Grow Youthful: How to Slow Your Aging and Enjoy Extraordinary Health
Grow Youthful: How to Slow Your Aging and Enjoy Extraordinary Health

Ailment: Mites (demodex mites)

Remedy: Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil, melaleuca alternifolia essential oil, properties, traditional healing uses, recipes, warnings.

Visitors personal experiences with Tea tree oil

Comment posted by David Niven Miller of Perth, WA, Australia on 30 June 2015 at 20:10       3543

Hi Everyone, I have written a new Grow Youthful web page on Bird Mites, which many of you may have rather than demodex mites. Creeping crawling sensation, especially at night, may be from a bird mite infection. The prevention and remedies for bird mites are different to demodex mites.

Comment posted by Della of Claremont, CA, USA on 23 June 2015 at 14:34       3534

TTO full strength applied to serious infestation with brush. TTO pads two to three times a day. Coconut oil at night after TTO application. Use Tweezers to pull out any of the white pustules which are not mites but infection from the fully grown mites. That is why it itches, becomes red and sore. I freeze wet face cloths in freezer which helps to soothe red hot patches. Gradually if you keep going with treatments, after all the eggs have hatched, matched and dispatched, the attacks become less frequent and less intense. My worst problem is the got into my mouth and that is a real problem. Washing with TTO is not good, so I tried Listerine. Both work. I use the TTO pads and wipe inside. Personally, I do not think it has any connection to Rosacea. I have butterfly rosacea, but mites went where there was none. I think they prefer skin that is compromised with rosacea, but they have no connection. There is definitely truth in a compromised immune system. Took some natural remedy for that. Has anyone had the mouth problem and if yes, what did you do.

Comment posted by Joe of Indianapolis , Indiana , USA on 20 June 2015 at 11:56       3531

To mite sufferers may I suggest some sanity have yourself checked for yeast or fungal infections. It could be causing the crawling sensations many of you are experiencing beyond that ivermectin, permethrin cream & tea tree oil work well...

Comment posted by Mary of Boston, MA, USA on 5 May 2015 at 10:27       3442

Tea tree oil does help. I am having success with Rosemary and Eucalyptus oil as well. All 3 oils can be added to shampoo and body wash.

Comment posted by Arno of Paris, Paris, France on 27 April 2015 at 0:50       3427

sorry but most of this comments are just ... i have no words. people seeing dead demodexs. thats impossible this things are small, very small. only way to see them is with microscope. i came here after i was doing small research on demodex mites and for like 99% of the people here they are not the main problem, the thing is everyone have them! what more after 3-4 treatments with tea tree oil all of them are dead. they are not immortal. but why then after long treatments with tea tree oil you see no progress with your skin conditions? well there is 2 reasons. first using tea tree oil for your skin is great is healthy it cleans the skin pores and so on. second is stress. and believe me stress is quite bad for you not just for your skin . my sister had small business problems she was stressed for some time, at the same time she started to get rashes all over her body. she treat them with different products nothing helped. after her problems where fixed and her stress levels lowered they disappear from themselves. so what i mean to say is you stress about your problem (you may have stress from somewhere else to ) in this case that you have demodex and skin problems and so on. you start to use oils and the stress lowers because you feel you are doing something and what more your skin feel it too. so if you think you have skins problems because demodex mites your wrong. the main reason you have problem is because in first place you tried to fix your skin problems with something artificial. best way to deal with skin problem is lower your stress and use natural remedies like said before tea tree oil is great. like i said before all humans have them . again 3-4 treatments with tea tree oil kill them all. no need to wash your sheets pillows furniture dogs... (accidentally it seams) hot iron cloths and so on. if you want to keep your skin clean from them best is to do 2-3 treatments every 2 months. sorry for my bad english . and hope i have cleared some stuff about demodex mites and the skin problems people accuse them for

Comment posted by Skeeter of Holden, Louisiana, USA on 22 April 2015 at 8:26       3418

I have a severe skin problem and fight it daily with my dermatologist. I started having dry crusty strips of skin on my eyebrows and the edges of my hair line on my face. Tried all kind of things but nothing worked. If you want to know if it is mites or scabies, just put a mixture of 100% tea tree oil and whatever oil you like putting on your face. Maybe a 1 to 5 ratio. and you will know if you have them. Within minutes you will know. They can't stand it and yes, you will feel them moving and going nuts. I just started and already I don't feel the little critters at night like I used to. I thought I was going crazy, but at night they really get active and drive you crazy. Still trying with this treatment and so far so good. Still have the spots but no itching and stinging. Do not get it in your eyes! Will get back after longer treatment.

Comment posted by jeanine of Louisville, KY, USA on 8 April 2015 at 9:11       3398

I am so happy to finally find relief. I tried the baths and the tea tree oil soap as well as using the tea tree oil as an additive to my lotions and am so pleased to be able to sleep better and not have the tremendous itching that i experienced due to the terrible demodex mites. Thank you so much for sharing your experience.

Comment posted by Jo of Milwaukee, WI, USA on 14 March 2015 at 8:34       3334

For the person who is washing her sheets daily: The mites transfer with skin to skin contact, so the area and things of an infested person don't require that kind of care. However, if you can SEE them, then they're not demodex mites, and you may well need to treat your bedding. You should take a sample in to get it typed and tested, and see if there is a recommended treatment for what you have. These mites are neither black nor visible to the naked eye.

Comment posted by Heather of Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa on 12 March 2015 at 19:26       3331

Tea tree oil is definitely working for me. I've had awful rosacea with pustules for about 10 years now. I have been going for V-beam laser treatments for the past 2 years every 2 months, and am now going to pack them in. Very expensive – and although they brought some relief to the flushed look, it flared up withing days. (Having said this, WHEN, I am rid of the redness and rosacea, I will have laser treatment to treat the acne scars.) In desperation I started looking for other alternatives on the net. I'm mixing 5 drops TTO to my moisturiser (coconut oil) and applying morning and evening. Also put TTO in my shampoo. There is a very noticeable difference. I have been using this regime for 6 weeks now. I have white patches on my face now and it is clearing towards the nose area. I do go through a very itchy rash phase now and again, and I do believe that the mites are dying. Am doing some gentle scrubs (Yes, I know, we rosacea sufferers should do that!) and using colloidal silver to calm it. At least the acne has gone. From what I can understand, we all have facial mites, but rosacea faces suffer an increase of them as we have the perfect breeding environment. Nicely hot and flushed! I'm also taking 3 capsules of Olive leaf extract a day (as someone suggested on a site) as detox being a help and it also brings down inflammation. Good luck to anyone reading this comment and keep a positive outlook. :)

Comment posted by Relentless of Patchogue, NY, USA on 6 March 2015 at 3:33       3317

I had a dog and I do not know if they came from her. Anyway I began using her shampoo because it has teatree in it. I wash daily the sheets and pillow cases use hi heat on the water and in the dryer. Clean the filter with the vacuum as the "lint" has black specks that got under my finger nails and caused inch long "knife-like" cuts. Doing that helped to clear up the cuts. I use rubber gloves whenever I have the sores or cuts. Raw garlic I cut up and swallow whole each day with a glass of water. I have had bruises in different parts of my body, red-like rashes, hands which look as if I burnt them and when they cleared a bit of "?" that eventually flaked off. I have observed black dots, white spongy dots, flea like (took off eyebrow as it was biting) green and white wiggly worms, dead flea like thing, and a black slug like thing. I have been trying to take them to a Lab, but they refuse them on scotch tape. the ones in the tissues, I cannot see and do not remember what they were. I had white eggs in my hair. the lice treatment by the Dr. and Rid did nothing. The teatree shampoo keeps it under control. I believe that they are gone and they reappear even though I barely stopped treatment for a day or two. The raw garlic is flushing them from my body. The teatree is helping to rid them from my hair and body. I am also starting to use a body lotion( I will try this as it seemed to help last night) to smother the mites. I have felt bitten in the basement from the cement up so I vacuumed thoroughly twice already and continue to vacuum in the area where I wash the clothes. thank you for this website. It has been so healthful. It is unfortunate that the medical profession is so far behind. Even the TV New and National Geographic (Feb. issue) have tried to alert the doctors.

Comment posted by Sandra of Toronto, Ontario, Canada on 6 March 2015 at 2:24       3316

The amount of essential oils that you're using is way too much. I'm a certified aromatherapist. You treatment may be working for you now, but the oils you are using (tea tree and eucalyptus) are very strong a dangerous if used over a long period of time. You risk damaging your liver...remember that everything you come in contact with gets filtered through your liver. At the very least, you will become sensitized to those oils and you will start to have severe allergic reactions to them when you try to use them. REMEMBER - natural does NOT mean safe! You must stop your treatment for a t least a month and then start up again using much lower dilutions...1-3% at the most. And for God's sake, DO NOT SLEEP WITH ESSENTIAL OILS ON YOUR SHEETS!

Comment posted by Marileemed of Columbia, SC, USA on 25 February 2015 at 2:12       3287

Hello all! I believe the medical community is slowly coming around to the idea of Demodex causing Rosacea. In December 2014 the FDA approved a new treatment for rosacea named Soolantra, which is 1% Ivermectin cream and specifically targeting Demodex. As an off-label use, there is also oral Ivermectin for people named Stromectol (currently used for worms/lice/scabies), which I have started taking monthly. I had seen online that some creative Deramatologists have used oral Stromectol for stubborn Demodex cases. I have also started to treat all my animals with Revolution (Selamectin) to kill mites on them as well. I strongly recommend you treat all your animals monthly, or you will just reinfect yourself. I have purchased tea tree oil in bulk off the internet and drip it all over my scalp with a small syringe and then sit for 30 minutes with a plastic cap on my head. I also have a TTO face wash that I use twice daily. Honestly, its the oral Stromectol that I believe has turned the tide for me. Maybe your doctors will start to see the benefit of treating these mites, especially since the FDA approved an Ivermectin lotion for rosacea. Personally, I'm sure I've been colonized by these mites my whole life but feel I have developed an allergic response to them. Best of luck!

Comment posted by Maggie of Ypsilanti, ND, USA on 20 February 2015 at 11:16       3281

I must remind all who are reading this that if you mention demodex or morgellans, your doctor or dermatoligist will tell you there is no such thing. The reason is that these have not been approved by the FDA as a disease, thus your doctor cannot acknowledge them. Keep looking, don't give up.

Comment posted by Cheryl of Santa Rosa, CA, USA on 15 February 2015 at 9:52       3261

Hello All, first I need to thank everyone who has posted on this site as your remedies have helped me tremendously! I have been plagued with Demodex mites for 1 year now. I am a pet sitter and had a weakened immune system due to systemic Candida, so I am sure this is how they overtook my body. Both my doctor and dermatologist think I am nuts and they do not believe in these monsters. So, one year ago, it started with dry, itchy, dandruff and then my hair started falling out in masses. I freaked out. At the same time, my eyebows and eyelashes also started falling out in masses. I woke up with these little dandruff like flecks in my eyes which made them red and itchy. Diagnosis: Blepharitis. Well, Demodex mites cause Blepharitis but again my doctor said no, this is not the cause. Started waking up with bites and pustules on my face and scalp. The ones on my scalp turned into scabs. Started using dandruff shampoo daily with limited success. Then I found this website and decided on a full out attack as I was itching all over my entire body and finding bites everywhere. In addition to stripping and washing all bedding every other day and drying on the highest heat, went to Whole Foods and bought: Tea Tree Oil, Peppermint Oil, Eucalyptus oil, Neem Oil, Cedarwood Oil and Lavendar Oil. Started adding Tea Tree, Peppermint oil and Eucalyptus oil to my HOT baths which I took every other day and soaked in for as long as possible. I also added Eucalyptus Epsom salt (found at Dollar store). The die-off floating in the bath water completely grossed me out. The mornings after my bath I would wake up with rashes and bites, so apparently I had really pissed these little suckers off. Once the massive die off was over, I started a new routine which has proven to almost completely eradicate them at this point. For my face Morning and night - wash face, eyebrows and eyelashes with mixture of Johnson's Baby Shampoo and Tea Tree Oil. Rinse then use 91% Rubbing alcohol all over my face and eyebrows (obviously avoid contact with eyes.) Immediately after this, I apply CVS Brand Zinc Oxide Diaper Rash Cream - this has been my savior! I was using Vaseline for a while but this is not practical to use during the day. The Zinc Oxide Diaper rash cream is wonderful and moisturizes my face after all of the Tea Tree Oil and Alcohol. This cream contains Zinc Oxide, benzyl alcohol, coconut oil, mineral oil and cod liver oil. The mites HATE IT! It smothers them while moisturizing my face and giving me immediate relief from bites, redness and rashes caused by the mites. For my eyelids and eyelashes, I use straight Castor oil as again it not only smothers them, but Castor oil is one of the few oils that can penetrate even the deepest of glands, pores and follicles. It is safe to use around the eyes and tt gets way down in there and smothers them. I no longer wake up with any bites or pustules on my face. For my hair and scalp - Every other night, I combine the following and apply to wet hair: Equal parts of Bed Head Nutrients shampoo (contains Benzyl Benzoate which mites hate), Head & Shoulders shampoo(contains Pyrithione Zinc), and Denorex Shampoo & Conditioner (contains Salicylic Acid) along with MANY drops of Tea Tree Oil (20-30 drops). I use an old hair coloring bottle with the tip/nozzle for easy application. I rub it into my scalp and leave it on for 1-2 hours while I am doing other things around the house. After the 1-2 hours, I rinse it out and then apply a mixture of 2 parts Coconut Oil (Extra Virgin, make sure it is pure) with 1 part of Castor Oil. I combine and heat them up and apply not only to my scalp but all of my hair down to the ends. I leave this on overnight. Next morning I wash my hair with Coconut Oil shampoo and Conditioner. Trust me this combination leaves your hair absolutely gorgeous and so shiny and moisturized which is an added benefit. My hair has never looked better. Coconut Oil is a natural Anti-fungal and Anti-bacterial and is proven effective against these mites as well as any resulting scalp conditions. I even rub the coconut and castor oil mixture all over my body, but add Neem Oil and Cedarwood Oil as these 2 oils are effective in paralyzing Demodex mites. For my mattress, pillows and bedding I use a Eucalyptus oil based spray which also contains Lavendar Oil, Cedarwood Oil, Rosemary Oil, Pine Oil and Basil Oil. The only additional ingredient I add are a few drops of Tea Tree Oil, Neem Oil and Cedarwood Oil. Everytime I change my sheets, I spray my entire mattress and all pillows down with this mixture. When my sheets and pillowcases come out of the dryer, I spray them down as well. I have even started to use this spray on my body as it is all natural and non-toxic. As a result of all of this, which is INSANE by the way and I wish I could go back to life as it was before Demodex mites invaded my world, I am now back in a happy place and even though I no longer itch, and all my hair, eye lashes and eyebrows are growing back like crazy, I will not stop this routine for fear that they will return. Sorry for the long post, but had to share my success story in hopes of helping others out there who are suffering from the monsters. Do NOT give up and Good luck!

Comment posted by PattiCake of Tampa, Fl, USA on 4 February 2015 at 18:37       3211

I've been reading all these posts waiting to see if anyone is fighting demodex my way. My eye doc sold me cliridex pads and I use them morning and night to scrub my eyelids. I had terrifically dry eyes for three years. And the itching on my face and lids was so intense I couldn't sleep. I've also put full strength tea tree oil on my brows, face, nostrils, ear canals, and now as my scalp seems infected on my scalp as well, on the itchy spots on my face. Then I ordered tto shampoo, body wash, face scrub, and now cream. I spent over $200 but I think it is working. My eyes are moist and seldom itch for the first time in years. The sores on my scalp are getting dosed with full strength tt oil. As I am retired and can get by with this, I wage nightly war on them. They come out to mate (how gross is that) and I zap them as I feel them with the full strength tt oil. I'm going to win this battle. Thanks to everyone for your advice and information. I hope doctors will learn from us.

Comment posted by Soapmaker of Williston, ND, USA on 2 February 2015 at 16:56       3204

So far I have tried everything. I just now started having success. Have had crazy red patch at the base of my neck and the crown of my head since I broke out with shingles three months ago. Shingles are long gone, but now I am dealing with demodex. As per another person's comment I have found that Dr. Bronner's tea tree oil shampoo on the area with the mites for as long as you can stand it...overnight best, but the first time I did it it burned so bad I had to wash off within the hour. Two days later the rash was better, but my hair still stank. Not as bad though. Before this I did pure citronella on my head overnight or for as long as you can stand it. Similar results, just not as drastic a difference. When they die they leave a nasty wake. Your skin looks like you were set on fire or out in the sun too long, it stinks and when you heal up your skin peels from where they were burrowed down in. Bare with it. You are successful when this happens. You will notice as you continue treatments the burning and redness start to become less and less. If you don't believe me, try putting the TTO soap on a part of your body with no mites. It doesn't burn. It doesn't turn red. Good luck. Its time consuming, but there is an end, I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. You have to be diligent though.

Question posted by Jake of Kelowna, bc, Canada on 15 January 2015 at 20:32       3155

Have been using TTO Shampoo, Body wash and 50% TTO combined with Vaseline intensive care moisturizer on my face morning and night. The first month was hell on earth but i persisted and gained a ton of relief to the extent that my skin had entirely cleared up. Went to Mexico over the break and I do believe the sunshine and saltwater contributed to killing off the mites in conjunction with the TTO. However I have had a massive setback today after two full weeks of pristine skin. Literally woke up a few days ago after a weekend of partying (i am in university) and my face was full blown fire engine red. The redness has persisted over the course of a few days and now whenever I apply my treatment it seems to just irritate the hell out of my face and make it even worse. I am in dire straits now as my face is literally so bad I have been skipping class. I wash my pillow cases in the sink here with a few drops of TTO but that is really the most I can do here as I live on campus with roommates and a washing machine shared with a bunch of my peers. I am hoping that this latest outbreak is just a die off stage as I've read but my face is literally lit up like a christmas tree, worse than I could have ever imagined. Applying TTO has continued to burn and I do not know whether or not I should discontinue using it or if the burning will magically subside and my face will return to its previous self.

Side-effects posted by Elaine of Zirconia, NC 28790, USA on 13 January 2015 at 4:3       3148

Do not get TTO near the eye. Very caustic.

Comment posted by Don of Vanouver Island, B.C., Canada on 9 January 2015 at 8:42       3143

I never heard of Demodex mites and was told I had rosacea after I had a bad bought of flue and was run down. Well the flue ended and the ointment for rosacea did nothing. I purchased a teatree oil face wash and teatree base shampoo after reading about the possibility of mites. Used once a day for a month and 85% of the rosacea is gone ( all of the pustules). The facewash left my skin very dry so I also used the green after sun aloe eveyday. Not 100% gone yet,but a fantastic result - it made me a believer in Teatree oil. Don.

