Grow Youthful: How to Slow Your Aging and Enjoy Extraordinary Health

Readers Testimonials

People I have never met just wrote emails to say thank you and express how their lives have changed. Here are extracts from some of them - Thank you!
David Niven Miller

I just wanted to express my gratitude to you for that incredible book you managed to put together. It is now my BIBLE. It is structured perfectly and is such an easy read. I feel indebted to you for the remainder of my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Be well.
John Danvers, MA, USA

For the first seven months of this year, I was designing a TV series, which we shot in various West Australian locations, Singapore and Vancouver. For most of the W.A. work, we were based in Perth and it was there that I came across your book. Grow Youthful has accompanied me on my further travels, back to Vancouver and LA, and has always been referred to as it sits on my bedside table with a few other books of similar importance to me. The instruction and insights you provide have both reassured and enlightened me as to the path I am taking each day forward, in other words, what you have written and researched has proven invaluable to me and I am certain it will fuel a constant and greater learning. When I am back in Perth (I will have to return as I was housed on Cottesloe Beach and that has definitely become a great location for my heart), I will make a point to say hello
Tink, writer, director, production designer at Tinkworld

Dear David, I am an Australian-trained doctor currently living in China where I've been based for three years. Since moving here I've definitely felt the aging process creep up on me, Shanghai is the most stressful place health-wise I've ever lived! The air is heavily-polluted most days, all water is bottled/filtered, it's very hard to feel confident about how one's food is produced (even that labeled 'organic' is not reliable) and we have a food scandal nearly every week related to growing/production/distribution of food (chicken, pork and fish are all off the menu for me due to the very questionable use in China of massive amounts of steroids/hormones - and you may have heard of the milk scandal where several children died). So living healthily is a challenge and after my very healthy life in Australia I was really feeling it. After a bit of net-searching however I found your site, and as I was brought up to be open-minded about health I ordered your book. Well, what a great book, full of great, practical, sensible advice, possibly the best thing I've read in years - or ever - on something that occupies all our thoughts as we get older. I've only quickly skimmed the book but love what I see, especially on the mind/body connect (why don't we doctors appreciate this more??) and can't wait to read it more thoroughly. So thank you David, your research abilities, intellectual rigor and passion really show and I'm just so pleased we can all benefit from that! Warm regards,
Dr - -, Australian-trained doctor living in Shanghai, China

I love your book! IT is absolutely on target. I wish every American and, for that matter, every person in the world would read it.
Monika Haugstetter, West Hartford, CT, USA

I practice many of the recommendations in your great book... I think it shows, yes?
Ariel Kalma, Byron Bay, Australia

Hi David, I loved your (first) book and will be buying the latest updated copy asap. It really is a wealth of information and so well researched. Anyone who reads this book will change their life, once you've read the words they stay with you, you can't "un-ring the bell". It is such an informative, interesting read and it really does wake you up to "healthy" eating and living. It's an awakening to how we contribute to and create our own "ageing" in every sense of the word. To those people who say "I don't want to live forever, I'm here for a good time, not a long time", I would say this book is not just about the incredible, vibrant longevity that is your birthright, it's about the quality of life you will create, the energy and vitality to make your dreams come true, be the person you really are deep down inside and live the life you've always dreamed of, now that's worth looking into no matter how long you plan on being around-which, as nature intended, is a very long time indeed!- Thank you David for all the effort and passion you put into Grow Youthful
Tina Bianchi, Melbourne, Australia

I have been able to download your eBook with no trouble at all, and I must say that it is an absolutely wonderful book - just what I have been looking for, and I am going to get much use out of it! I too, have pretty much given up with Doctors, and sick and tired of being given, among other things, anti-biotics, which do nothing except make me feel worse, and was thinking that there must be a better way to heal myself, so was most happy to have discovered your website, and your recipe book. After reading through your book I finally (yesterday) invested in a low speed electric juicer, and look forward to making your delicious and healthy juices. I am also excited about making Kombucha, sour dough breads, and so many more of your wonderful recipes. I have already started drinking my water warm, instead of the usual glass of cold, and it certainly goes down a lot easier, especially that first glass of the day. I send you a big thank you for this wonderful gift of your book, and for all of your valuable advice and recipes, and I look forward to my 'journey' towards good health, energy, and happiness! I am now also going to send your web page link to all of my family and friends.
Jenni Cozens, Auckland, New Zealand

