Grow Youthful: How to Slow Your Aging and Enjoy Extraordinary Health
Grow Youthful: How to Slow Your Aging and Enjoy Extraordinary Health

Ailment: Mites (demodex mites)

Remedy: Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil, melaleuca alternifolia essential oil, properties, traditional healing uses, recipes, warnings.

Comment posted by David of Melbourne , VIC, Australia on 16 February 2017 at 19:25       4476

I've battled mites for a few years now, stress will trigger them. I'm 30 and healthy except suffering these freaking mites weekly. I mix tea tree oil, coconut oil, clove oil, apple cider vinegar and pure alcohol, any ratio just add a bit of everything and spread it on my skin. Sometimes I take Ivermectin tablets. Every second day I take an antihistamine named Aureus. You must not use it all the time because then the body gets use to it and the mites come back so change monthly. I do not touch animals or open old vents at home. I use a dust mite cover in bed and put clothes I wear to bed in the freezer that kills them. Good luck.

Comment posted by Lou of Adelaide, South Australia, Australia on 3 February 2017 at 16:26       4457

Hi everyone. After 2 years suffering from various skin conditions, hair loss and general poor health, I finally have a possible answer to what causes over-population of demodex mites. I recently diagnosed myself after doctors and dermatologists failed to find out the cause of all my health issues. I have a yeast overgrowth that has spread throughout my body, including skin and scalp. Here's the punchline: demodex mites multiply when there is abundant food - namely yeast on skin. Yeast also spreads spores all over your body. So they have a smorkesboard of food to eat and multiply. My tip to you all is have the specific candida blood test which measures yeast in your body. You will never eradiate the mites if you have a yeast issue. I have been on a candida diet and using various anti-fungals such as apple cider vinegar, pure aloe vera juice, unrefined coconut oil, lots ofd vitamins plus high-strength prohibotics for 4 months now. My mites problem is now under control and once the yeast on my scalp is gone I feel I will be fully cured.

Question posted by Amy of Dallas , Texas, USA on 25 January 2017 at 17:53       4441

I have been using undiluted tea tree oil on my nose for a few weeks. No adverse effect from not diluting it, and my pores are shrinking. My question is if I squeeze out my pores (yellowish stuff and maybe mites) and continue with tea tree oil, are those pores now free of mites and larvae? I also squeeze out some hair follicles and get my face professionally waxed to get rid of all hair at the root. I think this also helps.

Comment posted by Clouseau of Miami, Florida, USA on 23 December 2016 at 8:28       4409

Studies on using tea tree oil against demodex isolated the different ingredients of TTO that are effective. An ingredient called Terpinen-4-ol is the most effective, and it does not burn the skin like pure TTO, especially if using it near the eyes. Pure TTO is very harsh on facial skin so you have to dilute it, and so its efficiency with it. Furthermore, tea tree oil is composed of different ingredients a few of which cancel each other. Check this study at ncbi article PMC3860352. A few demodex wipes such as Cliradex eye wipe use Terpinen-4-ol.

Comment posted by Atwitsend of Los Angeles, CA, USA on 9 December 2016 at 8:49       4397

Dear fellow sufferers. I have been dealing with this scourge for going on three months. It all started with maybe 6 or 7 large tender oozing sores in my scalp that I noticed when shampooing my shoulder length hair. They were raised large sores like cysts and eventually came to a head with whitish pus, so I thought at first that it was cystic acne in my scalp. But I also noticed literally clumps of hair falling out in my comb and in the shower. I also had intense itching, burning and crawling sensations at my hairline and on the fine hairs on my cheeks at night. When this all first started, I also noticed that there were raised red welts behind my ears and red areas next to both nostrils and new pimples on the tip of my nose. When I woke up each morning, my pores above and in between my eyebrows were huge and resembled orange peel skin. I have never had large pores even when I had bad acne as a teenager. At night, I would feel an intense burning sensation around my nose and eyebrows and slight stinging. After reading nearly every post on this board, thank you all for your insights, and trying nearly everything short of shaving my head thankfully that is where this infestation is concentrated although I have it milder on my face as well, I tried last night a hair mask of organic coconut oil mixed with 5-6 drops of CLOVE oil, 5-6 drops of lavender oil, and 5-6 drops of tea tree oil. I mixed everything in a bowl and massaged really well into my scalp, behind my ears and in my eyebrows. The TTO and clove oils are extremely irritating and I suggest avoiding eye areas. Be very careful when you put the coconut oil and essential oil mixture on the eyebrows so that it does not drip into your eyes. I used a Qtip to put the mixture on my eyebrows. I then put on a plastic shower cap which covered my ears. You can buy the cheap disposable plastic ones at RiteAid or Walgreens as you will likely want to throw it out after each use. When I laid down to sleep, I felt some moving around under the shower cap above my ears and at the crown of my head especially for the first 10 or 15 minutes or so. After that, all crawling sensations seemed to stop in my scalp and on my face and I got my first 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep in nearly three months. When I woke in the morning, the areas on my face around my nose and eyebrows were not red and swollen as the have been and I did not notice any crawling and biting overnight which would have awoken me. I am thrilled. I will continue this nightly regimen for a few more weeks minimum and keep you posted, but I have to say that whatever was in the oils, it stopped them from at least crawling around last night. I hope that the oils penetrated my scalp pores and killed them! I am grateful for at least one night's rest! I have also taken the precautions of washing pillow case and sheets EVERY night in hot water and 1 cup of borax powder added to laundry. Dryer on hottest setting. My maintenance regimen for the infestation on my face has been that during the day, I use tea tree oil cleansing pads 3 times a day around my hairline, jawline, eyebrows and nostrils. I also have a blemish touch stick that has TTO as well as some other essential oils. I use the touch stick only on the affected areas on my face once or twice a day as it really burns and is very drying. When I first used the touch stick around my eyebrows, no kidding, around 15 minutes later a dried semi transparent whitish carcass of something came crawled out fell out of the hairs. I looked at it under a jeweler's loop magnifier on 45x magnification and was horrified that it was clearly a demodex mite and not a sebum plug or a whitehead. You CAN see these things with a naked eye and you CAN see their stubby little legs and jaws with 45x magnification. Apparently, the TTO had flushed it out of the pore. My conclusion is that clove oil is effective, however, my application was combined with coconut oil, TTO and lavender, so it may have been this combo together that stopped them from crawling about. Too soon to tell if it really got rid of them or just knocked some of them out for the time being.