Comment posted by cheryl of seattle, Washington, USA on 3 December 2014 at 20:39       3074

I beat them! I started treating November 5 and by the 25th they were gone. I flared about the 18th when they spread to my eyebrows. I couldn't get TTO shampoo to work there - really deep roots and pores I think. I found success with kneading Vicks into them every time they started feeling dry and brittle. Within 2 days I was sure it was working. Eyebrows are all soft again. I took zinc, vitamin C and a good multiple. I just started on biotin too. I am still using diluted Listerine in cold water on my face - it feels good. I noticed my pores have shrunk quite a bit. I think it is helping the rosacea.

Posted 6 November 2014:
I am using a drop of Trader Joe's TTO shampoo on wet 5 x 5 thin cotton cloth to clean face, especially eyebrows and eyelids twice a day. Washing eyeglasses thoroughly with TTO shampoo as needed. I think the dander from the demodex makes it spread. Keeping my hands off face and eyes. Coating eyelashes every time they feel dry with petroleum jelly. Coconut butter doesn't last and I realized that dry feeling is the 'tubular dandruff' of the demodex. I gobbed Vaseline on before bed last night and I had success. I woke up with small, moist yellow bits by my nose - no crusty stuff to wash away. No itching. I washed and applied more Vaseline. Keeping the eyelashes coated with Vaseline seems to prevent that itchy dry feeling in the eyes. I am convinced that feeling is the junk falling off eyelashes into my eyes - feels like sand blowing into my eyes. My theory: if I keep the eyelashes coated, the demodex can't attach junk to my lashes. Keeps me comfortable. If I am lucky, they suffocate.

Comment posted by Michelle Pecorella of Daytona Beach, Florida, USA on 3 December 2014 at 4:59       3071

I'm sharing my story because it worked, I am free of skin and eyelash mites after 5 months and this is what I did......I applied mineral oil to my face and eyes, and instantly you can feel the mites start crawling out of pores, that is how dermatologists get them out for a scraping. Then after waiting a minute apply 100% tea tree oil, everywhere just lightly on eyelashes because it does burn. This starts killing them in 4 minutes. Then take paper towel and wipe your face then reapply tea tree oil if needed. I did this twice a day it works very good. I am free and saw no end in sight just 3 weeks ago. I must mention I saw my family Dr he thought I was nuts and two dermatologists that gave me creams that made it worse. Some borax to wash clothes and linen is all you need, and get new pillows!! I also clean my cats ears with mineral oil it chases the mites out and treat them with flea products, then I vacuum my house with moth balls in the vacuum.......Done, good luck!!!

Comment posted by Teri of Ottawa, ON, Canada on 8 November 2014 at 10:32       3016

Had it for a few years and my gp prescribed metrogel which is awful and left huge red scars and still the rosacea returned. She never explained what it was or its source. I was having a variety of other skin problems too which I got goops for from her. I came across people on the internet who commented that a gluten-free diet cleared it all up. Within a few weeks some of my skin problems cleared up but not the rosacea. So I started researching that and started applying castor oil treatments on my face and letting it sit for an hour. This seems to help. I also find applying rose water after all face cleaning and castor oil treatments help too. I am grateful for all the advice about Tea Tree Oil and it's going all over everything and in the washer machine in future.

Comment posted by Verdae of Conyers, Georgia, USA on 29 October 2014 at 4:27       2991

You can also add oil of oregano to your products. It has worked wonders for me!

Comment posted by Dori of Waukesha, WI, USA on 15 October 2014 at 21:12       2961

Be VERY CAREFUL with Tea Tree Oil on DOGS!!! I accidentally spilled some on my dog and the vet miraculously saved her life. She kept her with her at work and home for a week to make sure she survived!

Comment posted by Brien of Columbus, OH, USA on 14 October 2014 at 19:12       2958

Tea tree oil worked well for me. However, after I put a fifty fifty mix of TTO and coconut oil on my dog it messed him up and he had trouble peeing and tremored some for two days. Luckily he is a big pitt bull or could have died.

Comment posted by David Niven Miller of Perth, WA, Australia on 13 October 2014 at 9:43       2952

There is no need to clean floors and furniture, and wash and spray your entire home. Many visitors are doing this and it is not necessary. Please read my Grow Youthful web page on mites.

To quote from this page, from the section Catching a Mite Infestation:
Mites transfer between people by skin and hair contact, particularly by sleeping with a person in close contact at night. Demodex canis resides deep in the dog's skin, transmission from one animal to another is usually only usually possible with prolonged direct contact, such as mother-to-pup transmission during suckling.
Demodex mites can only live for a couple of hours away from their host in a dry environment. In a wet environment like a damp towel they can survive for longer. They can live for up to 58 hours in a drop of edible oil, and perhaps even longer in an animal fat that resembles the sebum from a sebaceous gland.
This means it is possible to catch a demodex mite infestation by sharing recently-used towels and bedding. However, a good airing in the sun or a cycle in the tumble dryer would make it virtually impossible to transmit an infection. It also means that you would not get an infection from chairs, carpets, furniture etc.

Comment posted by HeyJude629 of Ocean Springs, MS, USA on 13 October 2014 at 0:34       2949

I have been fighting this for 3 months now. I went to my family doctor and he gave me scripts for Permethrin. I covered my body and my father covered his twice. I was still getting bit. I went to see my Dermatologist and he was on vacation and I saw someone else in his office. I was told that the Permethrin killed everything on my body and that people who have gone through this became mentally ill. I was suffering from the illusion of being bit. That I wasn't being bit it was all in my mind. I went home and was very upset. My daughter told me to get TTO and to take TTO baths and to make TTO shampoo and even put it in my laundry. I even took the dog to the vet and she was given an Ivermectin shot. The morning of Day Two after starting TTO baths I still had bites but not as many on my face and I went back to my Dermatologist who was back. He did a skin scraping over the entire side of my face that was being bit. He removed all the puss filled bumps and it hurt as it was the circumference of a base ball. I had been bit the night before my appt on my neck and it burned extremely bad. I had made TTO spray which consisted of 10 ounces of water and 1 ounce of TTO to spray my furniture and the car and carpets and all of the mattresses and pillows. I grabbed the spray and squirted it on my neck. I kept rubbing my neck because of the burning feeling from the bites and two things came out of my neck. I put them in a gem jar to take to the Dermatologist. He was shocked when he heard that one of his employees had told me I wasn't getting bit. He verified that these two things that felt like a grain of sand but were a grayish white and long but round around their body were Demedex. He gave me scripts and explained to me that something got messed up in my body. I start Ivermectin for humans and Flagyl on Monday after the poor dog gets her second shot of Ivermectin. I had just lost over 60 pounds and now this. I wonder was it worth it to lose the weight. I look good but don't dare go any where as I am scared I will give this to someone. I wonder if this will work but I will keep you informed as I start the medicines. Morning of Day Three I found 6 dead Demodex on my sheets. I used a 10x jewelers loop to see them. Day Four Found 9 Dead Demodex. I am misting my sheets and pillows and my entire body prior to going to bed at night made up of 10 ounces of water and 1 ounce of TTO. I take a TTO bath with 20 drops of TTO in it every night now before I go to bed. I wash my hair with TTO in my shampoo. I also use a hot iron on my hair. I don't know if this is helping but mine has a stem button on it so I use it to try to kill anything that is in my hair. I also use TTO mixed on my eye lashes and my eye brows. I leave the TTO shampoo on my hair for 10 minutes while I am soaking in the TTO bath. I will keep you all informed.

Update added by moderator David Niven Miller on 14 October 2014:

Woke up this morning and no dead Demodex mites on the sheets and no bites - Thank you TTO. I almost cried.. I also found using the hand scrub brush works well and I had a baby brush that I put the TTO Shampoo that I made on it and gently scrubbed my eye lashes last night as well as my eyebrows. I will continue to use TTO for months even after I take the scripts as it was the thing that really made a difference. I will never forget this. I know I am not out of the woods yet.

Comment posted by best foot forward of Glasgow, Glasgow, United Kingdom on 12 October 2014 at 9:30       2947

Here is what I did for a whole month. Daily shower or bath with Tea Tree Shampoo, divide hair into section and use short nails to take the film off your scalp, this takes about a week to completely remove every flake/cell. If applying conditioner, use Tea Tree Oil only at the tips, not on the scalp. Scrub with loofah gloves everywhere to remove skin cells, between the toes, the lot. Nailbrush toes and fingers, don't forget to use a back brush too. Obviously fresh clean clothes daily, towels too. Add a couple of drops of pure Tea Tree Oil to your laundry, no fabric softener for a while either. It is essential that you treat for your eyes too, I had eye drops and bought eye scrub to use morning and night. I also use a small face brush and foaming Tea Tree Oil every morning and will continue to do this every day for the rest of my life, paying attention to the eyelash line. I now NEVER use night creams or serums because I think that I was feeding them and providing a wonderful environment. If I use a moisturizer it is a Tea Tree Oil cream and I apply in the morning and cleanse it off after 30 mins, I was still using a foot cream and became aware of them around my ankles. Okay, I am off for a bath cos remembering makes me itchy. Do your research, tackle it consistently and break their life cycle, best of luck folks.

Comment posted by Andrea of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada on 30 September 2014 at 23:3       2913

Have you been doing it everyday? In my experience you can't stop....even if it seems to get a little have to continue daily treatment for months as you have to go through a number of die off stages. That was my mistake the first time around. Have you tried castor oil? That I believe is safe to go around your eyes. The mixture of castor oil and selson blue shampoo has been one of the best things for me. I put a mask of it on. Then I have a bath which has tea tree oil and selson blue in they had started going on my arms and I had to put that to a stop. And tea tree oil in my hair. I haven't let my dogs sleep with me for a couple months and I lie on a different towel every they are probably in your pillows. I have never felt face is clear except for the odd dot here and there. I use tea tree oil day and night also. I only use olive oil or coconut oil to remove make up and hydrate my face. No chemicals. Just as an FYI....when they die your face looks worse...which is when I would give up the first time I tried. This time I dealt with the took until week 7 for my face to look really good. I feel amazing now. I don't itch at all anymore.

Comment posted by ROSEHIPS of DAYTONA BEACH, FL, USA on 30 September 2014 at 21:50       2912

I have been dealing with these eyelash mites since i first noticed them and by then i imagine i'd had them months before. Over 2 years. I have done everything, been to 2 md's 1 optomitrist 1 optomologist spent over $1,000 - and have gone through 3 bottles of tea tree oil. Have pulled both eyebrows and eyelashes out twice and am on my third new growth now (wont do that again). Going to make an apt with a dermotologist this week and that’s all i know to do. I've never seen anything like this in my life. I've worn make up since i was 14 or 15 more the older i got. False eyelashes etc. Never a problem. Now that i am 60 and don't wear it as often or as much, but do, this pops up. I've tried it all even scabies cream at $110.00, dry mustard everything you read. They will get in hair, ears, skin, inside nose, eyelids, eyebrows, eyelashes. I've slept with nix overnight in hair, face, inside nose etc. If you can eliminate them i'd like someone to tell me how. If i finally find out i'd be more than happy to come back and let you here know because i wouldn't wish this on my worse enemy.

Comment posted by Verlie of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia on 30 September 2014 at 0:8       2909

I have now had demodex for 18 months and staph aureus has developed in my body. I have been tested for that but not given any medication. The demodex are still laying eggs on my skin and my skin is still a huge mess. After 2 skin specialists and the Infectious Disease section of our major Hospital - where they just gave me creams (which helps the demodex to pro-create more) - they were of no use at all - just look at you like you're nuts. My husband is now afflicted and it's very distressing for both of us - am hoping our girls won't get it too. The itching - (under the nose is awful) and elsewhere - it's just so tiring. Am using tea tree shampoo and tea tree oil on the bites - tea tree body with a loofa daily and washing sheets and clothing constantly - so expensive and so draining - good luck to you all!!

Comment posted by Winnie of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia on 28 September 2014 at 17:13       2903

I have such an attitude of gratitude to you all for sharing your stories and information about your journeys with these little mites. You have given me comfort and encouragement sharing your thoughts and feelings and what has and has not worked for you. These parasites have consumed most of my days in the past three months and more, and I am really tired from the relentless and ongoing routines I have had to develop in response to their invasion of my body. I think that I acquired head lice and possibly mites from sleeping on a spare mattress at a friend's house when I was away. They have children staying sometimes and then the mattress gets stored in their shed. So initially I aimed treatment at head lice,but found the problem extremely persistent, using many different products from chemists and doctors, and soaking, freezing, solarizing and washing bedding, bed clothes, and anything worn daily, and changing blankets and quilts daily. I think that the prolonged harsh treatment enabled the parasitic balance to be disturbed. Now the head lice are gone, but not the symptoms of demodex such as feeling them burrowing into my eyelash folicules particularly at night, also around the back of the neck hairline and around the tops of the ears, the groin and elsewhere at times. I am very sensitive to tea tree oil, and have actually burnt the skin on the back of my neck with it, even though it was well diluted. Now I am mixing Almond oil with clove oil, lavender and sea buckthorn oil, and applying that with a cotton bud to my eyelashes, around the tops of my ears and hairline. I am cleaning my eyelashes with a soft toothbrush and mild soap, and find mites get really stirred up if I rub them a bit. I don't know if that makes them withdraw or go deeper. Right now I can feel them crawling on my face and eyebrows, so time for a wash. I am waiting for results from the lab hoping for a definite identification. But I have to say that only people who have experienced this condition could empathise fully with the disruption to your life, and the way that it affects your feeling of wellbeing and confidence. I think we should boost our vitamin C and B levels to support our bodies in coping with this stress, and I read that Colloidal Silver was helpful as well. It would certainly help prevent infection from developing. My very best wishes to you all as we continue to seek resolutions for our health and return to fully functioning beings once again.

Comment posted by Andrea of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada on 24 September 2014 at 23:35       2893

I have had pretty clear skin my whole life other than the odd hormonal pimple here and there. About two years ago i started to get a weird rash on my right cheek..then my forehead...then my left cheek...then my chin. I tried everything, most lotions and face washes made it worse. I've seen four dermatologists...saying I had excema, dermatitis, rosacea....all said there was nothing I could do. This was all happening as I was getting divorced, which meant my stress levels were higher than usual. Finally I googled for hours and hours and found information on demodex mites and everything made sense. I do beleive there is a relation between foods and demodex....not that the foods cause them...but that they like the taste of certain foods in our skin more...which cause them to be more active and make our faces worse. I cut out gluten, dairy and refined sugar for a month to help kill off everything. I wish I would have taken pictures of this process...not that I would want to post them...but I found a blog of a girl that took pictures every day and it was soooooo helpful. I think I may have given up if I didn't have her blog to look at. I'm on day 52 and I hardly have any activity on my face...I read that it takes 120 days to fully irradiacate the I will not stop my daily regimen ...well probably I can't deal with this nightmare ever again. I use: Morning- selson blue shampoo (it has sulphur in it) and castor oil mix...kind of as a mask...on my face for 10-15 minutes. My face is very dry after this. Then I put coconut oil or olive oil on my face for during the day. I have to switch them every other day as my face tends to get dry if I use the same one?? I do not use make up unless absolutely necessary. Afternoon- I wash my face the second I walk in the door with selson blue/castor oil again and put some tea tree oil on my face. Night - I wash my face with water and then put tea tree on it. Then I put coconut oil on it and go to sleep. I do not change my pillowcase daily..but I do use a new hand towel everyday to lie on. ***the first week I used 5% permethrin on my face...which it says not to do ....I got it at's $50...but you get a decent sized bottle and I think it helped the initial massive kill off...then I used it every few days and now I use once a week. There is still a lot left in the bottle. ***i also put tea tree oil in my shampoo ***i take a bath every couple days and put tea tree oil and selson blue in the the mites like to run for have to kill them everywhere I do not have any more itching. Barely any papules/pustules pop up. And if they do it's like two...not a hundred like before. This process isn't's actually really awful, your face will look it's worst in the first four weeks and you will want to be a hermit. Butt, keep doing it daily. Each breakout is a die off although it looks horrendous, this is good. I feel pretty for the first time in years. I'm so thankful I found all of these forums.

Comment posted by RedGalaxy of London, Ontario, Canada on 23 September 2014 at 12:14       2888

Started treating with TTO shampoo, conditioner soap, cream one week ago. Huge improvement already. I can see the new hair stubble growing on my scalp where none had been before :). My Opthamologist has also ordered the Cliradex wipes for me. I read a medical study on the effectiveness of TTO for Blepharitis. Yes, Dr's say it works. In addition though they compared the use of petroleum jelly on a control group and it also helped - just not as much. Apparently it coats the pores and smothers the mites. I understand it is a neutral substance and I have been trying that in my ears and in my eye lashes at night and it certainly helps relieve itching. I have had this problem since 2003. I picked it up at a military camp in Bosnia (I was in the military). I think it was from using a barrack pillow. Within 5 months my blepharitis was so bad I was tearing the edge of my cornea trying to open my stuck eyes at night. This led to repeated corneal infiltrate infections. Humidity helps with the dry eyes but winter heating and summer air conditioning drys out my eyes and makes it worse. I agree that everyone has these mites but that with a compromised immune system they can breed out of control. In my case I have gulf war syndrome which has caused deep fatigue, sleeplessness and memory loss. However, I am now managing that with Vitimin Q10 100mg daily with salmon oil to aid absorption. It has given me an amazing amount of energy by helping my miticondria cells repair themselves and after 5 months of the Q10 I am sleeping and feel almost normal for the first time since 1991. So with my strength back I think that I will be able to get the face mites under control with the aid of teh helpful info on this site. So far so good. My advice to fellow suffers is to look at your lifestyle and overall health and work on whatever it is that has allowed these critters to take over. Something is out of balance somewhere. Work on that while you work on the mites. Also, don't go overboard with shampoos, lotions and oils. If you also have rosacea you can easily damage your fragile skin. Go easy and make sure you are not causing other problems as TTO is strong and you can damage your skin. That's why I like supplementing at night with the petroleum jelly. Good luck.