Hi David! I can't believe you wrote me back! I'm so excited to talk to you because your book has made such a huge difference in my life! ... Your arguments on supplements were the best I've ever heard. I've read a lot on health too, so my compliments aren't shallow... Thank goodness you gave the info on what oils not to use! ... my dry eyes and arthritic conditions started clearing up in 24 hours! ... Your book is the best I've ever red by far and I've read most health books out there!
Jesse Wolfe, Eureka, California, USA

Loved your book - subtle references to physical immortality permeate it. Particularly liked the section on "Living the life you love"
Dr Janni Lloyd, Perth, Australia

I just wanted to commend you on your recipe book. I love the selection of recipes, the layout is great with easy to understand instructions and wonderful straightforward advice. I have a twelve year old son who is a Type One diabetic and have spent the last six years researching food and alternative therapies, always believing his condition stems from a large dose of antibiotics given to him in hospital after an accident when he was three. (I have managed to avoid them altogether for my fifteen year old son) I have incorporated fermented food into our diet to a small degree already, but your recipes will help me a great deal. I have already made two batches of kombucha from a starter I also purchased from you recently. Thanks again!
Gillian, Perth, Australia

I am throughly enjoying your book! I'm sending lots of people to your website ... And let you know my results have been nothing shy of miracles ... I'm so grateful to people like you that make my life so much richer in health, mind, and spirit.
Theresa Marie, Logan, Utah, USA

Your book is terrific. I'm gaining a lot from each chapter even though I have already done a fair amount of reading prior to buying your book. Your advice on how to exercise properly is probably the most helpful to me and is information I haven't been able to obtain elsewhere in a way that makes total sense and doesn't contradict itself. However all the chapters clarify things I thought I knew but didn't understand well enough to put into practice. Many thanks,
Amanda, Bentleigh East, Melbourne, Australia

I have been reading your book slowly over the last couple of months. It's a fantastic read and I have made numerous changes to the way I eat as a result...I think that's why I found your book so great, because I related to the thought that I was doing the right thing by my body and yet I was missing key concepts of health all over the place. I love how thorough the book is, as well as the holistic aspect of covering health not just in food, but in breathing, exercise and attitude. I recommend it highly to friends!
Izabella Hunt, Ashfield, Sydney, Australia

I am a natural therapist specialising in wholefoods and self education. I just love your book
Ilanit Tof, Lysterfield, Victoria, Australia

Thank you for your wonderful work. You are among the dedicated
Jeanette Doyle, Cody, Wyoming, USA

You have a rare gift - your book is the most comprehensive study of health and longevity that I have come across; at the same time it is easy to read and beautifully referenced
Brenda Hill, Perth, Australia

Open it at any page, and it will tell you a world of knowledge and wisdom
Suzanne (Sunny) Strobel, Perth, Australia

I am so impressed with the book. WOW. Without sounding like a complete know all, I thought I had learned all there was to learn about food. But I am reading and learning so much from your book. I really wanted to touch base and tell you how thrilled I am with it
Deb Humphries, Ashmore City, Brisbane, Australia

I love the book ... coincides with the positive changes I am making at this time of my life. I have decided to give all my close friends a copy. David, thanks so much for making a difference
Maree Leggett, Perth, Australia

I just loved your book, as I have been getting myself on the track for the last ten years, after much reading and self observation, but I found a few new things in your book. I have a passion for health, and I found your book one of the best, it covers just about everything
Janet Hayward, Mooloolah, Sunshine Coast, Australia