Comment posted by Debbie of Duluth, MN, USA on 3 December 2016 at 14:19       4388

I used 15 drops of clove oil, 10 drops of rosemary oil, and 10 drops of teatree oil in 1/2 bottle of shampoo. I use this every day on my hair and on my private areas. Everyday out of the shower I mix 25 squirts of lotion with 10 drops each of clove oil, tea tree oil and any other oil I feel like that day - sometimes lemon, grapefruit, frankincense, etc. I lather on face and all over body. I clean the house and clothes as others have discussed. I bring lotion to work the same as I described above and put on my hands after every handwashing. I also rub it into any place I feel an issue during the day. This has been 11 days and it is working! I had this 15 years ago from my work, so I knew what I was dealing with pretty early.
From my past exposure I know what it feels like when it is going away and then being reinfected. This is working better and faster than when I was getting prescriptions from the doctors! I plan on continuing this for another 2 weeks, as there are no side effects, only relief. Also of note, I have not been eating sugar or refined flour, for the most part, for 5 years. I also take multivitamins.

Comment posted by Miserable of New york, NY, USA on 23 November 2016 at 15:8       4381

I have suffered with this for a year and a half, trying to get different doctors to take me seriously. Many different diagnoses, the main one is rosacea, but they think I'm crazy when I say it is elsewhere on my body. I cover my face and neck with vaseline or other ointment at night. It traps the things that crawl out on your face to mate. I wipe that off in the morning, wash my face with a tea tree oil face wash, then a sulfur based face wash from the dr. I use an eye scrub pad with tea tree oil. When I shower I wash my hair with tea tree oil shampoo first then I use TTO body wash and wash piece by piece. When I dry off I make sure to use different parts of the towel for each body part and make sure every inch is dry. I also take baths with vinegar, borax and epsom salt. At times I will mix white vinegar 1/3 and 2/3 olive oil, put it all over my body and wait about 15-20 minutes, shower and then take the borax and vinegar bath. I have been doing this for about a month and it has paid off. It is important to note that if you take the bath you need to wash your neck and face very well with TTO fade wash, etc. Otherwise the little critters will infest that area severely. It works, but you have to be consistent and not give up.

Comment posted by Mumoftwo25 of Melbourne , VIC, Australia on 20 November 2016 at 13:36       4375

betsypoo62 comment 4367: I think you have what we have! It sounds like bird mites! I hope that helps. We're waiting on our landlord to get an exterminator in to clean out the birds nest and kill the mites.

Comment posted by Anne of Cootharaba , Qld, Australia on 19 November 2016 at 22:10       4373

I am 65 and have had these mites for 8 months. I have tried the coconut oil and TTO. I found the coconut oil made them worse, they love oily skin.
My diet consists of salad and a bit of salmon and tuna. No carbs, no sugar, no alcohol, no fruit, no meat, no oils. I grate zucchini, carrots, beetroot, chop cucumber and mint, celery, spinich, bean sprouts and Himalayan salt and lemon juice for dressing. This is what I have have twice a day. I can't eat anything else and yet I am getting worse not better and now my poor little dog has mites. I'm 15 kilo lighter and my body looks terrific except for the mites. I just don't know what else to do. Been to doctors, herbalist and homeapathy, nothing has worked. They keep giving me treatment to kill them internally. Impossible as they put this hard film over the eggs and only peroxide seems to soften that. I have spent a fortune on medications. I can't see how coconut oil can penetrate the seal? Can anyone help me? I am ready to kill myself, had enough.

Comment posted by Betsypoo62 of Marion, NC, USA on 14 November 2016 at 7:26       4367

I have just started using tea tree oil after months of bombing my home for everything from bed bugs to fleas so I m not really sure if its going to kill theses pesky lil bastards! I have been dealing with demodex mites for 8 months. Went to my family doc and was told that I simply had an allergic reaction to something DUHHH? He put me on predisone and benadryl. I was still being eaten alive from my head to my toes from something that only comes out at night and crawls on me while biting my whole body. Went back to my doc told him I had been researching on my own and would he scrape me for demodex mites. He said no but he would make me an appointment to see a dermatologist. Well it has taken over 3 months now but Thursday I go to the derm doc. I am so afraid that he will just look at me like I'm crazy just like my family doc has. I have been so depressed. I had long hair all my life. I'm 54 years old never had any problems with hair or skin. Had to shave my head to the scalp because it couldn't stand the crawling and biting anymore. My skin is full of lil red sores that pop up every few days now. I won't leave my home except to visit the doc. Those things are in my clothes my bed covers they are every where! I have always kept a clean home. My immune system was compromised from a long term illness and I've really been under a lot of strees with my family life. But these mites are going to be the very end of me unless I get help!

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