Comment posted by victoria of santa barbara, CA, USA on 11 September 2014 at 4:35       2862

Hello everyone. Thank you for all of your informative posts. I had no idea what was happening until my face started breaking out for the first time in my life, it was then that I started to piece it all together. Mainly from google and different threads I have finally narrowed it down to demodex. I am used to going to aestheticians, having high end spa treatments etc. and taking excellent care of my skin. I never really had any skin issues. We have cats and a dog and have never had a problem with anything like this until this year. I do recall itching in the past, but thinking it was dry skin or having the eyes being so dry and sometimes itching in the shower, again thinking it was dry skin and perhaps it was time for a cleanse or paying more attention to my nutrition. I started with a small amount of rosacea on the side of my neck, but very minimal. Now looking back and piecing it all together it was slow decline of more symptoms, similar to what everyone above has listed, so I won't go into it here. But, I went through all of the necessary steps because I didn't know what it was at first, I researched and came up with scabies, rat mites, bird mites, sand fleas, dog and cat mites, I was going crazy. So, I treated for everything, or so I thought. I even flea and bug bombed the house, spraying outside, we live near a canyon, so maybe rat mites? removing an old nest outside a window, bird mites?, having windows and screens professionally cleaned- along with washing dog and cats, getting new flea medications for all of them, washing everything in hot water, spraying carpets, sofa, even walls with the borax, hydrogen peroxide, water and TTO mixture in the house and car. On the body, using sulfur-msm soap, then coconut oil mixed with TTO on skin, on scalp tho shampoo. Things seemed to be better, but they have come back! After more research I would like to share this information with you pets owners: The topical flea meds did not work for us. Things were better for a couple weeks, but as soon as the dog is on his walk he is picking up more mites, apparently. There is one oral medication that kills fleas and ticks INCLUDING MITES to treat dogs and cats that works very well: Comfortis. If pets are bringing them in and you aren't treating the pet properly, you will never win. I am starting several treatments but have nothing to report yet.

Comment posted by Sop of Miami, Fl, USA on 9 September 2014 at 11:18       2858

I have had similar symptoms for close to a year. I thought it was lice. After visiting this site, I have been using for the past week a combination of products - sulfur 8 hair and scalp conditioner mixed with Hollywood tea tree oil mix. I also have begun washing my hair with sulfur 8 medicated shampoo. Scalp and face are starting to feel better.

Comment posted by Lorraine Lawrence of Bucks , PA, USA on 27 August 2014 at 13:9       2827

I have gluten gmo intolerance and roseca and ocular rosea. I had been using coconut oil on my face with honey from the farmer. My scalp finally is really bad and now I know why. I also take garlic and apple cider vinegar to keep in check my yeast. It is a gluten, sugar, gmo's, yeast, issue. I was not diagnosed with roseca until I was 35. It just started to attack my scalp and I had antibiotics like cipro etc. I have also read it can be from lyme. I am using the coconut oil and tto on my scalp and coconut oil and honey on my face with a dab of tto. I didn't have this all my life this is some thing that happened after I had a postive lyme and antibiotics. It started with the rosacea and then yeast then gluten gmo's. Made me really sick. I am doing better except the scalp and face.

Question posted by Darla Hand of Fresno, CA, USA on 15 August 2014 at 8:2       2794

Oohbaby of Brooklyn, why cut out sugar and wheat? Is there any special diet that you know of to follow that will help even more? I'm feeling lots of improvement from where I was but still feel them in my scalp, eyes, lashes, face, ears and neck area... pretty much above the shoulders mostly although I do feel biting/stinging behind my knees and legs. But mostly the upper areas of my body. I'm still desperately looking for something/ANYTHING to help my babies!!! (My dogs)

Comment posted by Ohbaby of Brooklyn , NY, USA on 11 August 2014 at 21:2       2787

Pillow in the freezer,... I like that. Thanks for the tip. Coconut oil is amazing for the skin. Banged my head on the corner of my desk, and usually would have a cut and a welt for weeks. It was hardly noticeable after 3 days with coconut oil! That sold me on the stuff. It's great for any sensations, burns, cuts, itchy skin, anything you can think of. Instant relief. And when you mix it with TTO it's even better. No coconut smell, and it's alot thinner, easier to apply, and better absorbed. I highly recommend mixing TTO with coconut oil 50/50 if you can handle it. Any less TTO is not that effective. That's why I never bothered with the TTO shampoos and soaps. I use a 10% sulfur soap. Sulfur kills these mites just as well. And anything more than 10% sulfur might burn you and blister. Can't imagine having any pets with this condition. I live alone and I am having great difficulty ridding myself. They say that it's not zoonotic, meanwhile,... 100% of pet owners have these mites. Seeing a vet, even just for advice would help. I have been improving of late. Can't say what exactly has helped as I am using numerous products. In the shower I alternate between the sulphur soap and a fungicidal shampoo (Ketoconazole). After shower I alternate between borax/peroxide and TTO/coconut oil. With all these products, it is essential to have the TTO/coconut oil, as everything else dries out the skin. Still smoke a few cigs a day (benzene in cigs kills these mites). Plus I heard, they now found a few species that inhabit our lungs. Still with the daily cleaning of environment. Recently found a bit of a nest in a bucket where I keep my dirty laundry. Looks like black dust. I clean my place everyday, so I know it was not dust. So for sure, they are in our clothes. Recently upped my vitamin C and D intake, along with a good multi. Also apply magnesium oil and iodine daily to skin. Can't say what is turning this around for me, tend to think it's the combination, but it seems to be working better than ever. I wake up in the middle of the night and I don't feel them crawling. This is new to me. I still feel them around my eyes, nose, ears, and feet, but much less often. Also, you must cut out sugar and wheat from your diet. This is very important while combating these critters. Good luck to all, stay strong and persevere.

Question posted by MissD of Fresno, CA, USA on 11 August 2014 at 13:55       2785

I've been suffering with this problem for over a year now and it's driving me insane! I believe I gave it to my dogs! I first noticed clearish white bumps in my scalp and when I'd scratch or pop them they turned into an oil. Pretty soon I had tons of them and noticed my hair falling out in patches to where I was starting to see bald spots. It was very upsetting. I also started feeling sandy grit all over my scalp and still do! Does anyone else have the sand? I use very strong TTO mixed into my Paul MItchell shampoo & conditioner. I also mix it into my body wash. It seemed as soon as I did that & started using it, the first night I became very ill with a swollen throat (ER said strep) but I don't think so because the next night same thing. I recovered quickly and kept using the TTO mixes! I too feel better one day but worse the next. I can still see and feel them in my eye lashes, scalp, face, nose, ears, lips etc. My entire body! I wash all bedding and bought 5 in 1 pillow protectors and vacuum as often as I can. But what about my dogs? I bathe them weekly with a lavender pet shampoo that seems to soothe them but their skin is getting more flaky and they're losing hair like crazy! And not in patches like mange but all over their bodies especially around the eyes which are red, swollen and watery constantly! I cannot afford a vet trip and don't know what to do for either of them or myself. Can anyone PLEASE help? Thanks!

Comment posted by Marycat of Bulverde, TX, USA on 9 August 2014 at 4:8       2779

Helpful site!!!! Try putting your pillows and other things that you cannot wash/clean in the freezer for a day or so. Seems to kill the little pests.

Comment posted by weneedtrees of east, tennessee, USA on 6 August 2014 at 10:4       2768

tto works on mites. I have used it, but a sauna/steam room will rid your pores of these parasites. Stay in there as long as you can, get out cool down, hydrate, go back in & do this for days as needed. It will work. Then be diligent not to get reinfested. Throw away your old pillow.

Comment posted by Bob of Puerto Vallarta , Jalisco, Mexico on 4 August 2014 at 3:46       2762

To make clove, peppermint oil. Four ounce of cloves in one litre of alcohol shake very day for four to five days, remove cloves add four ounce of baby oil, 20 drops of tea tree oil, 20 drops of peppermint oil, one ounce of neem extract, go to town! Cleaning carpets, call a budget carpet cleaner and add a large bottle of winded, a little extra amonia, some borax soap, test your carpet first with a little bit. Store your clothes in plastic tubs. Get mite cider from a vet supply and ask for advice from a vet, they deal with these critters ongoing! Make tea tree shampoo with baby shampoo, tea tree oil, peppermint, neem extract, twenty drops each should be good. I am still in the process but have had good results. good luck

Comment posted by b.arm of trenton, ohio, usa on 4 August 2014 at 2:49       2761

I started itching all over my head, with feelings of something 68 yrs old and have never had head lice but I was sure that was what I had..i tried otc treatments that did nothing, I then had my dr phone in a much stronger scrip for didn't daughter was my 'nit picker' and she insisted I did not have any signs of lice..i have in the last 2 months tried 6 treatments for lice. I then ran across this site which has many of my head, for many months had one itchy spot right at the top of my head..i noticed my 'part' was getting wider, about an half inch, and my eyebrows and eyelashes were very itchy. I bought some tea tree oil and put some full strength on my eyelids..well they burnt bad..i washed it off. now a couple of years later I am reading all this stuff that could have been written about me..i have spent about $250 on lice medicine..i am going to try tto treatments..and see if I have mites ears also itch so bad that I scratch them with a bobby pin..i wonder what to mix with my ttoil that is the best..and if the mites on my face only come out at night why does my face and head, and other areas of my body itch throughout the day? i am going to continue reading this site, and I hope for help, if I find a miracle cure I will post it for all my fellow sufferers.

Comment posted by LucyLu of San Francisco, CA, USA on 2 August 2014 at 12:58       2758

Yes! This has been a shocking and rewarding few weeks. Shocked because I had no idea I had demodex mites crawling all over me... and rewarded by finding solutions here. OMG! My eyebrows are growing back with use of tto! About 10 years ago I noticed a few gaps in my brows... thinking it was due to age, I got an eyebrow pencil & have been filling them in everyday. Low & behold, not only are my eyelashes growing back after a few weeks of tto scrubs but so are my brows! NO more gaps! Besides washing my face 2 x's a day with Body Shops tto Facial Wash, I've been shampooing with Trader Joe's tto shampoo and conditioner every 2 days. I scrub my scalp so the shampoo makes good contact with my scalp and then take the extra suds and put them on my scalp, brows, nostrils and ears for about 5 minutes. I learned that on this site. About an hour after my evening shower and shampoo, I apply a 50% tto/50% coconut oil solution with cotton tips to my brows, eyelashes, ears and nostrils. I use about 8-10 cotton tips because I don't want to contaminate an area if I can help it. I don't like to waste cotton tips, but after reading everything I could find about the mites, I'm waging a war to save my eyesite (I have ocular rosacea) and need to be extra careful. My ocular rosacea is 70% reduced after almost 3 weeks of tto.. and seems to be getting better every day. Guess you "mite" say I'm learning how to co-exist with the mites and appreciate the secondary gain of getting my old brows back, having way less head hair fall out, and have my eyelashes growing again! I wonder how many people who are trouble by losing hair/brows/lashes could benefit from tto? Spread the word! A $4 bottle of Trader Joe's tto shampoo might change their lives!
Thank you, David! Bless you! Please keep up your work!
*** to Athina of Athens: dump your old makeup which probably has oil and other binders in it. Demodex survive in oil and it's just not worth re-introducing them to your follicles.It's a good idea to rotate makeup every few months anyways but particularly when we have too many mites. Don't forget to wash your brushes and combs in tto soap with hot water every few days too!

Comment posted by Ohbaby of Brooklyn , NY, USA on 30 July 2014 at 10:46       2752

I last posted June 14th with a possible breakthrough involving cigarettes to control the demodex mites. I haven't been that committed to this solution, as I am not willing to smoke more than 6 to 10 cigs a day. I used to smoke 50 a day. So not sure what kind of effect this limited amount might have on them. I still continue my sulfur soap showers, then moisturize all over with 50/50 TTO/Cocounut oil. 2 days ago I started using a wash cloth in the shower for the first time, and noticed a measurable improvement in relief. You need to exfoliate with this condition which I wasn't doing and not seeing much improvement. Also since my last post, I got my blood tests back from the doc, and all is good, except for my vitamin D levels. Figures, since I'm up all night fighting these buggers. Obviously was not getting much sun, plus I tend to shy away from it anyway with my fair skin. After researching vitamin D and sun benefits, I have been out in the sunshine, and immediately noticed the effect it has on these mites. Plus I figure, on top of my skin producing vitamin D, the ultraviolet rays might be fry these critters. David has a great page on vitamin D on this Grow Youthful website, I suggest everyone read it. Wish I would have read his page first, as it is spot on with all the info you need. I was taking a supplement, and was still deficient. It's important to boost your immune system to help fight these mites. And your skin is the most important part of that system. So, with the simple addition of some sunshine and a wash cloth, I have seen the greatest improvement I have had so far with this condition. Still not out of the woods, but finally after 2 months of treatment, I am seeing some improvement. Also been to a dermatologist to confirm officially Demodex mites are my problem and had to twist his arm to take a skin scrape. He gave me a $40 bottle of shampoo and told me to see him in 2 Months! What a jerk. I am buying a cheap digital microscope ($29) to hook to my computer and video these things crawling all over my skin. So when he tells me the tiny sample he took came back negative, I could go to the video tape. It really pisses me off that they don't want to help.

Comment posted by LucyLu of San Francisco, CA, USA on 27 July 2014 at 6:19       2739

Have been using tto shampoo, soaps, etc for 2 weeks now for ocular and facial rosacea thanks to this site. I'm improving but as others have shared, there are bad days with lots of redness and itching, in the process of slaying these mites! It took me a while to figure out how to best apply the tto mix to my eyelids. I'm using 50% coconut oil and 50% tto now on a dry cotton swab and I make sure I get all round the base of the eyelashes. The redness is my eye is much better as a result. I saw my regular dermatologist this week and was prescribed a strong oral antibiotic to help calm down my rosacea. While I think the tto is working well on it's own, I'm going to take the antibiotic on top of the tto, because I fear for my eyesight with the ocular involvement. If you have skin rosacea, continue with tto even after your flare ups, so those mites never get into your eyes. In retrospect, my pores were enlarging but I thought that was just I know it was the mites! I wish I'd known about tto before my eye flare-up as I believe it could've been prevented. I shampoo every other day along with tto body wash and use Body Shops tto facial cleanser twice a day, making sure I get tto soap into my ears and nose cavities. I try to leave the shampoo on for about 5 minutes. My derm couldn't believe how pristine my scalp looked after using tto shampoo for only 2 weeks! Before bed, I "scrub" my eyelashes and eyebrows with the tto mix. I have basal cell skin cancer and my derm thinks my skin was weakened and therefore I was pre-disposed to rosacea since I had so much sun exposure as a child, teen and young adult. I'm happy to see so much online now about rosacea and tto... hope it will help others. As our O-zone depletes we need to all get very savvy about how to protect and care for our skin. Thanks again for this wonderful site. Information is power.

Comment posted by Nina of Los Angeles, CA, USA on 25 July 2014 at 4:58       2734

Absolutely, David thank you so very much, I helped a friend, her eyes were in such a terrible condition. Your entry has worked tremendously, the formula using TTO+Macadamia Oil 4 drops of each along with baby wash. Magic! Thanking God for enlighten your mind and sharing with us. God Bless you David. Nina

Comment posted by Violet of Bellingham, Washington, USA on 22 July 2014 at 5:33       2721

Have been using all manner of tea tree oil potions for 2 weeks now. Facial redness almost gone but still persists around the base of my nose so started putting tto soap and mixture inside my nasal cavities and it's noticeably better now. I still feel them at night, pretty much all over my body which is disturbing. My Ocular rosacea is much better with tto lightly wiped over the eyelash base 2 times a day. I am washing sheets, towels, bathrobes, etc in soap with a few drops of tto added. Before I started the tto, I would brush my hair and the brush would be full of hair... I thought that was just normal with old age. Now, when I brush my hair maybe one or two strands are in the brush. While I wasn't worried about thinning hair, this tells me that the tto solution is working and that my follicles are getting cleared up. If you know anyone with hair loss, suggest they try this test: 1. brush their hair and save whatever hair is on the brush in a baggie, 2. use a tea tree oil shampoo at least 3 times a week, and repeat step 1. Then compare the number of strands before and after. I wonder how many people are suffering from hair loss, rosacea, ocular diseases, etc because of demodex mites. I am concerned about the tto toxicity and my dog... so far so good, but I am paranoid and cover myself as best I can after putting on tto, wash my hands really well after touch tto so not to rub it on her. This is a battle but seriously, tto is the first help I've found for rosacea after many years of trying everything.

Question posted by Athina of athens, attica, greece on 16 July 2014 at 18:39       2704

Hello everybody! I've been facing dry eyes for almost 4 years. Over the years I have visited several eye-doctors with no result. One of them suggested I should visit a rheumatologist in case I had the Sjogren syndrome. After several blood tests it turned out that I didn't have that syndrome so I was back to zero. I have suffered so much and spent day and night using natural tears to face the dryness. The last two months the symptoms got worse plus I noticed dandruff on my eyelashes and they started to fall! So I visited an institute that specializes in eye infections. There the took some eyelashes and examined them under the microscope. There it was! A little worm and its eggs! I have been using TTO and shampoo on face and eyes for 1 week. I change sheets and towels daily and wash them in hot water. The dandruff has reduced and I noticed some new eyelashes growing. The dryness has't reduced yet but I'm hoping for the best. My question is: I discarded my mascara and washed my brushes with TTO shampoo but do I have to throw away all my make up? I read that demodex dies hours after it leaves the human body. Can it survive in eyeshadow or concealer after a month of not using it?

Comment posted by LucyLu of San Francisco, CA, USA on 14 July 2014 at 2:9       2697

I was diagnosed with ocular rosacea last month after having facial rosacea for nearly 20 years. Thank you David for starting this site and sharing your information. Like others, I have seen slews of doctors and tried all sorts of prescription meds/topicals with, at best, short term results. The only treatment that has proven to reduce facial redness temporarily (perhaps 3-4 months) is a laser treatment by a top notch doctor. I've probably had over 14 treatments total, but the $500 cost isn't really in my budget.
Thanks to this site, I started using tea tree oil last week and saw an immediate improvement in the redness on skin...which was a miracle. I bought Body Shop's facial cleanser and use it morning and night. Also bought their body wash and used it to wash my hair and body. I have increased shampooing to every other day to help kill those mites. Have washed my dog with a vet approved tto shampoo, used tto to clean all my hair brushes, combs, etc and have been laundering sheets, towels with tto drops added to my regular liquid soap. Also bought the Body Shop tto wipes and use them on problem areas once a day. The Body Shop even has tinted BB cream with tto in it and a small vial for treating trouble spots. I've been using them all with good results. This a.m. is the best my skin has looked in years. I was worried about drying my skin from all the tto, so I bought Burt's Bees Hydrating Face Lotion and that works well... at least I know it's not full of crap. Trader Joe's now has bars of tto soap, tto oil in a small bottle and they have shampoo and a conditioner. I haven't tried the shampoo/conditioner yet but for the small price ($3.99 a bottle) it's worth a try. My eyes are a different story... My eye doctor prescribed a $200 eye drop (not covered by my greedy insurance co.) that did nothing to improve the red spidery veins in my eye, and told me to use warm compresses on my eyes, followed by massage to unblock the Meibomian glands once a day. When I used a tiny amount of pure tto on my index finger rubbed over the lash base, as was recommended by one of the commenters on this worked really well and I would wake up with less redness in my eyes. Last night, I thought I'd try a combo of warm compress, followed by the tto and that seemed to make things worse. So today I'm back to tto, and no compresses, and will see how that goes. At night I can feel the mites crawling around my ears, face, legs and groin, since starting tto but understand that's normal in the early stages of eradication. I hope more researchers get on this rosacea/demodex mite connection which makes so much sense. So many people are suffering needlessly and spending huge amounts of money for treatments that really don't work. I'm going to stick with tto for at least 6 weeks. Best!

