Ailment: Nail fungus

Remedy: Chlorine bleach

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Comment posted by Shandy of Brunswick, Melbourne, VIC, Australia on 6 February 2012 at 15:50       591

My big toe had a fungal infection for nearly a decade. The nail was infected at the end - thick, brown, and soft. In the shower I used a pumice stone to file off some of the soft end of the nail. When it was dry, I applied chlorine bleach solution to the nail. The pumice stone seemed to open the nail to let the bleach penetrate deeply. I applied it twice a day, and within a couple of weeks I could see the infection was receding. It took six months to fully clear, and towards the end of the healing I used the apple cider vinegar remedy for the skin on the whole foot at the same time

Comment posted by Maxm111 of Bundaberg, QLD, Australia on 6 February 2012 at 15:48       590

Dilute a small quantity of chlorine bleach - one part bleach and two or three parts water. I do it in a small glass dropper bottle, that I can also use to apply the drops. The bleach I have used is the cheap household heavy duty cleaner and bleach, with sodium hypochlorite as the active ingredient. If you have put any oil or cream on your feet, you will need to wash them or the bleach will not be able to penetrate the infected nails. When the nails are dry, apply one drop to each infected nail, morning and evening. After it has had a few seconds to soak in, wipe away any excess. This is not an ongoing treatment that you should use for many months. Try to keep the bleach solution on your nail, rather than on your skin. I suggest you use one of the foot fungus treatments at the same time as this treatment, because nail and skin infections often go hand-in-hand. Getting rid of a nail fungal infection can take many months. Persist with the treatment for at least one month after the nail seems to be fully healed. The fungal infection is still in the skin, and will start again at the slightest opportunity. Try to eliminate sugar and refined foods from your diet - nail and skin fungi thrive on sugar.

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Chlorine bleach remedy/cure/treatment for Nail fungus