My family refers to Grow Youthful as "our health bible". I am in my 70's and it is the best reference I have come across in many years for everything important concerning health and long life
Philomena Too, Singapore

Thanks for your great recipe book. I've been learning heaps, underlining things, getting rid of things from my cupboard and buying new items. The other day, I went to Abhi's and bought some sour dough bread and it tastes great. I found the drinks and salad sections of your book really interesting, especially the historical information about kombucha. So, I've brought out my juicer, started drinking warm water with lemon in the morning and starting to feel the difference
Nicola O'Loughlin, Perth, West Australia

A thoroughly researched book that addresses many significant health issues, dispelling some favorite myths on its way! Free of hyperbole and refreshingly sane, Grow Youthful sends us an inspiring message about health, the power of the mind, and aging
Maneesha James (writer and meditation facilitator), Perth, Western Australia

Maneesha at Cottesloe Beach 2008 with Bindi her dog

Thank you for your fantastic book, It is a life changer!!!! I am a nutrition student and I currently work as a Personal Trainer and what you have said in this book has changed my perceptions on many things. My Partner is a Naturopath and has been telling me this stuff for the last two years with me not taking too much notice. But after reading Grow Youthful I have realised that its time to change or start looking forward to a shorter life. All of what you say is extremely practical and wise. I thank you for your courage to write such a book and I hope that there are many more people like yourself in Australia
Andrew Wynhoven, Osborne Park, Perth, Australia

What a lovely website!
Hello David, Your website is so positive, encouraging and creative - thank you for establishing it. The questions in your quizzes are intriguing and thoughtful. You probe gently but it's clear you have given the topics a great deal of thought. I look forward to receiving your e-newsletter in due course. Best wishes in the meantime,
Jane Skinner, Bishop's Stortford, Herts, England

I have found the information useful and easy to understand ... each time I read it I find something new and I know it will become an invaluable reference for me.
Steve Taylor, Essex, United Kingdom

Thank you so very much for taking the time to learn about healthy living and then explain it so clearly to others who are in need. With your help I have stopped eight years of Protonix. Though it was difficult, I could not have done it without the information I learned from your site. I have much to learn, but it has been very enjoyable journey and is already paid healthy dividends. Once again, thank you so very much,
James Lani, Anaheim Hills, California

I am glad I come across your book and wish more people could get hold of it. Grow Youthful is well written with so much useful information and quite complete. I am not sure how you manage to gather so much relevant information. Thanks for putting out so much knowledge and making it available to us.
Shirley Wong, Singapore

...the information in the book is worth more than gold, I've been reading stuff like this for 15 years but this book is the best. It's people like you that really make a difference to the health sector.
Paige Knight, Boolarra, Victoria, Australia

I purchased your Grow Youthful book and must say that it changed my life. At the time I was suffering from multiple ailments and resorting to heavy medication to alleviate my symptoms. Your book helped in successfully going the more natural way and I am very grateful.
Fareed Esmail, Spain

I felt down, unenthusiastic, low in energy, had aches and pains in my hips, legs and hands. I felt old, was getting old too fast. My doctor had prescribed several medications including steroids. Nothing really changed until a friend put me on to David's book three months ago. I feel a combination of outrage and gratitude. How is it allowed, that so many products that are supposed to be healthy are not? But thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me back my health, vitality, enthusiasm, and taking away the pain. My life is renewed.
Jonathon Laptham, Kensington, London, UK

I wish everyone could read this wonderful book. I had no idea how far "off the mark" were my beliefs about healthy living, diet and medicines. So many common foods and products that I was using, like products made from soy, low fat dairy products, sunscreens, and certain vegetable oils, had actually made me very ill. I just had no idea.
David's book was so convincing that I immediately took action as I read it. Within a couple of days some of my complaints started to improve, and after a month the changes to my state of health were nothing short of miraculous!
Thank you so much David, for your courageous work.
Susan Gardner, New York City, USA