Comment posted by Tamera of Centreville, Virginia, USA on 13 July 2014 at 19:33       2695

I began having a crawling sensation on my face at night while reading and the poor dog went through several flea baths, and everything I could think of doing because I thought it had to be fleas? I got a magnifier and could see them! I hadn't heard of this so I scrubbed and exfoliated until my face was raw with no relief so I headed to the ER! I didnt know what the heck they were but I couldnt sleep because I was spending hours trying to scrub and Id see more so at the ER, they kept talking about scabies!? I knew they werent and didnt have the signature marks of scabies. The ER doctor had me scrape some in a plastic cup and when she came back, she didnt even try to see what it was, she gave me lotion for scabies and referred me to see a mental health provider! They came back a few days later and I found the information about face mites and Ive washed everything daily, sheets Borax, and tea tree oil shampoo, and oils and finally its getting better slowly. I dont know why Medical Physicians arent notified of these studys before what seems like hundreds had to self diagnose from Google?? I hate to think of the people that like many were referred to mental health, & taking a drug now that was never needed!!! Im grateful for the info here and others sharing what worked for them, now I hope they come up with a cure.

Comment posted by LULU of Bronx, NY, USA on 5 July 2014 at 6:15       2671

I have had the best results combining 3 drops tea tree, 3 drops lavender oil, 3 drops argan oil with about a tablespoon of grapeseed oil (almond oil being a little too heavy). I do that during the day, under a layer of jergens cream which contains sodium borate and mineral oil that forms a protective barrier. I do not prefer mineral oil for the skin but as it seems I damaged my moisture barrier, until it is repaired some kind of barrier replacement needs to be utilized. Finally, at night I have been using Burt's Bees diaper ointment. It contains almond oil, jojoba oil, zinc oxide sunflower oil and lavender. It provides a barrier that seems to prevent the mites from exiting and/or entering my pores while I sleep...which is when they are most active. My fight is not over but I am gaining on them!

Comment posted by jette of Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada on 1 July 2014 at 3:31       2659

Like most other people on here, I went to various doctors with different results, different diagnosis-Rosecea, Dermatitis, exzcema, allergies to trees, mites, dust, pollen- almost the earth!! basically it cannot be cured. Take antibiotics for 4 to 6 weeks - might help, cortisone cream. I didn't want to do that so here I am. Right now I am taking black walnut extract for internal parasites, bacteria, fungi, tea tree oil soap 2x/day, tea tree oil cream lx/day, tto shampoo-everyday, witch hazel oil at night. This is the 3rd day and what a mess - face has red rash and swollen, itchy, eyes watering - I am sticking with it figuring this is the die off of those dear little mites. I have been struggling with this for about 3 years so I am hoping this really works.

Comment posted by David Niven Miller of Perth, WA, Australia on 16 June 2014 at 10:48       2629

To Jaiski: Please read the Grow Youthful Tea Tree Oil link at the top of this page.

Question posted by Jaiski of London, London, United kingdom on 15 June 2014 at 23:59       2628

Hi. How much of the TTO and macadamia nut oil would I put on my hair? I'm not sure how many drops to use.

Comment posted by ohbaby of Brooklyn , NY, USA on 14 June 2014 at 19:3       2622

Marie, Google dog mange before using TTO on your pets. TTO could be deadly to dogs n cats. No eyebrows is a classic symptom of a demodex infestation. They should grow back if that prescription works.
I posted 2 days ago in this thread, and came across something today that has changed everything for me. Unlike many of you suffering from this nightmare for many years, I just recently became full blown infested. The past 5, 6 months have been devastating to me. Fighting these buggers is a full time job with tons of overtime. My stress level is making matters worse. Well today, I see possible reprieve, even if it's only temporary just to give myself a break from these laborious treatments. But before I mention what I found,... how many here smoke cigarettes? I'll bet my bottom dollar that noboby with this Demodex infestation smokes. I quit in 2011 and I came to realize that was the beginning of my nightmare. Didn't realize it then, cause the mites didn't explode until this year. But in 2011 I was developing styes which I never had in my life. I had to connect the dots early this year .. styes > ocular rosacea > demodex. So today in going back over my research on demodex, I went over that in vitro study involving TTO killing them in the lab, with also some other solutions tested. And lo and behold benzene is a chemical that kills them in minutes. It is a major ingredient in cigarette smoke, and also highly carcinogenic. I use to smoke 2 packs a day. No wonder I never had a mite problem til recently. Now I'm not suggestiing you should start smoking. But I need a break from these parasites, get my life back for a bit. See if I could reduce the numbers then quit smoking again. Then I will be better able to manage these buggers in smaller numbers. I have no problem quitting smoking (Ecigs), so this is my possible remedy to deal with these suckers. Good luck to all, and wish you all the best in dealing with this problem.

Comment posted by marie of mooresville, NC, USA on 12 June 2014 at 22:7       2618

I want to say thank you to all who have posted. Have been searching for answers and seeing dermatologist 5 years. I was prescribed Plaquenil which has eliminated the crawlies/itching. Definitely feel mites involved but never mentioned by derma. Really baffled as to where mites have 2 dogs. Can anyone speak to the idea of tea tree being dangerous/toxic to dogs?? In the past, I have used tea tree oil in shampoo but stopped after hair thinning which preceeded rosacea issues. Finally I understand they are related! Also has anyone been diagnosed with scarring alopecia at hairline + had hair grow in after teatree treatment?? Also have no eyebrows...

Comment posted by Ohbaby of Brooklyn , NY, USA on 11 June 2014 at 17:56       2617

Recently started the TTO treatment. The Borax/H2O2 remedy was killing my sensitive skin. I'm 56 and my skin is drying out due to aging. Never had to moisturize in my life, but harsh soap has always given me problems. So I'm hoping the oil treatment will be more forgiving on my skin. A couple of quick observations,... borax remedy gives immediate relief after application lasting for many hours. Much longer I find than with the TTO. I find I need to reapply the TTO much sooner. But like I said, it's much easier on my skin, than the borax/ H2O2.
A little info on Demodex,.... it's a fact we have 5 millions hair follicles on our body (only a half million on scalp). 8 mites can live in one follicle. And if your like me, itching from head to toe, we are talking about an infestation numbering in the millions. Supposedly we all had these bugs since puberty and something has triggered them to over populate. So it's no wonder we are losing the battle trying to get rid of them. And even if we did, we would easily get reinfected, unless you plan on being a hermit the rest of your life. I mean you could shake someone's hand who's got them under control and become out of control on you all over again. We need to treat the underlying cause as well as the symptoms. I ate bread and sugar my whole life. All of a sudden now they may be the reason for this recent condition of mine? IDK. Maybe they might have caused to weaken my immunity? This is an uphill battle for many, and I believe it will become more and more prevalent before the medical community gets serious about this.

Comment posted by Daniel of Oakland, Pittsburgh, USA on 10 June 2014 at 10:39       2615

I went to the hospital and they told me it was neurological. I couldn't sleep at night. I thought I was going insane. I could feel crawling and itching everywhere. Finally I found a doctor who listened, but never knew they existed. He only knew about scabies, lice and other mites. I started using TTO soap from trader Joes. I would leave it on lathered for a few minutes, then rinse. The problem is my skin would dry, so I would mix TTO with Lotion then apply. Try to get as much sunlight as possible. Take multi vitamins and Diazepam. You need to get the the immune system up. I dilute TTO with water and use make pads all over my body. I feel a bit better, but I'm not out of the woods. Stay positive. Wish you the best.

Comment posted by JM of San Diego, CA, San Diego on 26 May 2014 at 10:15       2583

Hello, I'm leaving a few tips to assist some of the people who are on the right track, but aren't quite optimal in remedies. Also, these could help break some plateaus if you've been tending to the issue for months/years with weaker pay-offs. Depending on individual circumstances & body chemistry variations...there should be something here for everyone: 1. Try to avoid too much hot water in laundering & bathing. Just as there is sweet blood, there is also various bacteria & fungus acting as attractors. The invaders may not be after you, personally....but there's common fungi/bacteria they feed on. End showers (NO baths in early treatments) with as cold water rinse as you can stand, with extra attention to feet. Fungi/bacteria/mold THRIVE in warm, moist areas (The fungi/bacteria/mold is also the prime reason why one person may be suffering & no one else in the environment is. Personal chemistry & immune systems are factors to consider). Try laundering in cold water (add some ice if you prefer) & forgo the dryer. Hang dry in sunny areas in/outdoors. They don't like, or can't survive, natural light. 2. Iron your cloths & (especially) bedding with highest setting. Ensure you can be uninterrupted as this can be a safety hazard if you're not paying attention. 3. TTO, Neem, Clove, Coconut, Oregano, Garlic, Eucalyptus & Peppermint are all excellent remedies. Do not be afraid to experiment around with these. Learn what makes each one a necessary ally in eliminating the pests. When you're more aware of WHY it is effective, you know how to utilize it even better. I discovered misting my bedding & myself with a 1 part TTO with 3 parts water with a drop or 2 of alcohol in a misting bottle worked wonders. You can travel with one as personal use & set aside a mixture with a higher alcohol content for home use. ADJUST to YOUR OWN personal chemistry/results. 4. You'll find a overall benefit in environment & self with essential oil candles with potent fragrances like citrus or cedar...something with a slight sharpness in concentration, but pleasant as it warms & dissipates as a antibacterial deoderizer. 5. Perhaps one of the bigger advantages you'll find is if you shower with Betadine (iodine) solution. Yes, you'll have the horrid orange/brown visual of a bad fake tan, but it is extremely rinsable! You'll need to experience it for yourself, and even then you may not believe what you see. Use it with a bland antibacterial liquid cleanser & DO NOT immediately rinse...let it absorb. POTENT & INSTANTANEOUS results ensue. These are the first that come to mind... I no longer deal with this circumstance & came upon this page by accident. After reading some testimonies & concerns, I was hopeful some part of it will be the finishing touch someone here needs to be pest-free. Good Luck!

Comment posted by Grace of Perth, WA, Australia on 22 April 2014 at 3:23       2494

Most people have demodex mites but aren't affected by them. Only about 10% are affected. I have autoimmune diseases so am affected...quite badly. Doctors don't even comment when I mention it. One idiot just looked at my scalp & said I didn't have lice! I knew that. Have started with TTO...every second day...all over my head. Shaved my head to make it easier. I also have rosacea...self diagnosed as doctors weren't interested in that either. I've pretty much given up on them all! This forum has helped me immensely...thanks everyone & good luck to you all.

Comment posted by David Niven Miller of Perth, WA, Australia on 19 April 2014 at 14:41       2484

To Koza of Portland, Oregon:
I have re-written the Grow Youthful web page on demodex mites today.
Click 'Ailments & remedies' at the top of the page, then Demodex mites. The new page details:
How long mites can live away from the host's skin;
Transmission mechanisms;
Required treatment time;
Some new forms of natural treatment.

Question posted by Koza of Portland, Oregon, USA on 15 April 2014 at 2:21       2463

What do you mean where your infection comes from? Don't the demodex mites only live on your skin? Are you saying they live on your pillow or beds or carpets?

Comment posted by HS of London, South East, United Kingdom on 18 March 2014 at 22:30       2407

Thank you so much for advice and contributions on this site! I had acne for years, gave up smoking, adopted 2 dogs, made diet and lifestyle changes, developed a red face, flushing, wet itchy eyes and a different kind of acne - more red lumps and more widespread than ever before. My lower back itches too. Thought it was the detox/environment/genetic (my mum has rosacea)/antibiotics/bad luck/allergies/candida etc. I spent 3 months making dietary changes and obsessively looking in the mirror and documenting all changes. I'm using Aloe Vera gel with Tea Tree and Arnica as a kind of wash and makeup remover after rinsing face with warm water. Gel is instantly cooling for body itch. I mix Argan oil with Tea Tree oil, approx 80:20 in the morning pre-makeup and 60:40 before bed. I use a bit in my shampoo and a body wash with some Tea Tree. For the first week the redness lessened, spots dried up, chest completely smooth and clear (1st time in 15 years) eyes fresh, no new spots at all. Now day 11 and there is some definite death happening! Itching is moving and I have a couple of red lumps that look like someone pricked them with a pin - tiny hole for burrowing mites?! I have cut out wheat, dairy and sugar, drink no less than 2 litres of clean water a day, eat garlic, drink 1 water with a dash of Apple Cider Vinegar before bed, meditate and blast cooler water on myself at the end of my shower. It is a stressful, itchy and lonely affair - don't give up!!!!

Comment posted by Madeline of Danbury, CT, USA on 13 March 2014 at 3:5       2388

I have been battling red, itchy, irritated eyes with a big bump on one eyelid. I wake up to goo in my eyes every morning and my eyes are continually swollen and red. My primary doctor gave me drops for pinkeye, but since they didn't help, I went to an eye doctor yesterday. Lo and behold - she said it's dry eye because I have rosacea on my cheeks, am of Irish/Scottish/English descent, I'm getting older, etc. I kept telling her that I read about these mites and that the rosacea did NOT appear until weeks after my eye issues began. Nope, she didn't listen and recommended drops for dry eye and baby shampoo eye washes. I bought the tea tree oil and macadamia oil and have been using it for 2 days. I must admit that I'm leery of putting tea tree oil on my lash area because it's irritating on already irritated eyes and it burns. I will stick with it because there are so many stories here of this regimen working. My question is - how soon can I start wearing eye makeup again? I realize I'll have to buy all new makeup, but I hope I'll eventually be able to get back to makeup. It shouldn't and isn't my primary concern at the moment, but I'd like to know when I can use makeup once my eyes clear up (fingers crossed). I'm so happy I found this site and that people are posting very similar things they've tried in regard to these mites.

Comment posted by Taylor of Columbus, OH, USA on 10 March 2014 at 11:52       2383

I have had mild rosacea for several years, and very, very itchy ears. I've had a lot of life stress over the past few years, and right now am in one of the most stressful jobs I've ever had. I have developed Adrenal Fatigue from the stress and my immune system is much lower than it has been before. The rosacea has been spreading over my cheeks and leaving pustules and broken veins behind. I also have had a lot of cysts in my inner thighs which I now believe are related to this disease, tiny bumps on my thighs and bottom. Itchy scalp. I tried Finecea and Azaelic Acid with some success, but eventually it seemed to lose effectiveness. I was researching 'Natural cures for rosacea' and came across information about using peroxide mixed with a tiny bit of borax, also honey and vinegar 'cures' I started using the vinegar and saw a slight improvement, but I saw an even more dramatic improvement with the peroxide and borax. I made a solution and have been using it as a toner on my face. I also have been using it twice a day on a cotton swab in my ears and eyebrows. It is the first time my ears have been itch free in years. Interestingly, the first night I swabbed my ears I was siting at my computer later and felt a sharp 'bite' on the edge of my ear. I believe one of the mites had crawled out looking for a more hospitable place. My scalp has gotten itchier as well. I think they are migrating from my face to other areas. I noticed cylindrical dandruff. I started using the peroxide / borax on other areas of my body, too. Then I ran across this forum and read about the tea tree oil therapy. I immediately ordered some tea tree oil and castile liquid soap. I am mixing a few drops of the tea tree oil into the soap and scrubbing my body. My itchy areas, and redness around my groin and thighs has almost completely vanished in just a few days. I have been putting it also into my shampoo and conditioner and letting the shampoo sit on my head for awhile. I made an almond oil, lavender oil, vitamin E and tea tree oil for my face. I plan to mix a greater quantity and begin using this as a moisturizer on my body. I still feel 'itchies' but I think it's just the mites looking for more hospitable territory. Eventually, after about 6 weeks, I plan to use vinegar more on my skin and continue the tea tree oil, but I will still hit it with hydrogen peroxide and borax every few days. I'm not sure you can ever completely be free of these mites, but I believe controlling them is very possible. Thank God I have found these forums. I am so blessed to have found a natural cure.

Comment posted by Jack of Austin, TX, USA on 27 February 2014 at 15:15       2361

Hi Kendalle, I live in Austin too and recently have been afflicted with this as well. The dermatologists I've seen also look at me like I'm crazy as well and I feel utterly hopeless. What have you done to fight this? I just started using tea tree oil tonight and I'm frantically trying to find a solution. I too had blemish-free skin not more than six months ago, and now I've got indentations, scarring, and weird texture/bumps everywhere on my cheeks and face. It's really freaking me out as I have an identical twin and he has nothing (hence, not genetic). As weird as it sounds, it's actually comforting to see that other people are as psychologically torn about this as I am, it's literally seemed to take over my life the past few months and I'm just hoping to find a solution. Anybody had luck with the tea tree oil? I was on a retin-a a few months ago and that just exacerbated the condition. My dermatologist told me depressed scarring only comes from acne so I should just fight it with a cream. Thanks, doc.

