Grow Youthful: How to Slow Your Aging and Enjoy Extraordinary Health
Grow Youthful: How to Slow Your Aging and Enjoy Extraordinary Health

Ailment: Mites (demodex mites)

Remedy: Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide H2O2. What it is, healing properties, uses, remedies and treatments, how to use it, possible reactions, warnings, and what to buy (and what not to buy).

Visitors personal experiences with Hydrogen peroxide

Comment posted by Elizabeth of Stigler, Pittsburg, Oklahoma, USA on 17 October 2015 at 23:38       3690

I have had scabies for 3 weeks now and they are driving me crazy. Last night I took a nice hot bath with 2 cups borax n 1 cup hydrogen peroxide n soaked for 15 minutes n got out dryer off n drained my water out got dressed in my bed clothes n went back to the bath tub n there was alot of black spots so I poured water in there to clean the tub...I had total relief from the biting n itching. Going to do this everyday til they are all gone...Thank you for your post it had helped me so much..God Bless.

Comment posted by Heather of Lafayette , LA, USA on 12 October 2015 at 15:54       3683

I am a 44 year old female that had a sudden outbreak of tiny pustules around my nose and mouth. As it got worse it moved to my forehead. By the second month it just like acne but itched at times or hurt at times in specific areas. I've never had acne. Red flag to any dermatologist right there. I went through 3 dermatologists and a PA with these various explanations (instead of I don't know cb that's not in a doctor's vocabulary): 1) adult onset acne in the T zone which is normal for women my age 2) next I saw a PA who was going to treat the acne with different meds 3) next was Rosacea 4) then an allergic reaction to food! EVERY SINGLE PERSON I SAW I ASKED TO CULTURE IT. Not one did.
Six months from the start, I finally get into to see not only a dr with sense but her nurse. The nurse looks over my chart and said immediately "she'll probably want to do a scraping for Demodex". She did. It was. Things that have been highly successful (and believe me, I think I tried everything):
TEA TREE OIL. I put it in everything! My shampoo, conditioner, facial cleanser and moisturizer. YES, MOISTURIZE!
And EXFOLIATE dead skin gently with a bath rag and baking soda or just the rag. All but the last doctor told me not to exfoliate. The last said do it gently. When I read up more and more on the life cycles of the mites I understood more. It has made me very compliant and dedicated to my regiment.
I CHANGE my towel and facial rag daily and wash in HOT water and VINEGAR or bleach. My washer and dryer have a sanitize option and I use it. The only thing I like about them. LOL ADD BLEACH to bath water. And I'd rather use "Mother Earth" but that must be what kept them from spreading, as I look back. Bleach was more effective.
SULFUR They hate it! I have a facial cleanse and leave it on overnight with better results. Then I remembered I had an old sulfur mask. After cleansing and gently exfoliating, I would apply the mask and LEAVE IT ON OVERNIGHT. MUCH GREATER SUCCESS. The mask is 6% sulfur- and I added Tea Tree of course. You can find sulfur products on Amazon.
As my face started getting better THEY STARTED MIGRATING to the back of my hairline (neck) and a few on the front of my neck! Sorry men, you can skip this step. A vinegar and Tea Tree Oil DOUCHE. Heavy on the Tea Tree I don't count drops!
PEROXIDE. I was discussing the benefits of peroxide to my 7 year old which reminded me that I had not tried that yet. It literally had to be the only thing. So, I cleansed, exfoliated, punctured a few new pustules and on went the peroxide. Let it dry alone and did it again. Then the sulfur mask to sleep in. I believe the sulfur is good anyway but the mask probably suffocates them and inhibits their nighttime activities.
For clarification, because I'm not sure how much yeast plays a role in the mites, I DID do the douche AND THE PEROXIDE for the first time in one night. (I had never tried peroxide at all prior)
THE NEXT MORNING I SAW 90% improvement it seemed. Maybe 80. But, I usually don't even go out its so bad.
I ALSO put the peroxide on the back of my lower hairline and they are going away as well. ...I've tried facial peels, other masks, every other essential oil you can name. I FINALLY HAVE HOPE AFTER A SIX MONTH BATTLE. I hope this will help someone else. I literally have lost self confidence over this and been depressed. My face now looks like a scarred war zone.
I will continue this regiment for six months or until I test clear at least TWICE because of their little breeding cycles....
?Meanwhile, I'm going to look up more on the role yeast plays on this. Has anyone else researched it?
?Also, are we truly sure that we can't get these mites from our dogs? (I know this is not mange but there are so many different species. ?
It took me days after my diagnosis to recall that for about a month some win there my scalp was itching so bad at night I would kid with my husband and say I had lice. I made him check all the time - nothing. Maybe the Clorox baths, hair dye, who knows but it stopped.
LASTLY, as I was reading I came upon an article that said people with weakened immune systems were most likely to get this. And it happened RIGHT AFTER I GOT OVER A SHINGLES OUTBREAK! Weird! Now all the pieces are fitting together.

Comment posted by Lucy of Melbourne, VIC, Australia on 23 September 2015 at 20:13       3651

In reply to Taylor of Columbus: Have you checked for Candida? Rosacea and very itchy ears are one of the symptoms, you can cure Candida through a strict diet and it is like dealing with these problems from the root, if Candida the case. Good luck!

