at 22:58       1129

Wow. Whoever came up with this is a genius. I've been doing a lot fo research. My boyfriend worked in a healthcare setting with mentally challenged. They had a scabies infestation. they have had it for years. Try telling someone who doesn't understand they can't touch people. so that's how it started over a year ago. We've had several misdiagnosis. One just said it was viral, and it would go away on it own. One said it could be chicken pox? lol. One said foliculitis, and one said rosella. Since we found out it was scabies, we've treated several times with 5% permethrin to no avail. I've cleaned vigorously, and washed and dried all clothing, bedding on hottest heat, heat treated all pillows. Bought a peva matress cover. I continued to do research. My mother in law had always used borax as an insecticide. Then I read this. I started doing more research. so, this is what I've found. Scabies are anthropods. Borax is highly toxic to anthropods and kills them in minutes (if they eat the borax). If the borax is on your skin, scabies eat your skin. dead. Borax is also highly alkaline (9. soemthing I cant remember) which might be irritating to your skin. That's where the peroxide comes in. It's slightly acidic @ 3% which balances out any kind of skin discomfort you might be worried about. Borax has low toxicity to humans(that of table salt as explained on the Grow Youthful Borax web page). So. Borax it is for me. I'll let you know the results. I'll be soaking in borax baths. also, I'll be boiling boxax in water, and adding peroxide in a spray as a topical.

Comment posted by Dan of Perth, WA, Australia on 28 March 2013 at 0:46       1058

I got "35%" from nightingale pharmacy in south lake, after using it or a few weeks and having no improvements, I put 1 drop on my skin, knowing it should oxidize, nothing at all. So I ordered H2O2 test strips, and after testing a diluted solution I've determined I was sold 3% I'll be heading back to nightingales and demanding they refund my money. Will be trying a supplier on eBay.

Comment posted by ChantelHH of Kelowna, BC, Canada on 10 July 2012 at 19:19       691

I got scabies in Canada a year ago, went to the doctor and got premethrin cream. After the first application it helped, but it came back strongly a week later. A second application finished the job. Or so I thought... A month later I was working in Germany and it broke out again. I asked a German friend about it, and he said that doctors have to report any scabies and they basically quarantine you. I decided to self-treat for a couple of weeks as I really couldn't take time off. I found Grow Youthful after Googling and looking for home cures. I did two chlorine bleach baths, which helped but did not clear it. The best reports seemed to be using borax and hydrogen peroxide, which I tried next. The result was immediate and surprisingly effective. I did daily baths for a few days, followed by a few more baths over the next three weeks I didn't want to take chances just in case I got re-infected from clothing or somehow. I have been scabies free for about 7 months now. I feel much better about soaking in borax than applying premethrin cream all over my body. In fact, from what this site says borax has many other benefits (just not too much). I wish more people especially doctors knew about some of these remedies. Thanks so much.

Comment posted by Gamblin62 of San Diego, CA, USA on 10 July 2012 at 17:47       690

I had a friend round a few weeks ago, she had a rash on her arm and claimed it was psoriasis and its not catching. We hung out together for the afternoon and watched a DVD on the couch. Yea that's all we did! Anyway two weeks later I broke out with something similar around my right wrist. Red, super itchy, and little pimply bites to start with. Kind of zig zag lines under the skin as well. All of the indicators pointed to scabies. My friend was adamant that her doctor had said psoriasis. Anyway I went to see my doc, who said it was scabies. He wrote a script for Ivermectin, which you take orally. I am not real keen on the idea of using such a powerful pesticide like chemical in my body, so I came to Grow Youthful website while exploring safer alternatives first. Some sites say that borax is toxic, but I decided it couldn't be any less safe than taking a pesticide. For the last week I have been having a nightly soak in a super hot bath with half a cup of borax and a small bottle of 3% hydrogen peroxide (walmart didnt have the 35%). Moving around to each part of my body gets to soak for 10 minutes - chest/back, neck, face /head/scalp and especially my hand. I have also been cleaning my apartment totally. The severe itching has stopped, my wrist is still pretty red, but it looks different and I know it is healing. Will keep you posted. Thanks.

Comment posted by Mandy of Melbourne, VIC, Australia on 13 April 2012 at 11:15       689

I had desperate itching, especially at night. Self-diagnosed as scabies after reading this site. The pharmacy gave me a cream for two treatments one week apart, well it did not work. Wish I had never used the chemicals because they are just a pesticide in a cream and they don't work anyway. Next I used 2 cups of borax with 1 cup of hydrogen peroxide in a hot bath in the morning and again in the evening for 2 weeks. Perhaps that was way too much, but it has got rid of the bugs! I soaked for 15 minutes, dipped my head under the water and all. The water was as hot as I could bear it, because apparently that opens your pores. Scabies is totally gone! The relief was fast - the first night I slept with no itching although during the following days it was red and itchy. Apparently the dead bugs and excrement are still under your skin and take time to go. Thank you! PS I was obsessed with cleaning for the 2 weeks. Changed towels, bedding, clothes every day, vacuumed every couple of days, thoroughly vacuumed my soft furniture.