Comment posted by ??Nikki?? of Greater Manchester, England, United Kingdom on 21 February 2014 at 4:25       2342

Hi Everyone!...1st of all I would just like to say an extremely (HUGE THANK YOU) to the person who set up this forum & also to every fellow sufferer, who's posted on here about these mites/pests & the the best way to deal with them! x (Thank You!!!) x My problem started when I begn having severe outbreaks of sores which would leave my skin feeling & looking as if it had been badly burnt!! This has happened to me continually now for the past 9 months, ever since I bought my 8 yr old daughter a puppy? The sores have affected my eyes,ears,face,chest,lower arms & also my inner thigh too & they swell both my eyes up which leaves them bruised & unable to open & makes me look as if I've been severely beaten up!! It affects my eyes nose & ears the most & I can feel a great deal of lumps on my eyelids & eyebrows too & feels like glass is being pushed out through my skin,if I try to squeeze any of theses lumps! In just this short period of time,I have lived through hell with the suffering I've been through & the lack of interest & the disbelief I've had to encounter from doctors & skin specialists & even the Accident & Emergency dept & my very Own children too!! Since the start I swore I had bugs or worms inside me & that they were moving around too! But..everyone I spoke to, from my kids to the numerous doctors & specialists that I've seen,Everyone of them agreed that it wasn't possible for myself to have caught such a parasite,as I hadn't been abroad recently & that this only ever happened to ppl in tropical countries & NOT to ppl who lived in the UK! So,each time I was sent away with the Docs all saying the same thing,that it was all in MY MIND & to take yet another course of anti-biotics & as it was JUST a bacterial skin infection which I had! After SO many failed diagnoses aswell a great deal of meds & creams too which I've taken or applied & for illnesses...I DIDNT EVEN HAVE too!!! So due to depression,disparity & having no one to turn too for help,I decided to try & self diagnose! is I googled my symptoms & came across this forum,which to my relief confirmed to me,there were others like myself out there & that I WASN'T ALONE & I WASNT going crazy either!!! The added bonus is knowing there's a cure available for my symptoms & that the non exsistance life I've been living almost 1 Year about to change & for that...I CANT THANK YOU ALL...ENOUGH!!! Love & my blessings are being sent to all & pls have faith & keep praying???? my prayers WERE answered...Nikki x????x

Comment posted by Fede of New York, NY, USA on 16 February 2014 at 2:36       2325

I had quick and total success by using TTO. After years of horrible rosacea, sever hairloss, and dry eyes (I couldn't even blink anymore or I would get blisters in my cornea). By the way, do not stop.. Make this routine a part of your life. Good luck!.

Comment posted by Lobelia of Ocean Grove, NJ, USA on 29 January 2014 at 5:48       2286

EVERYONE has betweem 1000-2000 demodex mites on their eyebrows and nose hairs. The number increases as we age, especially after 60. I don't know what all the fuss is here. It is just part of nature and being human beings. If it's any consolation, Demodex mites have no anus, so just be grateful they are not pooping all over your face as we speak.

Comment posted by Nova of London, Greater London, United Kingdom on 16 January 2014 at 1:0       1710

After three years of being told it was cold sores, then Impetigo (which I believed as high levels of Erythromycin fixed it beautifully, but also gave me tachycardia) I'm finally told it's Rosacea and given Metronidazole gel. Three days later the painful little pustules pop up all over my face and my whole face itches and feels like needles are being stuck in it. Again. My cheeks are red with broken veins I only acquired after this started happening. I look up Rosacia on the internet and fund the study published in the New Scientist Aug 2012 (I think) about the association with demodex mites. I have had Blepheritis for thirty years and been told about the mites but washing my eyelashes with Baby shampoo as instructed did exactly nothing. Now it all comes together. Metronidazole is not just antibiotic, it's anti-parasitic as well. I take it my sudden outbreak after using it is the little buggers dying off en mass. I had been using Tea Tree oil face cream for some years as I had discovered for myself it helped but as Tea Tree clobbers everything diagnostically it is useless. My cream is also on 38 terp or whatever it is and the reports say you need at least 50% tea tree to kill the mites. For a week I have been putting neat Tea Tree on the worst areas of my face, on my scalp when washing my hair and added to my bath. The skin on my face looks better than it has in years and the breakout is fading. Even the little thread veins seem less noticeable and maybe I won't need too much laser treatment after all. My eyes are still a little gritty but much better and less inflamed than normal (VERY small amount of neat tea tree on a cotton bud run over the lash line with the eyes SHUT and KEPT shut until the cold sensation abates. Twice a week. Blepheritis wipes every day) I am so relieved and so grateful to the internet from the New Scientist who confirmed my suspicions to everyone on here and elsewhere who shared their experiences.

Comment posted by DEC of edmonton, alberta, canada on 13 January 2014 at 3:13       1698

I have tried half a cup of olive oil with 20 drops of tea tree oil, 20 drops of clove oil and 20 drops of lavender oil mixed together and applied to my body. For my hair half a cup apple cider vinegar with 20 dropes tea tree, 20 drops clove oil, and 20 drops lavender oil. Leave on hair for about 15 minutes then rinse off. I have mixed white vinegar with lavender oil in spray bottle and spray self when they are biting.

Comment posted by David Niven Miller of Perth, WA, Australia on 28 December 2013 at 10:7       1651

To Karen of Miami: please click on the tea tree oil link at the top of this page for answers to your questions, and full details on how to use TTO.

Question posted by Karen of Miami, Florida, USA on 28 December 2013 at 6:53       1650

I was diagnosed with mild rosacea earlier this year. I also got tested for allergies and it came back positive for dust mites. I suspect mites are a cause for my rosacea and get the typical symptoms like itchy bumps on my cheeks and forehead and have dry eye symptoms. In an effort to try to target the mites, I added 20 drops of tea tree oil to my 8 oz organic cleanser and another 20 drops to my 8 oz shampoo which I use to wash my hair every other day. My skin has become worse. My question is, is it normal for it to become worse before it gets better? Was the concentration too high and should I reduce it? Or should I stop using it altogether? Hope someone can help me shed some light. Thank you!

Comment posted by LL of St. Louis, MO, USA on 28 December 2013 at 4:0       1649

This is a living nightmare. I contracted demodex mites in my eyelashes 8 weeks ago after letting a makeup artist at sephora apply eye makeup with his brushes. Luckily 2 weeks later my optometrist told me that he saw the signs of demodex at the base of my lashes with slit lamp. I had already used a round of antibiotic drops to clear the infection that came with the mites. I had never heard of demodex and was horrified once I did some research. I have been using natures gate TT shampoo, desert essence TT face wash and ointment, derma-e TT cream, about 50\50 mixture argan oil and TT oil. Also added a product called Cliradex eye wipes which really helped but are VERY expensive (opthomologist who did all of the medical research on using tt to treat demodex caused blepharitis got a patent on the component of tt that kills the mites). And washing pillow cases every day and using paper towels for hands and face. It all seemed to be helping and my eyes are much better and I thought I was on the home stretch. Then in the past few days the crawling has gotten much worse everywhere. Mites have obviously spread to my head, face, ears, nose and possibly other places....I started on an an antibiotic a couple of days ago for a UTI and suspect this may be a contributing factor. I am going back to eye doc to see about in office intensive TT treatment on eye lid margins. I am also going to try the spray bottle suggestion and reduce refined sugar and wheat in diet. I welcome any other suggestions or recommendations for a doctor in near St.Louis, Missouri who is experienced in dealing with this. I am losing my mind and will do just about anything to end this torture.

Comment posted by Tony B of Columbus, Ohio, United States on 26 December 2013 at 12:6       1644

This is my process almost identically. Just a few days in, but already seeing improvement. It caused a brief flare up at first, which seems normal considering how angry those mites must be. I wash my lids with a baby shampoo foam,no rubbing or scrubbing. I hope to be able to get back to wearing contact lenses full time soon. Great site here!

Comment posted by Danielle of Burlington, Vermont, USA on 9 December 2013 at 5:38       1604

A month ago I started having all the same symptoms, not soon after my younger children did too only milder if there is such a thing. It started with ichy heads and I treated for lice but then my left started in especially in the folds. Drs said it was eczema which clearly it is not. These things have attacked my ear so badly I cant even sleep on that side! I was given ivermectin which worked for a day or 2 till new eggs hatched and developed. I found that borax and peroxide baths help immensly but do not kill eggs in the folicles. These things r on all body parts in nose and even on tongue lips and gums....EWWW! Last night I did borax n peroxide bath and then blow dried my entire body it helped the most since this started and skin felt softer! Today I got tea tree oil which Im adding to lotion and shampoo. I also got some Apple Cider Vinegar. Ingredients are acv, cayenne pepper powder, ginger root powder, and 50% hydrocloric acid. I have read many positive reviews about acv and its mite killing power. My bf and I started taking 2 a day hopefully I can report positvely about this! What im struggling with most is keeping home clean with having a full time job and children. Ive read suggestions to wash bedding daily and dispose of pillows and buy new, maybe for someone who has money to do so but I just do not! Ive sprayed with bleach/water and borax/peroxide/water but I think the borax clogs the sprayer so I an gonna try straining the solution. This is an ongoing battle! I believe either the kitten we rescued brought this into my home, or that my teenager has had them for a while but we thought he just has bad acne from teenage boy hormones! Either way doesnt matter, what matters is getting rid of it before my once beautiful face is disfigured for life! I hope this helps, I will post with updates of progress.

Comment posted by Angie of Rochester, New York, United Statues on 1 December 2013 at 0:18       1580

Hello all! I cotton swab full strength tto all over my face every night and my skin has improved so much!! I used to just treat my pustules but then bumps would just show up on other places on my face so that's why I started treating my whole face. I also found that drawing salv helps get rid of super stubborn pustules. MOST IMPORTANTLY, I think flushing and redness meanings the decent amount of demodex mites have died (the redness is a direct reaction to their decaying bodies and their bacteria)... So I ENCOURAGE anything that makes me flush bc I want these suckers dead.... This method works for me. Has anyone else thought of this? Also, castor oil helps to provide me with relief from dry red eyes.

Comment posted by Sadmom of Yukon, OK, USA on 29 November 2013 at 15:0       1578

I have been fighting these mites for about 6 weeks. It is much better. I use tea tree oil everything, shampoo, body wash, face wash, lotion, I made a spray too. I also use sulphur soap and a herbal lotion made for eczema that has sulphur, borax and lavender in it. My 2 and 4 year boys have them now too :( I can see the sandy grains in their ears, nose and eyelashes. One of them you can see them in his cheeks. I hate this. My husband thinks I'm crazy. Somehow he doesn't have them. He hates the smell of TTO so it's really bugging him. I'm using the TTO lotion on my kids, put TTO in their baby wash and put TTO in their noses and ears at bedtime. I made a spray of 50/50 hydrogen peroxide and hot water, then added borax, TTO and lavender. I spray that on our pillows, beds, in their play room and in my car. I wash pillow cases and towels daily, sheets every three days. I use borax in my laundry. Somebody said TTO oil is toxic to dogs? Do I need to treat my dog? I feel like I'm doing everything and I still feel crawling on my face, not as much though. My scalp still has sandy flakes. I can't tell if my hair is falling out less or not :(

Comment posted by FitnessChick of Johnson City, TN, USA on 13 November 2013 at 11:50       1544

I have been diagnosed with rosacea since I was 32 years old. I am now 48 and it has been a constant struggle. The blow to your self esteem, the missed appointments, work days, social event is just overwhelming. I am a Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer so looking healthy has to be part of my job. With heavy exercise being a trigger, can u imagine what that is like! I am also Haitian, which is not your typical fair skinned, nordic type thay usually gets rosacea. I'm posting because I recently found a weird combination that has helped me so profoundly that I had to share. Thanks to all those who posted about demodex mites because I firmly believe they are really behind the scourge of rosacea. I had a recent flare up for about 3 weeks now and was getting no relief. My derm has prescribed Spironalactone which I had been taken 25mg for about 8 yrs now with occasional p&p's. That's the kind I have of course. But out of the blue, this flare up. Searched the web, found this website and really thought seriously for the first time about mites. Bought some TTO and applied it about a week ago. Ok for 2 days and then massive flare up from mite die off, wow! Panic. One day good, 3 days bad, typical. Into treatment about a week now and read a lot about metrodinazole and thought, I've got some miconazole (yeast fighter) why not try? So I made a paste of zinc oxide, tto and micanazole, spread it over my face and in the morning instant relief!!! Bumps gone, itching gone, amazing! I also treat lashes with tto as I have red eyes etc. Also make a home made eye drops of organic honey, apple cider vinegar and distilled or spring water. Put in eyes from an eye dropper 2x daily. Relief! 1 tsp of honey, 1/4 cup of water, 5-6 drops of vinegar but no more. Less is really more here so not too much vinegar. It will sting a little but don't put too much where it will burn. So far face is looking great and it only been a little over a week. Hope this helps a fellow sufferer as much as it has helped me. Love and health to all!

Comment posted by Loki of Melbourne, Vic, Australia on 8 November 2013 at 6:4       1530

I have been struggling with a skin condition on my chin and more recently around my eye for 6months after previously never having skin problems. A biopsy result said 'folliculitis associated with demodex mites' however my doctor and his consultant dermatologist said the mites had nothing to do with the condition and it was only the infection which needed treating.

Comment posted by Ben of New York, NY, USA on 31 October 2013 at 8:12       1511

Dear 57 year old in Pilladelphia. I have just become aware of having Hair Mites, and started daily treatments with Tea Tree Oil and Coconut oil. My point to you concerns the Yeast infection. Just two months ago I had a severe rash on my arm (that would not go away) and at the same time seemed to have a severe intestinal Candida attack (which, I believe is a fungal form of yeast). The doctor I went to found out that I had Tinea on my skin, and prescribed Itraconazole orally twice a day for a week. And lo and behold, within a week the Candida and the Tinea disappered and I felt like a new person. At that time I also changed my diet on account of the Candida - eliminating all purified and fruit sugars, including corn products, which, in the US most likely comes from genetically modified corn. And then the Hair Mites attacked (probably from a second hand jacket I bought at a thrift shop. What all of these conditions have in common is the lowered resistance of my skin to either Fungual or parasite attacks, which leads to the conclusion that I would have to find more ways to boost my immune response. I hope this helps. Ben

Comment posted by Terry Jacks of Dallas, TX, USA on 24 October 2013 at 7:22       1491

My head used to itch all the times, on the top and sides. I figured it was just the flight helmet causing the itching. After retiring from the Army, I didn't wear a flight helmet very much but the itching continued, and I was gradually going bald on the top. I figured out that it was from the barber I used, so I now use a different shop. I was 38 yo. Fast forward 19 years to 2012. I'm 57, and I came across several articles about Demodex mites. My symptoms were nearly the same: blurred vision, watery eyes, itching, crusty eyelids, crawling sensation on face at night, acne. I did the recommended treatment of Tea Tree oil, twice a day for six continuous weeks. Now, my scalp no longer itches. No acne. No crawlies. The hair is gradually regrowing on the top, but it can be slow the first year. My method is to wash hair once with mild tea tree shampoo, then rinse and apply about 1/4 to 1/2 ounce of pure tea tree oil (palm full), and massage it in for 2 minutes, then leave it on for another 4 minutes before rinsing it out. I haven't itched for a year, so I do the treatment once per week. Tea tree oil works very well.

Question posted by Gardenvariety of Madison, WI, USA on 22 October 2013 at 2:16       1485

I am going to begin the TTO treatment. I want to know ow often do I wash my hair, skin and eyes with the TTO and I am adding a good Lavendula Angustifolia for good measure to kill any infection that ensues. I understand there is a to 8 week cycle to kill all the emerging mites but how often do I treat? I think a few times a day may be excessive, but as much as I itch....I might!

Comment posted by SaraDee of Stillwater, Oklahoma, USA on 16 October 2013 at 1:45       1466

I read Cured999's comment about using clove and peppermint oil. I have been suffering from something similar to this for about 3+ years. I've been to the dermatologist MANY times, and even went yesterday (I was at my wits end, my condition was getting so much worse. The area, on my face, that started on my temple as a small red rash-looking spot has spread onto my cheek, and has even turned past red to purple in some places- not to mention the intense itching). My dermatologist prescribed a $300 cream. Trust me, I have spent countless hours on the internet researching my condition (which the dermatologist just calls a "very rare form of rosasea"). Before picking up my prescription, I had the thought to google medical journal articles on the topic of rosacea. Why had I not thought of this before? I just graduated with a Masters degree and have spent the last two years reading tons of academic journal articles! Of course I should try that route. When I did, I found some articles that linked rosasea and demodex. I had never heard of this before, and continued down the rabbit hole until I came across this site. First of all, I was kind of grossed out. I thought, I'm a CLEAN person with CLEAN home! How could this happen? But I do have very sensitive, fair skin. After I thought about it, the rash came on after getting back to back flu viruses (stomach then regular). So perhaps with such a compromised immune system, I was left susceptible. Since I had the ingredients already (clove, tea tree, and coconut oils), I decided to give it a go before filling a $300 Rx. Last night I washed my face with a tea tree face wash (which I had to go purchase) and then mixed up the ingredients (below): I modified their recipe: I used clove and tea tree oil and put in 4 drops each into about a teaspoon of coconut oil. I mixed it in a little jar and put it on the affected area on my face. Immediately the itching subsided (not entirely, but more relief than I got from ANY thing else in over 3 years, Rx included). I left it on all night and just made sure to sleep on the other side, so that it wouldn't just wipe off on my pillow. When I woke up this morning, I was astounded. It's not *gone*, but it looks better than it has since it started. My skin even has a different texture in that area. It was red/purple & scaly. After JUST ONE use, it's already softer and a lot of the redness has subsided. I can't believe it. I'm going to keep up the routine of using the mixture at night. For day, I ordered some Biolanyn (which comes in today). Hopefully the combination will knock this out. It would be life changing...I'll post again in a few days/a week with an update. Also, I never comment on these sort of blogs, so just the fact that I have after just one day of using this oil mixture is testament to it's potential breakthrough!