Comment posted by Scabiesarethedevil of Fort smith, Ar, USA on 24 July 2014 at 6:16       2729

I was having mites really badly in the webbing of my fingers so I ruffed up as many of the spots i could see to open up the skin a little and I put my hands in a bowl of really hot Hydrogen Peroxide. It just so happened to come out of my car which was hot, but i'd recommend heating it up. Seemed to do the job well, I could actually see the mites in the bowl afterwards

Comment posted by Taylor of Columbus, OH, USA on 10 March 2014 at 11:52       2383

I have had mild rosacea for several years, and very, very itchy ears. I've had a lot of life stress over the past few years, and right now am in one of the most stressful jobs I've ever had. I have developed Adrenal Fatigue from the stress and my immune system is much lower than it has been before. The rosacea has been spreading over my cheeks and leaving pustules and broken veins behind. I also have had a lot of cysts in my inner thighs which I now believe are related to this disease, tiny bumps on my thighs and bottom. Itchy scalp. I tried Finecea and Azaelic Acid with some success, but eventually it seemed to lose effectiveness. I was researching 'Natural cures for rosacea' and came across information about using peroxide mixed with a tiny bit of borax, also honey and vinegar 'cures' I started using the vinegar and saw a slight improvement, but I saw an even more dramatic improvement with the peroxide and borax. I made a solution and have been using it as a toner on my face. I also have been using it twice a day on a cotton swab in my ears and eyebrows. It is the first time my ears have been itch free in years. Interestingly, the first night I swabbed my ears I was siting at my computer later and felt a sharp 'bite' on the edge of my ear. I believe one of the mites had crawled out looking for a more hospitable place. My scalp has gotten itchier as well. I think they are migrating from my face to other areas. I noticed cylindrical dandruff. I started using the peroxide / borax on other areas of my body, too. Then I ran across this forum and read about the tea tree oil therapy. I immediately ordered some tea tree oil and castile liquid soap. I am mixing a few drops of the tea tree oil into the soap and scrubbing my body. My itchy areas, and redness around my groin and thighs has almost completely vanished in just a few days. I have been putting it also into my shampoo and conditioner and letting the shampoo sit on my head for awhile. I made an almond oil, lavender oil, vitamin E and tea tree oil for my face. I plan to mix a greater quantity and begin using this as a moisturizer on my body. I still feel 'itchies' but I think it's just the mites looking for more hospitable territory. Eventually, after about 6 weeks, I plan to use vinegar more on my skin and continue the tea tree oil, but I will still hit it with hydrogen peroxide and borax every few days. I'm not sure you can ever completely be free of these mites, but I believe controlling them is very possible. Thank God I have found these forums. I am so blessed to have found a natural cure.

Comment posted by Danielle of Burlington, Vermont, USA on 9 December 2013 at 5:38       1604

A month ago I started having all the same symptoms, not soon after my younger children did too only milder if there is such a thing. It started with ichy heads and I treated for lice but then my left started in especially in the folds. Drs said it was eczema which clearly it is not. These things have attacked my ear so badly I cant even sleep on that side! I was given ivermectin which worked for a day or 2 till new eggs hatched and developed. I found that borax and peroxide baths help immensly but do not kill eggs in the folicles. These things r on all body parts in nose and even on tongue lips and gums....EWWW! Last night I did borax n peroxide bath and then blow dried my entire body it helped the most since this started and skin felt softer! Today I got tea tree oil which Im adding to lotion and shampoo. I also got some Apple Cider Vinegar. Ingredients are acv, cayenne pepper powder, ginger root powder, and 50% hydrocloric acid. I have read many positive reviews about acv and its mite killing power. My bf and I started taking 2 a day hopefully I can report positvely about this! What im struggling with most is keeping home clean with having a full time job and children. Ive read suggestions to wash bedding daily and dispose of pillows and buy new, maybe for someone who has money to do so but I just do not! Ive sprayed with bleach/water and borax/peroxide/water but I think the borax clogs the sprayer so I an gonna try straining the solution. This is an ongoing battle! I believe either the kitten we rescued brought this into my home, or that my teenager has had them for a while but we thought he just has bad acne from teenage boy hormones! Either way doesnt matter, what matters is getting rid of it before my once beautiful face is disfigured for life! I hope this helps, I will post with updates of progress.

Question posted by LauraLee of Spokane , WA, USA on 26 October 2012 at 21:39       784

Hello All! First off I'm so sorry we are all here because we have this pest consuming our daily lives, but I'm glad we are here in attempt for a cure and share knowledge. My story is, I had been using retin a for a few years at my dermatologists request. I should have listened to my instincts when I felt it was damaging my skin by removing too many protective layers and destructing my barrier. I was right. Soon my pores began to enlarge, I was noticing black specks engraved into my skin, holes, itching moving sensations, and what felt like a pierce or bite that would be followed with redness then form a little bump/pimple afterwards. This is truly damaging my skin. I believe I weakened my skin and removed critical protective barriers that allowed my skin to be vulnerable to the mites now. I have new bumps occurring at the sides of my nose and center if cheeks, which leave holes afterwards. I'm trying to heal my skin, but yet kill these mites at the same time, so I feel like whatever route I choose I will be counterproductive in healing the other issue. I have heard of trying a borax plus h202 solution, sulphur, seabuckthorn oil, cold cream, enzyme spray, and tea tree oil. Please if anyone knows of a sure fire way to decimate this creature, shout at me! Thanks so much and good luck to you all!