Grow Youthful: How to Slow Your Aging and Enjoy Extraordinary Health
Grow Youthful: How to Slow Your Aging and Enjoy Extraordinary Health

Ailment: Gum diseases

Remedy: Oil pulling

Oil pulling, how it works, why it works, instructions on how to use oil pulling, important notes on use, traditional natural home remedy for this list of ailments.

Comment posted by Computerman of Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA on 17 June 2016 at 16:5       4123

I had long term gum disease....some tooth loss with 5 gone. Partial dentures. Have all the remainder natural, including all molars and wisdom teeth. Upper right molar has a GI issued 49 year old temporary filling that seems to have let in some bacteria a few days ago. The result was gum boil. I could not chew on the right at all and could barely stand to eat anything. I oil pulled with coconut oil, once daily just before bed, and wearing a bite guard to sleep. 48 hours later the gum drained, the swelling gone. After 72 hours I was eating again with the entire mouth...still a slightly swollen lymph node on right jaw line. Now a week after the excruciating pain with oil pulling of only about 10 minutes daily, I see whitening of some long term lower front teeth stained from my first 50 years of smoking and coffee. Actually see some renewal of gum tissue in the entire mouth and some tooth tightening back up. It actually works.

Comment posted by Louise of Brisbane, NSW, Australia on 17 May 2016 at 13:58       4068

I started coconut oil pulling two years ago at the dentist's suggestion because I had many pockets in my gums, some 6mm deep. One teaspoon of oil, vigorous swishing to engage the vagus nerve in the neck for minimum 5 mins. First thing in the morning and last thing at night. After 6 months I went back to the dentist. All pockets healed! I continue to do it 2x daily, it makes my teeth feel great. I'm 57 years old.

Comment posted by msmuralidhara of Bangalore, Karnataka, India on 25 April 2016 at 5:49       4024

I am from India, 36 years old male. I had an addiction to coffee, chocolate and sugar in my youth. In India, coffee typically means with milk. I used to take a large glass of coffee and then dunk a large amount of sugar and chocolate in it. Sometimes I used to take a super size glass and then also dunk some cookies underneath this sludge and have it. I did it for years and my teeth started rotting off one after another. I had to lose 4 teeth and have 2 root canals done. I stopped it then and since the past 15 odd years have been following good oral hygiene. But my gum problems have not gone away completely. When for a month or two I do oil pulling, it seems to get better. I don't have bleeding anymore or painful gums. But if I stop the problem seems to recur after a couple of months. I swish my teeth with either coconut oil or olive oil usually or rarely groundnut or rice bran oil when I am travelling. I once even tried mustard oil which stained my teeth yellow. I swish for 15 to 20 minutes and then brush my teeth before going to bed. Cannot do it in the morning as I usually in a tearing hurry.

Comment posted by David Niven Miller of Perth, WA, Australia on 7 January 2016 at 10:42       3811

To Dana B of District Heights, Maryland
Please read the web page on Oil Pulling here at Grow Youthful. There should be a link at the top of this page. You need to hold the oil in your mouth for 20 minutes, not 2 minutes!

Comment posted by Dana B of District Heights, Maryland, USA on 7 January 2016 at 5:6       3810

I suffer from periodontal disease that started back in my late twenties. I went through a series of treatments and topical aids provided my doctor. I also suffered from bad breath and had pockets as deep as 9mm. My dentist had recommended surgery flap to restore bone loss and to heal the damaged gum line. I opted against it. I began using peroxide as part of my nightly brushing, and began brushing more than once a day. This helped. Recently I began oil pulling, I mix a little coconut oil with cayenne and golden seal and swish around my mouth for about two minutes and then brush. My gums are not as inflamed and painful, no bleeding and no bad breath. I must admit that part of my issue is that I do not like the dentist and will go years in between visits. I may still have to get a form of laser surgery to heal damaged gum tissue, but it may not have to be as invasive if I can keep the surrounding gum tissue healthy. I hope this helps those that suffer because I have shared in the painful, scary and embarrassing experience.

Comment posted by davej of leesburg, VA, USA on 10 August 2015 at 23:49       3598

I had developed some pain and bleeding in a couple back molars. I didn't floss regularly or visit the dentist (maybe 3 years ago). Pain had developed while chewing with the back molars so I saw the dentist. He wanted to do a deep cleaning , etc. I didn't like this dentist so I held off. Started oil pulling with organic coconut oil from costco. The first pull created a soft plaque that was removed easily by flossing. It was pretty gross but I realized that this must be doing something good. Flossing had never been that effective before. After 4 days there is almost no pain or bleeding on the back molar area while flossing and brushing. I have another dentist visit in a couple days and will be happier with no bleeding while brushing and flossing. I think that I avoided a large dental bill for deep cleaning/scraping. I have no pain now while chewing my food - after just a few days. I have noticed my teeth whiter and feel smoother.

Comment posted by Mallyn of Los Angeles, California, USA on 22 December 2014 at 7:44       3103

I'm a 27 year old female and I have not been to the dentist in years. Probably at least five. I'm terrified that I'll go and have pockets like 5 or 6mm. I'm almost positive I have either moderate to severe gum disease. There's really no way of knowing until I go in, but unfortunately, I don't have dental insurance as I'm on Medicaid and CoveredCA doesn't cover dental (damn them). I know I probably have it because when I brush and floss my gums bleed, and they feel sore often. I only have unrefined coconut oil on hand right now, but I'm going to get some sunflower oil as soon as I have some extra $$. I've heard really good things about sunflower oil for periodontal disease, and I want to at least 'calm' mine down before I find a job and see a dentist. I've been oil pulling with virgin coconut oil for about a week and one thing I noticed is that it makes my mouth feel really clean for the rest of the day. The cavities that I have on my back molars don't feel as sensitive when I do it either. I'm just afraid of losing my teeth to this awful disease, so hopefully oil pulling and vigilant brushing and flossing will help until I can see a professional.

Comment posted by dreamsofcalm of Atlanta, GA, USA on 17 October 2014 at 0:18       2966

I have only been doing Oil Pulling for a week and a day now but I love the results. It also helps me with my sinus issues and I feel more relaxed and I sleep better through the night.

Comment posted by LL of San Francisco, CA, USA on 17 September 2014 at 17:59       2873

I looked up natural methods to combat gum disease, because I had lost my job and health insurance and had yet to receive a new health plan thru CoveredCA. I started trying oil pulling with the only oil I had at hand, sesame oil. Yeah, it is gross at first, but just a few days of it and I noticed a huge difference. Up until that point, I had serious jaw pain and could barely take a bite with the back molars (3 crowns total) or the lower front, which felt weakened from gum disease. Now, I feel no pain whatsoever. This is pretty darned amazing. My teeth feel clean. I can smile without pain again. I feel like a normal human again

Comment posted by David Niven Miller of Perth, WA, Australia on 25 July 2014 at 10:40       2736

To Courtney of Kyle,
Oil pulling could not do you any harm. At best, it will help your situation, at the worst, it will do nothing. You have nothing to lose by giving it a go.
May I also suggest that you use borax in a high dose, this may be a key to strengthening your teeth. Sodium bicarbonate also strengthens tooth enamel.

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