Comment posted by Muktananda of Eugene, Oregon, USA on 28 September 2013 at 3:9       1421

Demodex mites are known to some docs. There is a dermatological study on the use of tea tree oil for acne rosacea but as you have found you can use it for mites anywhere. You an see them with a 10X magnifying glass. You have to purchase a high quality one which usually costs around $70. The cheap ones are no good. The one I have is made by Baush and Lomb and is good quality. There are a lot of them that do not work well that you can buy inexpensively. You usually don't see them as they spend all their time in the sebaceous glands or at the base of hairs. However, if you find one of the papules on your skin and put tea tree oil on it and look at it again in 3-5 minutes they will usually stick their tale out. Dermatologists look at these guys under slit lamp microscopes and claim the black hair like things that you see come out of the papules is the tale end of them. Usually you see one come out and then a second and third may also appear. I have only watched long enough to see an entire body emerge in the middle of the night once. I also have a regular microscope and have scraped my skin and seen them under the microscope using 40X. So, I know I have demodex and I know they are out of control. They may be a "natural" inhabitant" but out of control. I have a farm and first my goats had really bad demoex mites that they got from a male goat that I purchased. Then my dog and I got it. I did not realize we had it until I had sold my goats. The itchiness came and went and I was not really paying attention until it got really bad. I also thought my goats had been "cured". Now I wonder about that. I had sprayed them and the barn with permethrin multiple times which is something I would not usually do but had become desperate. Now, according to accepted theory they are species specific. So the goats, dog and I should not transfer them. So either the theory is incorrect or we all just got outbreaks at similar times. I will let you decide that. I have noted demodex like papules on other people I know also. Some are bothered by them mildly and some do not notice them at all. One friend has a bulbous nose beginning (acne rosacea nose) and he is bothered by how it looks but says he is not itchy. However, I see him itching quite a bit and he does it unconsciously. I have read every bit of research I can find from all over the world. It is scant but helpful. What I find is that ivermectin has been successful but works better if used with permethrin 5% externally and this treatment needs to be done long term. Seems to need 1-2 months. Permethrin 5% works on its own if applied nightly for 6-8 week. Many apply it again in the AM. Tea tree oil has also worked for acne rosacea in research. It has been used at 50% tea tree and 50% macadamia nut oil and used as scrub on the eyebrows and lashes ridding folks with blepharitis of them in 4-6 weeks. They usually use a tea tree shampoo also. When I have time I plan to write out an expensive review of all the research and treatment and put it on my blog. Until then I would tell you that I noticed this over-growth of mites about 3 weeks ago on myself and then realized it was also what my dog had. The vet gave my dog selemectin (like ivermectin) as an external application for a two month trial period. She is itching less but still itchy so I am now applying tea tree oil/ lavender oil and an herbal salve i made with sulfur in it that I use for fungal problems. (I am an herbalist) I have used multiple things on myself and currently believe tea tree oil to be the most useful. I have damaged my skin with some of the things I have tried. I am doing better at this point but it is a slow process. I keep a bottle of tee tree oil 50% tea tree and 50% either macadamia nut or I think fish oil works even better as a mix. I have not yet tried using 50% coconut oil but plan to as part of my research. The fish oil I use is one I have here to take internally. It is Arctric D cod liver oil by nordic naturals. I am also taking it internally - 1-2 T per day. My dog is getting it also. Additionally, since I have also used permethrin (this works also) and ivermectin (not thrilled with it and too toxic) I am taking milk thistle (1-2 T per day) to protect my liver and aid general detox from what I am doing and I started taking turmeric (2 teaspoons per day) which also protects my liver and is a great anti-inflammatory. I am using a lot of tea tree oil and it is also harmful. It is a neurotoxin when used in too large of amounts. I am surprised at how much I am using without it seeming to be too noticeable though. I am putting my 50/50 mix in a spray bottle so I can easily reach my whole body and use less. I spray and then wipe it around. (Do not breathe it in.) I wake up at night when they are moving. By the way they can not travel far or fast. They only come out for sex and go right back in. So, when you feel them move at night (or daytime if you have a lot.) you need to get them then. I do a general spray after bathing each day. I bathe my head and body with DermaBenss (for animals) and lather it all up with a washrag everywhere. I scrub my head with it vigorously and let it stay on for ten minutes. Then wash it off and 5-10 minutes after drying I apply the tea tree oil over my whole body. Ten minutes later I apply again. At night I spot apply anywhere I feel them moving. I use to feel these sensations of a stinging bite at different parts of my body. One dermatologist thought these stinging sensations that people report which are very brief are from the mite burrowing into our body. These sensations have disappeared in the day time and I rarely feel them at night now. Hope this helps. I will try to write this out better later. I realize it is choppy and there is so much more data I wish to share in detail I am just too overwhelmed with general life at the moment.

Comment posted by ann wilson of bedford, ns, canada on 20 September 2013 at 12:8       1407

I went thirteen months with burning skin, something that looked like lint coming out of my skin. Hair went brittle, developed bald spots. After 7 doctors I found a website where a dermatolgiest said the only way to kill mites was teatree oil and these infections usually start in your hair and spread down the torso. I purchased three spray bottles and sprayed my entire body soaking and wrapping my hair. After 13 months of hell the following I felt like a new person. The doctor suggested mixing the tea tree oil in liquid bathing soap for six weeks to kill the hatching cycle. I continued with the spray for one week and the liquid mix for 3 months. I was finally able to have my life back.

Question posted by Marlin Harrison of Anza, California , USA on 17 September 2013 at 21:43       1402

Help! Are there any definitive test for the demodex mite? If so point me to the test and a doctor than can treat this curse. It is ravaging my family from a one year old to a 68 yrs old. My family visited Hot Springs, CA last Thanksgiving. Ever since its been fdoctors, psychiatric doctors, dermatologist anything and everything you can imagine has been done. I even filed a report with the CD in Atlanta GA , I been to Eisenhower hospital in Palm Springs, Loma Linda hospital and San. Diego Children's hospital they look at us and hand out cream that doesn't do anything.

Comment posted by T-Town Mom of Tulsa, OK, USA on 2 September 2013 at 6:4       1357

Braveheart, don't use hydrocortisone on your face. That can cause a really bad rebound rash. It will help at first, then be way worse than before. You might to leave that out of the regimine and try the TTO again.

Comment posted by t57yearold of Philadelphia, PA, USA on 18 August 2013 at 8:31       1332

I first had the symptoms of the demodex mite back in mid-January (it's now mid-August). I had it in my scalp, my eyelashes and eyes, then it fell to my back and right arm, a few below my waist, and dug out big lesions/nests for itself. The doctor gave me permethrin for scabies and I applied 3 treatments of that over about 4 months, and they worked temporarily, but not fully. In the beginning, I was trying all kinds of things (borax, hydrogen peroxide, etc.) but the tea tree oil products (shampoo, face wash, body wash, straight oil) seemed to work the best. However, in the last month or so, I think (not sure) I developed a yeast infection, mainly in my nose and belly button and also pubic region. I think I over-killed all the bacteria and the yeast just had a heydey. It itched like crazy, so it felt like the demodex, but it was sort of a white linty thing on my skin, and didn't "bite" and leave lesions in the horrible way the demodex mite did. Cut out the tea tree oil, and am using an over-the-counter yeast infection cream, and things seem to be calming down. I think (cross-fingers) I am at the end of this nightmare. Have horrible scars on face and back and arm, and a few on my butt and legs. And I'm vigilant, and scared stiff to try any of my old hair or skin products....nothing by Neutrogena for me, and even that has me on edge. In any event, if the tea tree oil seems not to be working, check to see if the nature of the itch is may have worked too well and made the yeast on you happy.

Comment posted by Saffronhill of Belleville, Illinois, United States on 13 August 2013 at 20:8       1321

Remove oil from eyes with whole milk. It has fat and will grab the oil and wash it out as you poor the milk across your eyes. Water takes much longer and is not as effective.

Comment posted by A w of Nsw, NSW, Australia on 13 August 2013 at 15:25       1320

Do NOT put pure tea tree oil (or clove oil) onto eye lids, it will burn the tissue and cross through the fine epithelium on the eyelid into the conjunctiva. Use tea tree shampoo on the lids, debride with a cotton tip that has been soaked in bicarbonate soda ( 1/4 teaspoon in 50mL warm water). If you ever get any oil into the eye, do not use water, tea tree oil is not water miscible and the oil will spread over more of the conjunctiva exacerbating any burn, instead neutralize with natural yoghurt then rinse in cool water.

Question posted by Beth of Mountain View, CA, USA on 12 August 2013 at 6:2       1315

I have dust mites, not the kind you're talking about-these ones don't bite, but I feel all the same feelings of it on my skin (except getting bites). Will these suggestions help me too? I've had this for two weeks now. I took a bath in peppermint oil and it killed the adults, so no more scalp walking after that, but have the tickling all over my scalp & body as they hatch. I'm going crazy, I can't do anything else but deal with these bugs! I'm so behind on everything. I'm taking 3 showers a day, sometimes a bath instead. I've tried a lot of things. I tried a) shampoo with tea tree oil in it (and still am), which b) I added peppermint oil to. Now, in addition to that, c) I've also added tea tree oil and lavender. I've taken a bath in tea tree oil plus lavender and the next day saw a lot of dead ones out of my scalp, but I can't do that very often, as it uses up too much. d) I tried a bath in borax & hydrogen peroxide, and dead ones came out, but not nearly enough. It was posted this kills both eggs & bugs, but not for me, so I don't know why it didn't work. e) I tried the same thing, just scrubbing it all over, thinking I did it wrong, but no-although I got a bunch off of my hands, nowhere else. f) I'm about to try a bath in eucalyptus oil, hoping that works-I read it does. I just ordered the clove oil, hoping it will kill dust mite eggs, and bugs for me. You all write so calmly about this, but it's driving me crazy! How deep under the skin do these things hide? (dust mites) Does anyone know about dust mites vs demodex mites? I'm pretty sure mine are dust mites (which usually don't get on your skin, but they have for me & I've read they have for others. I'm not cured, am presently in the process of dealing with this. After I take a shower using tea tree oil shampoo I notice an hour of relief, but then they come back. I assume the hour of relief means some get killed? Initially I was putting the shampoo all over my body also, but have just started putting the 2 oils, lavender & tea tree oil combined on my body. I just wish these things would all die! Today. Driving me crazy. It's what I do, like what my life's about now..... 3 showers a day (and my bodies ready for more, but can't shower every second)

Comment posted by AA of Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan on 12 August 2013 at 3:47       1314

Ive been using a very mild mix of tea tree oil amd sweet almond oil for the past three weeks and its worked wonders!

Background / symptoms:
I have been diagnosed with rosecea over a year ago and have been on anti biotics for it on and off. While on anti biotics my face completely clears up, but when I go off them the rosecea flares up again. It was mostly on my cheeks and chin, but had recently started attacking my nose and literally disfiguring it. It's mostly red patches on my cheeks and chin and a couple of boils, with just boils on my nose. I have not detected it anywhere else on my body. By the end of it, since nothing else was working, my dermatologist wanted to prescribe roaccutane (which I refused). When I was initially diagnosed with it, my eyes used to burn a lot and my vision had somewhat deteriorated. However, with time and meds, this symptom has completely disappeared. I'm someone who regularly does yoga and I also walk / run twice a week - however, the rosecea reacts very badly to any physical exercise that makes my face flush (and so both yoga and running). apart from the vanity aspect, it has been especially hard to reconcile with the fact that something i really rely on to destress and to stay fit and something as healthy as yoga and running impact my skin so negatively. However, two weeks ago I stumbled upon this and a couple of other forums that recommended the use of tea tree oil with different oils for rosecea or demodex mites and decided to try it. In terms of demodex mites - i dont have itchy eyebrows or eyes, and my eye lashes and eyebrows are still intact and have not fallen out, so don't know if i also have a demodex mite infestation. Even if I do, it's prob not such a serious one. So far I've just bought a small bottle of 100% tea tree oil which cost me about 4$.

Proportions: I started out with just one drop of tea tree oil in about 50 drops of 100% sweet almond oil (tea tree oil is SO potent) and increased it by a drop or so with every application. At some point - when the mixture was about 50/50, I felt it had become too strong (my cheeks started becoming crusty and rough and mildly itchy) and began adding almond oil to it instead of tea tree oil. At times if i still find the mixture to be too strong, i apply almond oil directly to my face about fivr minutes after applying the tto and almond oil mixture. Currently I am back to the original very diluted version I had started with and it's continuing to work.

Frequency: initially I was applying it twice a day, once In the morning and once at night. I normally wash my face with soap (a natural sandalwood and rose soap) at night before I sleep, and just rinse it with water in the morning, so I would apply the mixture after washing my face. A week into it, i started washing my face with soap twice a day ( evening - after coming home from work so as to remove my makeup, and at night before I sleep) and apply the mixture after. I apply almond oil randomly in between if my cheeks feel dry and uncomfortable.

Results: I immediately felt relief with even the very first application and saw my skin improve steadily during the first week. There were no additional break outs, the swelling COMPLETELY disappeared, my nose has totally gone back to its original shape and the dis figuration has completely gone, and there have been no additional breakouts on my face! It's been pretty miraculous considering nothing else was working! However, there has been no substantial improvement in the past two weeks - in that my cheeks are still a little pink (although definitely not as pink as they used to be) and they're still a little crusty. I'm now considering making a face wash with honey, castor oil, sweet almond oil and tea tree oil, which may balance and moisturise my skin a little more? I had read about it on either this forum or another forum I forget. Will keep you guys posted. Let me know if you guys have any recommendations?

Although I haven't experienced the symptoms described here with regards to an itchy scalp, my hair falls in clumps in the shower ( I had extremely thick hair to begin with and now it's substancially thinned out), and so I've started a hair application of tea tree oil as well. I wash it once with shampoo just to clean it, rinse out the shampoo, then mix two drops of tto with shampoo in my palm, mix it and very thoroughly shampoo my hair with this mixture. I leave it in for about five mins and rinse it out. Then I condition as I normally do. This has made a massive difference to my hairfall and barely any hair falls in the shower. although the recommendation was to shampoo with tto everyday, ive just continued with my original routine of shampooing my hair every third day (i have really curly hair). I have also mixed in a two to three drops of tto in my body butter which I apply post shower. I apply this all over my body as a precaution (lol I'm really paranoid of the mites / rosecea spreading all over my body - is that even possible?!)

1. a couple of days ago my lips have started becoming a little crusty. It doesnt show, but i can definitely feel it. it like when your lips really dry up in the winter and then feel a little hard and stiff. it initially started on my upper lip and now feels like its spreading to my lower lip. i have been applying vaseline which hasnt made any difference. I'm unsure if this is bc of mites (if I have mites could they have infested my lips? Can they?). could it also be bc of the tea tree oil - it may have spread to my lips when i applied it to my face or while i was sleeping? Is this rosecea? maybe its a reaction to some lipstick I've used. Has anyone else experienced this?
2. Can mites spread faster and to other areas of my body if I use the tto treatment with my shampoo and if in fact I have mites on my scalp? Any idea?

Sorry for such a long post, thought it might be helpful for someone or the other out there, and thank you for this fantastic remedy, it's really been a godsend!

Question posted by MaryJoe of Mission, Texas, USA on 6 August 2013 at 19:38       1306

I'm so happy for you. My story sounds very similar to yours. I am currently using the tea tree oil...I just add tons of it to my baby shampoo. I was just wondering, what did you moisturize with. You mentioned your shampoo and soap, and the mix you used on your eyes, but I didn't see what you used to kill the mites on your face. I'm thinking maybe you had a food allergy or intolerance to wheat and removing it allowed you to improve your immune system. Plus wheat is just bad for you. I actually think I'm allergic to the mite bites. After I feel the crawling and itching I usually see a red blotch that looks like the beginnings of a pimple but most of the time it just flattens and turns brown. some look like hyper pigmentation and some are so small they look like freckles. Sometimes they just get hard and the bump just doesn't go away. Did you experience any of this? I'd really appreciate your response. This has been the worst year of my life, and my life has been pretty terrible:)

Comment posted by Elky of Weehawken, New Jersey, USA on 5 August 2013 at 1:44       1304

Wow, so glad I found this site too. I ordered everything TEA TREE last week because I had heard about this, but had not seen so many testimonials. I've had seborrhea on scalp and face before, but don't know why this huge outbreak. Female 51, had painful UTI (staph A) a month ago and took 500 mg a day for 7 days of Cipro. Since then developed staph symptoms in nose. Doctor said it's not really an "infection" just a colony that's overgrown. (??) prescribed nasal ointment bactroban. Went to eye doc and he said belpharitis, which I had in the past and prescribed antibiotic Azacite. So it seems the mite and bacteria go hand in hand. Killing the infection does not kill the mite. Are we sure if it is a mite or as someone said an aphid spider? I KNOW I feel them in my nose and eyes especially at night. I have a lot of potted plants on rooftop of shed which aligns right next to my kitchen window. This year i have put out big bowls of water for birds and feed them a fair amount of bread everyday. So, I feed a stray cat, about 5 squirrels, about 50 birds come and go and saw a raccoon outside my window the other night!! Does anyone know if we can pick these up from wild animals? Also, I own a couple of "Terminator Zappers" with the copper circles. Hulda Clark thought these things could kill tiny parasites. Any thoughts? Can any type of lights kill them in your bedding? Blue lights? Thanks! Will start treatment soon and update.

Comment posted by itchy of Valley Stream, NY, USA on 2 August 2013 at 15:41       1301

I am so happy that I found this site! I thought I was going crazy! I've been having all the same symtoms! I didn't know if I was really having those itching, crawling feelings or I was going nuts! Where can I get the Tea Tree Oil and other solutions. Why don't the doctors look into this condition instead of telling people that they're crazy. Now I have to tell my daughter and husband. Plus I watch my granddaughter. I wonder where I got it..?

Comment posted by carfeld of Flower Mound , Tx, USA on 28 July 2013 at 2:41       1293

I also decided the cause for the "rash" on my upper lip area to be the Demodex mite. I was fighting a bronchial/lung infection (2 days in the hospital). A week after release the bumps started to appear...I suspect the mega doses of steroids and antibiotics lowered my immune system. After 3 different Dr visits and various diagnosis...I took to the internet for self diagnosis. The discovery of this mite hit the nail on the head. I stopped the pills and steroid/antibiotic creams for supposedly Shingles...which actually made it worse. Using calamine lotion seemed to briefly help before I uncovered the mysteries of the Demodex critter. Tea Tree oil at 100% is drying things up under the nose, but due to their life cycle I expect more bumps to appear when new eggs hatch. So relieved to find the cause which baffled the Doctors. I also believe in controlling body ph so will stop eating wheat and sugars. Back to total veggies/fruits. Will also try Clove oil as was suggested. Thanks for all of your input and good luck to all.

Question posted by Greg of Dunedin, South Island , New Zealand on 22 June 2013 at 6:58       1214

Very interesting clove & pepermint oil, how did you apply the oils? Cheers

Comment posted by Cured999 of Gainesville, FL, USA on 11 June 2013 at 21:32       1197

I cured it with Clove Oil and Peppermint Oil, though I truly believe it can be killed with Clove Oil and Tea Tree Oil. This cure takes about a week and Clove Oil actually KILLS THE EGGS! I put the oil on the backs of my arms for about a week and every bump is gone! I have been dealing with this problem for 10 years!!!!! I wish I could post this everywhere, but, I'd have to register for so many group forums.

Comment posted by Greg of Dunedin, South Island , New Zealand on 11 June 2013 at 15:51       1195

I use tea tree oil straight on my skin, for any reason you could be sensitive, try a small area & be sensible. It's strong stuff the more thiner the skin dilute or beware! I bath using 50 drops for 20 min My issue has been dry legs arms & stomach areas including infected eyes like stated above! I mix tea tree 50/50 with coconut oil only apply to eye lashes using Cotton buds, if you touch the skin around eyes, just try keeping eyes closed, they may water that's totally normal, persevere with this process twice a day if not more, I keep oil in small jar using lid! Keep it fresh tea tree oil breaks down with light so dark pill bottles are handy. If you have skin issues tea tree oil will cure, people have stated above trying tea tree, but you have to be vigilant just like the mites, skin is our biggest organ lots of space to cover, your skin will be dry so moisturise using a organic cream of such! Change your sheets every four days wash in hot water! By dust mite covers for pillows quilts & mattress When I shower using tea tree shampoo dossed up with more tea tree, finish with cold water to close skin pores'. To me it's not rocket science & I am not 100 percent cured however am gaining huge positive results :)

Question posted by Determined of Rotorua, what, new zealand on 11 June 2013 at 14:48       1194

Hi I am wanting to cure my husband and I from scabies naturally. I think we have caught it at very early stages - maybe a week, so we might be lucky to get rid of them before anything gets too bad. My partner is itchy and has the dots and burrows etc.. and I am not really itchy but feel tickly around the face, ears and inside my eyelids. We have purchased neem oil, tea tree oil, and clove oil as well as almond oil to mix with them. I also bought disinfectant to wash the house, clothes and linen and then dry them in the dryer. I don't want to buy anything else, I want to try and make do with what I have. I am just wondering, in what order would you put the oils on and what ratios do I mix, would you mix them all together, or do a different one everyday? I am also wondering if these oils are safe for the testicles, vagina, anus, eyelids (inside) and ears? and if so how to apply? Thank you!

Comment posted by Nevercantell of New City, NY, USA on 10 June 2013 at 0:20       1190

Been to 40 drs. My family had me hospitalized saying I was delusional (oh that was fun). Now that is a problem since any dr. I see they pull up your record by your social security number & can see all your information (privacy laws do not mean anything). They just say I know you have been hospitalized & they don't bother to even exam me. Been to the ER several times as the mites were in my eyes to the point where I couldnt see eyes swollen & black & blue. Sores everywhere. Permethin cream didnt help. $60 G of products didn't work. Did the TTO, helps but it didnt cure it. Also was tested for std's which were all negative. Found any dr I visited never heard of deomodex & think morgellons is psychological.. amazing right? Been ivermectin even at an entire tube of horse paste a little at a time following all instructions. Symptoms so severe I have filed for disability. For those who cant handle TTO an alternative is coconut oil its less harsh yet does the same job. Also for the eyes occulave eye rinse or any eye rinse on the lids & lashes twice a day that contains boric acid. It works wonders. Trust me as stated ER put me on bacitracin ointment inside (prescribed) then on the outside the kind you buy in the store bacitracin on the outside. Use the bacitracin on the sores as well (they are everywhere imaginable). Boric acid & not the type used for insects or Borax great for the body & clothes. Cool water & if you can dry them outside the sunlight kills them in your clothes/sheets. I had put ditramecteous earth in my dirty clothes in a plastic bag then shook them out & washed them. Arid deoderant spray I used this in my car furniture & on me all over. SinuCleanse use it to wash all over contains boric acid dries them up helps the itching & even throw it on my clothes & bedroom to stop the swarming w/o diluting it. These are NOT parasites these are amphids spiders so they do not show up on parasite tests. Tried the NU animal sulphur ointment it did nothing tho sum claim they are cured. Hands Feet so swollen & painful sometimes lack use of them. IDK if demodites or morgellons maybe both (oh lucky me). Its a nightmare with no ending. I know I live it! My question: Is it possible since demodex mites are something in our bodies that essential to our systems until they get out of control. Being that's their job to "clean things up" maybe rather than try to kill them all off how to get back the proper pH to gain that balance again to live in harmony? Sometimes I think the harder we try to get rid of them the harder they fight back (yes I do realize their cycle of mating/hatching) & btw it's beyond 6weeks treatment from what I understand is one year. Been treating them for 10 years & still have them. Since they aren't likely to leave & apparently need to go somewhere because they obviously existed in our bodies prior until a trigger point made them out of control. Am hoping for a supergenuis bio superman or superwoman to figure this out as this is a worldwide problem with no help from the medical community (pretty pathetic). Can honestly say been there done that no clue what to do next!

Comment posted by Jane of New York, NY, USA on 6 June 2013 at 11:40       1182

I put tea tree oil in my bath for 2 weeks. The first time it worked great , but then the bites came back. I just found out that I have "sweet blood". This is why mites and everything else are so attracted to me suddenly. I also found out that hot baths were making my skin more and more sensitive so I couldn't even go outside anymore. The cure for "sweet blood".? 600 milligrams of B Complex a day. 200mg 3 times a day. And cool showers. Try it! Jane

Comment posted by Gregg of Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand on 2 June 2013 at 10:39       1175

I had troubles with my skin being dry & flaky itchy including scalp, mainly on lower legs & forearms my eyes where sticky infected dry inflamed in the mornings their appeared to be yellow discharge, as the day progressed they would become light sensitive. The doctors didn't have a clue what was wrong with my eyes, saying it was my work, being a painter working with chemicals my body had become sensitive! I tried all their creams drops antibiotics & man made chemicals you name it i tried it! Then being referred to an eye specialist & he couldn't tell me what had caused the problems i had, but was diagnosed with Blepharitis that still meant nothing to me, because their was no treatment or solution & was told to accept it & move on and use baby shampoo to clean eyes both morning & night, well thats a man made chemical & only made my eyes feel worse in fact. So after about 7 years i came across this site mentioning demodex mites & trying Tea Tree oil. I swear by tea tree oil it has changed my life, Ive been using it for 4 weeks religiously in baths on my hair, where dry or itchy skin areas are effected. Their are many sites or people that are against putting it on eye lashes but i have & do, every day no problems you must be careful make a 50/50 solution be prepared to wait for positive improvements. Its changed my life Tea Tree oil & its anti viral, bacterial properties speak volumes. Use a cotton bud apply morning night don't open eyes until you feel the sting mellowing down. My ideas no pain no gain.. My social life was crap my eye issues are progressively improving. Pretty much don't stop keep going, could take two months. My life has changed for sure i am so happy remain positive

Comment posted by jj of fort worth, TX, USA on 20 May 2013 at 5:5       1165

I like the disclaimer below about consulting with a doctor...not a chance that I will ever do that with a conventional doctor, they are a complete waste of time, money and energy. So, I have never been formally diagnosed with demodex mites, nor have I have ever seen them on me. I started with the treatment of tea tree oil body soap ($3.99/bottle at Trader Joes). I wash three times a day, leaving it in as it tingles, then rinsing with warm water. I put on various oils and creams afterwards to sooth the dryness. I saw an instant improvement in the bumpiness of my facial skin and the crawling sensation completely went away. About 5 days later, I am having another outbreak. But it is much, much less. I still feel the crawliness, but again, it is much less. So, I will continue the tea tree body wash, and I am adding tea tree/mint shampoo and conditioner by Organix (bought at Walmart and not that expensive) when I wash my hair every few days. When I am home from business trips, I will add straight tea tree oil to my hot baths and soak in it. The redness in my skin might take a long time to diminish, as I am very fair skinned and have very sensitive skin. So I will be patient and just wear makeup to cover that up until it goes away. I am also going to wash all my linens with borax and treat my carpets with it too before I vacuum. I am confident that I will get rid of this problem over time, and I am thankful for these forums, as they are very helpful. I will check back in about a month or so to report on my progress. I wish you all the best in health and happiness.

Comment posted by maree of Melbourne, Vic, Australia on 18 May 2013 at 21:47       1162

I believe that I caught dermodex mites from a facial 5 years ago. Initially I just had a few blisters and bumps around my nose and one cheek (undiagnosed rosacea). I was upset about it but it was fairly contained and I could cover easily with make-up. My diet was pretty good back then but over the last 12 months I started to eat more carbs as I was breastfeeding and the rosacea on my face became horrible. As I didn't want to waste time and energy with Doctors I started researching natural remedies. First off I started using Zinc oxide cream on my face in the evenings and overnight, this stopped the progression but did not cure the rosacea or the creepy crawly feeling. I now have been using a 50:50 light olive oil and tea tree oil (and a dash of pure 96% alcohol) all over my body face and scalp. This has helped enormously, I've been doing it for about a week. I don't have loads of showers now as I think the oils are killing the mites, water probably make them want to hide in your pores. I also got a new pillow and wash my sheets on hottest temp every couple of days. The worst thing about this whole thing is that now my 2 daughters - 4 yr and 1 yr are showing signs of the mites. I am so desperate to find a cure for rosacea. I will not stop!I am now treating them with the TTO and olive oil. As if a doctor would recommend that! Their symptoms are both subsiding. We all still have a red tinge to our cheeks though. Can anyone shed some light on this?

Comment posted by braveheart of vancouver, bc, canada on 15 May 2013 at 7:10       1153

I did go to my Dr. and they said lab it not set up for mites but I could try the dermatogist. I went myself to the high school to use their microscope and it looked like lint. So of course that reminded me of morgellons and yhea now I'm reading about morgellons cure. Pretty crazy amazing creepy stuff. My rosacea is looking way better but mentally I'm a tad OCD these days haha

Comment posted by jj of fort worth, TX, USA on 14 May 2013 at 7:23       1151

I have read all the information and comments, and I believe this is what I am suffering with also. I got very ill about a year and a half ago with a high fever for about two weeks. After that, I have had symptoms of redness, bumps that break out in cycles, itching and burning on my face (forehead, nose, cheeks and sides of chin). I do have itching on various other parts of my body too including scalp, legs and groin area. I do get a crawling feeling on my skin too. I have not been to anyone but my integratrive doctor, who recommended me to a dermatologist. But I have been afraid to go as I don't believe in most therapies they prescribe (ie. chemical drugs and surgical procedures). I am going to try the tea tree oil products for hair, body, bath wash, etc. And coconut oil on my face. And the demodexatrin cream. I will report back what happens with all that. I am also going to be more consistent with taking my whole multi vitamin, probiotics, vitamin D3 drops and omega 3 krill oil supplements. I think short term is to get rid of symptoms the best we can. But I think long term is increasing our immune systems and becoming healthier each day, then our own bodies will manage this problem on it's own. I wish each of you well, healthy and happy lives.

Comment posted by braveheart of vancouver, bc, canada on 9 May 2013 at 12:25       1141

I can see the mites easily. I've read others can too but then other people are saying you can't see them with your naked eye. I'm taking all my mites to my Dr. and see what they really are. I just slather myself head to foot in organic coconut oil now after my bath and they come squirming out of my pores. Hundreds have come out. I pick them off with tweezers. Now they are just like little baby dirt flecks as I've gotten all the bigger ones that look like slivers. My whole family has them. The kids too. So are they demodex mites or not? That is the question. Personally I'm just relieved they are out, whatever they are!!

Question posted by Marya of London, UK, United Kingdom on 9 May 2013 at 0:46       1140

This is a really fascinating theory, I have been struggling with Rosacea ( I think that they call it papulopustular) for more than 5 years now and it really affects my self-confidence, my moods, my social life. It comes and goes as it pleases and I cannot for the life of me identify any link between changes in diet and the flare ups. I do not have any of the other symptoms that are described above, I don't have dry eyes or an itchy scalp. I go through phases where my hair decides to shed and it becomes quite thin before re-growing again. The rosacea has been minimal the last year or so and has only flared up again recently as I am pregnant and I linked the skin problems to hormonal changes. I went grain and dairy free for a week (I know it's not long) but there was no sign of clear up at all which I found surprising. I don't know if this mite is at the root of this problem but I'm going to have a close look at my eye lashes. Does anyone have any other advice on diet or on diagnosis?

Comment posted by Verl of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia on 3 May 2013 at 11:41       1131

Hi everyone - My 86 year old Mother has had a mysterious parasite (I believe demedox) but to get any help from anyone - Doctors - Dermatologists - Hospitals has been a trial in itself. She has now been admitted to a Mental Health Unit whilst I am trying to get someone to diagnose her for this condition. I have now contracted them myself and have been soaking in a hot bath with turmeric - it really really does help!! Am also washing my hair in teatree shampoo with extra 100% tea tree oil in it and using vinegar on my body. I seem to be improving and I really do credit the turmeric baths - when I get out of the bath the itching has stopped right away - and definitely do it at night as that's when these blighters procreate. Good luck everyone!!

Comment posted by Braveheart of Vancouver, BC, Canada on 24 April 2013 at 11:32       1112

Mika I too noticed the tto shampoo drying so I used it every other day now and I add tto to everything and I'm sure it will just be as effective. Probably more so!

Comment posted by Braveheart of Vancouver, BC, Canada on 24 April 2013 at 11:29       1111

Day 8 of the treatment. I was too hard core with the tea tree oil. Did not use mild wash. Used 50/50 everyday and then straight on brows and eyelashes. Had some drying issues. One rash super bad under eye and now reacts harshly to any tto, hydrocortison or oreganal oil. Found honey the best thing to slather on it last night. Read manuka honey the best but didn't have any. Rest of face looking really good but flaring a bit if I eat any sugar or deviate from paleo like diet. Found out that people getting good help from antiseptic first aid washes with .2% benzethonium chloride in it. Could only find some towelletes in my first aid kit with .13% on it. Washed the harsh rash under my eye with one today to kill the bacteria/mites. The rash responded well to it and I will try it again tonight with honey and vit E cream to finish it off but no tto on that spot for a few days. Changing pillow case every night a hassle. Planning on flipping it over and using for 2 nights in a row.

Comment posted by Steve of San Diego, CA, USA on 23 April 2013 at 8:52       1107

I've had problems with rosacea and blepharitis since I was 25. I am now 44. It started with a small red patch on one cheek. I just learned about the demodex mite connection and I'm quite frankly very upset that I didn't learn of this as a possible culprit from the 8 different dermatologists I've seen over the years. I'm am currently taking an antibiotic for the bacterial infections that have become a huge problem for me recently, but I've always felt that there's another root problem. This all makes total sense. I will be starting a tea tree oil regimen immediately and will post again in a few weeks to let you all know how it goes. I'm so thankful to those of you who posted description that sound exactly like my experience. Wish me luck.

Question posted by Mika of Calgary, AB, Canada on 15 April 2013 at 6:2       1095

I've started to use Tea Tree shampoo for my scalp for last few days, since I've been going through hair loss and theres this sand like reside on my scalp when I scratch with my fingernails........but I noticed the shampoo is making my hair dry out even this normal? Can I just add tea tree oil into my head & shoulders shampoo? (that doesn't dry out my hair as much) or will it not be as effective?

Comment posted by Constance of Florence, OR, USA on 9 April 2013 at 7:56       1079

I discovered I had mites by google. I had noticed some white specks by my lashes and at first thought it was a skin flake except that it glowed like a nit. I never knew about lash mites. Sure enough. I have been at it for three weeks with the q tip on the lashes with tea tree oil and a good scrape with the fingernails gently over the lash area which yielded gross stuff. I also use a scrub on my face to remove the dead skin. Put some qtip with tea tree oil in my ears which have been itching. There is no clue where I got these, but it's been awhile. A dog came into the house with ear mites, but I'm not sure I got them from him. Also soothing is witch hazel which I put on to shooth the burning after a face wash. Will start washing the sheets daily, have been changing the pillow cases, avoiding using wash cloths. Intend to buy new pillows and new washcloths soon. This is so gross but I am so grateful to find out what it is and also have a go at the rosacea.

Comment posted by OutOfTheBox of Republic, WA, USA on 3 April 2013 at 8:32       1067

I am an optometrist. I read an article about a dermatologist and his use of TTO for demodex brevis. I felt I had a little demodex foliculorum in my lashes and wondered if TTO would work there. I had never heard of this use before. I put the tiniest bit of pure TTO on my index finger and thinned it out by rubbing it onto my other index finger. Your finger should not look wet! Then I rubbed it into my lashes thoroughly and received relief within a very few days of doing this treatment every night. If you do it just as you crawl into bed you don't even have to open your eyes. It was so startlingly effective at controling both mattering of the lashes with its dry eye, and itch that I continued to use it off and on whenever needed. I began to get a feel for how much pure TTO I could use without causing too much sting upon opening my eyes. I have been recommending this to my patients for about four years now, with very good results. I usually tell them to use it for 2 months at bedtime only. I was not aware that anybody else was doing this! The key is to use the TINIEST BIT of TTO. But if you get too much and cannot open your eyes, it will evaporate withing a few minutes and then you can open your eyes. I think the problem of diluting it is that it now has more fluid and flows into the eyes easier. With an almost dry finger that doesn't happen much. I have had great luck with pure TTO.

Comment posted by expat in Germany of Bamberg, Bavaria, Germany on 2 April 2013 at 21:3       1066

I believe that diet is a huge part of getting rid of the mites. If you give them a hostile environment, they can't survive. I avoid wheat and sugar, and eat raw garlic daily. I also recommend waking up in the middle of the night to reapply the tea-tree oil mixture. At least in the beginning. If you train yourself, you can feel when the mites are active (reproducing) on your skin. It's gross, but better to understand what's happening and take control. I think I probably had mites for many years before I realized it when I felt the crawling sensation one night.

Comment posted by Camille of Indio, CA, USA on 19 March 2013 at 9:23       1049

I have not posted since the end of January (under Tea Tree Oil). I may have discovered a cure for demodex of the face, hair and eye lashes quite by accident. I had pretty much gotten control of my demodex issues with my hair/scalp and face but I was having to use the 50/50 tea tree oil with macadamia nut oil every week or my dry eyes and itching would return. My husband and I decided to go off of wheat starting February. We had read that wheat has been genetically altered and causes "wheat belly" and other health problems. We learned how bad wheat can be for some people. It was easy to go off of wheat. We substituted rice pasta, rice crust pizza, brown rice, almond, oat and coconut flours for my baking flours. After 2 weeks of being wheat free my demodex problem was completely gone. I have not used one tea tree product since mid February when my eye symptoms were completely gone. It is now the end of March and I still am mite free with no symptoms whatsoever. I lost 7 pounds by going off the wheat too. I feel fantastic. The wheat might have been a host for the mites to "feed" and take over! Now I do not have any problems at all! I hope this will help all of you who suffer from those dreaded demodex. To recap, I went off wheat products and now I have no mites in my hair, face, eyes, and I no longer have dry eyes. My eyelashes are full and long. My blurry vision is gone and I see clearly again. My eyebrows are full. My skin is normal. My hair is getting fuller and fuller with lots of new hairs growing in - especially around my hairline. My stomach is flat like when I was 20. What a HUGE difference living wheat-free has been for my husband and me. GOOD LUCK to you all! I hope you have the same results I have.

Question posted by Emma of Brisbane, QLD, Australia on 16 March 2013 at 12:57       1043

Hi, I have blepharitis. I started the tea tree oil treatment about a week ago. I was just wondering if it was normal to get a larger amount of white discharge coming out of the corners of my eyes after starting this treatment? Would be great if anybody knows.

Comment posted by Liouane of Glasgow, Larkhall ml92qb, Scotland on 2 March 2013 at 19:21       1021

I have found this page after months of suffering the terrible itch and crawling sensation on my face. Also all the lumps and bumps on my head. I took ill and it was after that time that this all started. Have tried all different treatments and cost lots of money. Have now gone and bought all tea tree oils, shampoo etc after reading this. Also suffered with dry eye and sore eyes. Have been using tea tree oils for only a couple of days and it has already been a blessing. I can't thank you all enough and hope all our suffering stops. Thank you.

Comment posted by Kmassi of New York, NY, USA on 12 February 2013 at 6:47       958

Kendalle 02- Have you ever heard of Morgellons disease? You may indeed have demodex mites, but your symptoms sound like Morgellons. Especially since your doctors have called you 'crazy' which, you are not! Don't give up! Find a Dr. That will listen to you, and please do some research on Morgellons. Good luck sweetheart.

Comment posted by Gail of San Juan Capistrano, CA, USA on 10 February 2013 at 10:17       951

To KCook of Fullerton: Based on my experience you can customize the frequency of your applications of tea tree oil mixture to your symptoms, which will evolve over time as you get the demodex mites under control. Demodex mites are ACTIVE at night because that's when they come out of your pores or follicles to mate. In the beginning I found that this was when my eyes hurt the most. When I'd get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom they were hurting so much that I'd just have to treat them immediately! As time has gone one I went to treating my eyes just before bed and then again in the morning. The main problem with doing it in the morning is having to keep your eyes closed for at least an hour since it works WAY better if you don't wipe it off. At this point I only need to do it just before bed. What I'm wondering is whether a time will come when I don't have to do it at all! Time will tell. There has been substantial gradual improvement over 12 weeks.

Comment posted by Gail of San Juan Capistrano, CA, USA on 10 February 2013 at 10:11       950

To Lucy of Rochester: Thanks for sharing your story! Like you I've found the standard medical industry to be entirely unhelpful for anything that requires thinking outside the box. I didn't realize folliculitis and keratosis pilaris are caused by demodex mites! That makes total sense based on my experimentation with tea tree oil treatments. I've decided that in addition to treating my eyes with 50% tea tree oil/castor oil I need to start using exclusively a tea tree oil lotion on my body. I've found that a very soothing, pleasant, healing lotion is 25% tea tree, 25% castor oil and 50% coconut oil. I've been using this on my face and now I believe I should be using it everywhere. Maybe that would help you too. Another thing I've found helpful for folliculitis and keratosis pilaris is showers alternating very hot and cold water (gets your circulation going really powerfully), and gentle exfoliation with one of those soft mesh scrubbers along with a good lather of mild soap. Then follow the shower with a good tee tree oil moisturizer like I described. And never let these areas of skin become dried out and scaly! I apply lotion morning and night at least. I'm seeing very encouraging improvement. The hot water will aggravate the folliculitis and keratosis pilaris at first, but in the long run will improve it because the pores become unclogged.

Comment posted by Lucy of Rochester, NY, USA on 1 February 2013 at 19:22       932

I have had skin irritations for about three years now. It started in my groin, and I was tested for every STD, including Herpes Simplex I and II. All tests came back negative. All symptoms were cyclic in nature and seemed to be worse during times of stress or before menstruation. It was maddening. I would also feel intense itching and a prickly sensation throughout my body, almost as though something was biting me. In April 2012, I had a raised bump on my left hip, it spiraled out of the main pustule and was hot to the touch as well as itchy. I didn't seek medical attention until I continued to experience pimple-like obstructions in and around my genitalia, buttocks and inner thighs. I tested positive for Staph, but negative for MRSA. I was prescribed oral medication, to be taken once a day for seven days. My symptoms came back after this period ended and I returned to the medical center. I was then prescribed Mupirocin Ointment, to be applied twice daily inside my nose, as I was told by my doctor that Staph lives and thrives within the nose. I found temporary relief, although my symptoms continued. I was then told to seek help through a dermatologist. I visited my primary doctor and he acted as though my symptoms were nothing to be concerned with. It seemed as though because I wasn't dying, despite the physical and psychological disturbances I was tormented by, he wasn't concerned with what I was coming to him with. I was told I might be dealing with folliculitis or keratosis pilaris, both of which are caused by demodex mites. Demodex mites are also known to be carriers of staph. I was also experiencing skin irritations on my arms, legs and chest. Random red bumps would appear in groups in these areas and they continue to appear, as though something is irritating my skin. I continue to feel itchy, as though something is biting at my skin, in random spots all over my body, specifically in areas where demodex mites are prone to: groin, chest, ears, face (t-zone, nose, eyebrows, eyelashes). Apparently these are all areas where sebaceous glands reside, and where demodex mites are prone to feed, as they are all oily and perfect breeding grounds for these disgusting and tenacious parasites. Since April 2012, I suffered from broken blood vessels on my left arm, left leg and face. Random raised bumps and pustules would form in and around these vessels. Some would come to a head, some would appear as reddish spots and would eventually fade, leaving a flaky patch. I decided to keep a diary of the symptoms I was experiencing. These symptoms would seem to appear from nowhere, developing overnight, and in numbers. Frustrated and desperate, I visited a dermatologist in December 2012, who told me I have a classic case of rosacea. While I expressed my concern about Staph rapidly raging throughout my body, as I was diagnosed with it, and found areas other than my face affected by whatever skin condition I might have, I was told there was no way such an affliction would cause havoc throughout my body. I wasn't convinced. I was prescribed Azelaic Acid, to apply to my face for five months. The derm was quite certain this was the quick fix to my problem, but I wasn't so sure. First of all, the medication was super pricey without insurance, costing $200+ for a small tube. Secondly, after researching the prescribed med, I wasn't convinced it was a miracle answer to my problems, especially considering my face wasn't the only location on my body which was affected by whatever is taking over my body. Sure, I have a genetic history of rosacea in my family, I'm fair-skinned and I've sun tanned, but haven't abused the sun. My use of cosmetics may have caused me to be predisposed to such a skin condition as rosacea, but I've never abused or over used make up, have never had to use foundation to mask skin issues. My consistent skincare regimens haven't included harsh ingredients which may have led to rosacea. For the most part, I've had fresh, dewy skin. I've had my bouts of pimples, but nothing that was devastating. Therefore, this sudden onset of skin issues and symptoms (itching and random pin-prick type sensations) leads me to believe an overpopulation of demodex mites are the cause of my chronic problems. Instead of using harsh, medically-prescribed ointments which are known to only be temporary relievers, I've been using a regimen of Tea Tree Oil and Almond Oil at night, after cleansing my face with Tisserand Anti-Bacterial Pure Vegetable Soap. While at first this soap was drying to my face,adding the Tea Tree Oil/Almond Oil seemed to improve the dryness. As Tea Tree Oil is known for its anti-bacterial properties, I've also found relief in the itching and inflammation demodex mites are known to cause. I've especially found it soothing to apply the Tea Tree Oil/Almond mix to my eyelids and eyelashes. I wake up with red, itchy, blood-shot, inflamed eyes. After applying the mixture, within minutes, my eyes are soothed and improved, Yet another reason to believe these mites are to blame for my symptoms. I've also experienced raised, red pimple-like bumps in my ears that turn into dry, flaky patches right around the time of the onset of symptoms on my face. I've been applying the Tea Tree Oil/Almond Oil solution to my ears and have found relief as well. I find it odd that while my dermatologist diagnosed me with rosacea, I've found that simply applying the Tea Tree Oil regimen to affected areas has improved my symptoms, and that rosacea may not be the root cause to my problems, but that demodex mites are to blame. Since the onset of my skin problems in 2009, I've also experienced severe razor burn in the groin, in my armpits and on my legs after I shave. I resorted to using bikini-line Nair and while it seemed as though that was the answer, I still continue to experience severe irritation. I've spot-treated my folliculitis-type irritations with Mupirocin, and it does put my symptoms at bay, but isn't a true cure to my problems. It's literally and figuratively irritating most dermatologists/doctors do NOT recognize other reasons for such afflictions as rosacea, folliculitis, keratosis pilaris, such as demodex mites. I'm not one to invest in the expense and future side effects modern medicinal ointments and prescriptions offer. I've found temporary relief in the above mentioned regimens, but am hoping for a true answer to my dermatological problems. Any feedback would be much appreciated.

Comment posted by Gail of San Juan Capistrano, California, USA on 28 January 2013 at 17:33       926

I find that I am able to tolerate 50/50 TTO/castor oil on a daily basis, but apparently that's rare. After washing and drying my face and hands I just glob it along the rims of my eyes with eyes shut, thoroughly wetting both top and bottom eyelashes and their roots. I use my little finger for this. It's just easier because I can feel what I'm doing. I keep my eyes SHUT for the application and for a minimum of an hour afterwards! I sometimes need to remove excess solution with a bit of toilet paper if it's stinging my eyelids, but I have not had anything worse than slight actual eyeball stinging from seeping and that always stops entirely within five minutes. I also put a thin coating on my nose, eyebrows, and all over my face. I normally do this at bedtime and then just go to sleep with it on, but otherwise I notice that I am able to open my eyes without any stinging after an hour, or of course sooner if I wipe it off, but it works much better if I leave it on all night and then wash my face in the morning. When I first started doing this the amount of crawling sensation on my face was truly creepy. I found that it worked well to immediately wipe the crawly areas firmly with fresh toilet paper tissue and then put more solution on and repeat til the crawling stopped. Within a week or so all crawling stopped except very rarely. I also treated my scalp during that first week but haven't had scalp itching since. It is definitely working, but I'm at 10 weeks now and still have some problem with my eyes. MUCH less than it was, though, more like dust than sand. Generally all day I'm symptom free, and only have the dusty sensation come up at night, hence I do the treatment at bedtime. I suspect that like Camille of Indio I will probably just have to continue this to some degree indefinitely. Hopefully not daily like I'm still doing at this point.

Comment posted by Camille of Indio, CA, USA on 25 January 2013 at 16:13       919

Hello Rosi, To answer your question about make up, when I first began the TTO treatments last fall, I did not use any makeup except for lipstick for 2 weeks. I discarded all of my old make up and cleaned all of my make up brushes with tea tree shampoo. Today I continue to get thicker, healthier and fuller hair. But I am having problems with my eyes. I use the TTO and macadamia nut oil 50/50 solution on my eyes twice a week. After a few weeks of this treatment my eyes will feel great. When I stop the eye scrub treatments about 2 weeks later the symptoms return. It is a big commitment to use the TTO/macadamia nut eye scrubs but I am going to have to make this a part of my routine. Everything else is fine now. No more red flaky skin on my face. It looks terrific. The only problem is with my eyes.

Comment posted by Michael of Vancouver, BC, Canada on 17 January 2013 at 9:36       906

I've been mixing a couple of drops of Tea Tree Oil in Johnstones Baby Shampoo while I wash my hair. Then I wash my eyes, eyebrows, nose, ears etc with the excess Shampoo from my hair. Fantastic. In six weeks all my symptoms (redness around nose and between eyebrows, pimples, etc. are cleared up. Can't recommend this enough!

Comment posted by Camille of Indio, CA, USA on 22 December 2012 at 14:50       866

Hi Rosi - My symptoms had completely gone away. I have a lot of new hair growing all over my head - especially along my hairline. My face has been very clear - no more redness, flaky dry skin or blackheads. I continue to use the tea tree shampoo, face wash and body wash. My eyes have not been dry and irritated. As a result, about 6 weeks ago I stopped the shampoo eyelash wash and the weekly 50/50 tea tree oil mixed with macadamia nut oil. Well - a few days ago my eyes started to get dry again and felt like sand was in them! So I have started back with the tea tree shampoo eyelash wash twice a day and twice a week I do the 50/50 tea tree oil and macadamia nut oil. I had hoped to be cured for good but it looks like for me, I will have to continue with the maintenance. All-in-all I am happy with the tea tree regimen because it does work.

Comment posted by Sydny of Toronto, ON, Canada on 21 December 2012 at 13:13       864

Thank you for all of your advice everyone, it's helped alot. I'm still not certain what I have but I'm convinced its demodex. I'm waiting to hear the results of my demodex test, but I'm told the tests aren't always definitive. I went through a lot of what you all have - originally diagnosed with scabies (I don't have a lot of symptoms on my face other than occasional itching - it's early days for me, only 4 months of suffering). I went through 4 permethrin treatments plus 3 weeks of Ivermectin and I still had the creepy crawly feeling (worse afterward actually)and continued to get small, hard red bumps all over my body. My dermatologist told me it was overactive nerves close to the skin, put me on nerve meds, then when that didn't work, wanted to put me on anti-psychotics. All without even bothering to do a scraping. It was my family doctor that diagnosed scabies and was totally clueless after all of the treatments didn't work. It really is up to us to take control of our treatment. Don't let your doctor(s) tell you it is psychological - mites etc. are MUCH more common than this psychosematic disorder is. PET OWNERS, please be aware that tea tree oil is extremely toxic to dogs, cats and other animals. Do not touch your animal if you have tea tree products on your skin. Yes, there are tea tree products out there for pets but they are either extremely diluted or not approved by vets. Please consult your vet about the best way to handle the situation. My dog was exposed to a very small amount of diluted tea tree oil and became extremely ill. He's okay but is now on a regimen of anti-histamines and steroids. Very scary. I find that as long as I don't touch him or allow him to come into contact with anything that I've touched while having product on my skin it's okay. Wear long pants and long sleeves when you have product on you, especially if you allow your pet up on the furniture. I put the tea tree lotion/oils on with gloves or ziplock bags over my hands so that I can still pet him (I don't know anyone who can avoid touching their dog for weeks on end). I put the lotion or diluted oil on my hands before bed and avoid touching him until I wash it off the next morning. It's easier than you think, just be careful :)

Comment posted by Kendalle02 of Austin, Texas, USA on 18 December 2012 at 6:37       859

Wow, Lauralee it is the most amazing feeling to finally hear somebody who is going through the exact thing that I am! I have been suffering for 3 years from whatever the heck this is! I went from having clear, blemish free skin to being covered in scars, holes, & wounds from head to toe! Mine started when I randomly felt like there were bugs crawling through my hair & biting/pricking my scalp. I didn't know any better so I assumed I had lice and used a lice treatment on my hair. when I got in the shower to wash it out whatever these mites are, they begin to embed into my skin, face, eyes, nose, ears, & the rest of my body. it was the most excruciating pain I've ever felt! since then I have been to over 10 dermatologist here in Austin Texas. at first they diagnosed me with scabies, so I began using multiple permethrin creams which I think actually I made the problem worse. now my skin has black dots that look like freckles and little pin holes all over my body... not to mention that all of the ugly scars. it seems as if these can live under your skin and feed off of your blood for as long as they want. I am desperate to find somebody who can help me or a cure! I am living in complete misery, almost constantly feeling the crawling sensation underneath my skin and the pin prick sensation. they also either way my nail beds cuticles and fingernails within minutes! it is devastating to me because I am 28 years old and have a 3 year old daughter & this should be the happiest time of my life... instead I am mentally and physically tortured everyday. I have given up on all doctors and dermatologist because most of them have said it is psychological or hey form of paranoia. oh yeah and self infliction. I have never had any form of mental illness or any fear or phobia of bugs or mites or anything else. I am at my wits end and don't know how much longer I can deal with this torture. if anybody knows what I can possibly do to help get rid of this I would be forever grateful!!!!

Comment posted by Donna of SoCal, CA, USA on 15 November 2012 at 16:15       820

For 1.5 weeks, I have been using a rosacea lotion. To save money I also use a solution I made of oils and tea tree oil on my scalp and on a cotton pad I rub all over my body. I use the lotion on my face, neck and chest albeit, I had so much itching in my scalp that for the first week I used a dropper to apply the lotion on my scalp. I also use a q-tip to put it in my ear canal and now it is the first time in 10 years for no chronic inner ear itching. I use eyelash cream on my eyes after using my fingers to spread some of the rosacea lotion on my eye lashes (not recommended by the company but I have not gotten it in my eyes and the crawling sensations on my eyes dramatically subsided after two days). For five days now, I apply cream on top of the lotion in the mornings and retnoid on top of the lotion at night. My skin looks worse but the crawling is going away. I was told that healing brings a lot to the surface. I hope to get oral antibiotics beginning on Tuesday (I hope, hope) to get some of the newly forming pimples to subside. I am getting a fast die off. I am also taking mega doses of Olive Leaf Capsules.

Question posted by LauraLee of Spokane , WA, USA on 26 October 2012 at 21:39       784

Hello All! First off I'm so sorry we are all here because we have this pest consuming our daily lives, but I'm glad we are here in attempt for a cure and share knowledge. My story is, I had been using retin a for a few years at my dermatologists request. I should have listened to my instincts when I felt it was damaging my skin by removing too many protective layers and destructing my barrier. I was right. Soon my pores began to enlarge, I was noticing black specks engraved into my skin, holes, itching moving sensations, and what felt like a pierce or bite that would be followed with redness then form a little bump/pimple afterwards. This is truly damaging my skin. I believe I weakened my skin and removed critical protective barriers that allowed my skin to be vulnerable to the mites now. I have new bumps occurring at the sides of my nose and center if cheeks, which leave holes afterwards. I'm trying to heal my skin, but yet kill these mites at the same time, so I feel like whatever route I choose I will be counterproductive in healing the other issue. I have heard of trying a borax plus h202 solution, sulphur, seabuckthorn oil, cold cream, enzyme spray, and tea tree oil. Please if anyone knows of a sure fire way to decimate this creature, shout at me! Thanks so much and good luck to you all!

Comment posted by Camille of Indio, CA, USA on 26 October 2012 at 3:40       782

When I first began the tea tree treatments I felt better but the breakouts were worse. My hair still fell out for about a week. My scalp still itched for about a week. But each day I felt better. After a week my hairline started filling in with tiny hairs and now they are much larger and longer. I now have long and fuller eye lashes, much more hair, more eyebrows and nearly all of the redness on my face is gone. This will take time.

Question posted by Julia of New York, NY, USA on 16 October 2012 at 22:44       775

Did you find when you first started treating your scalp line that you shed more in the beginning. I started the treatment 2 days ago and it seems my brows and lashes are falling out less but young hairs on scalp line are shedding a lot. Especially near my thinning temple area, also only on one side.

Comment posted by Camille of Indio, CA, USA on 7 October 2012 at 8:20       759

I have been suffering for about 15 years with dry eyes, growing red patches on my face, itchiness on my face, eyes, nose, scalp, body and ears, and about 3 years ago I started to lose my hair at my hairline - especially on one side. I have seen eye doctors and dermatologists all to no avail. I have been given laser treatments, topical steroids and countless eye drops - nothing worked. I finally researched my symptoms on Google and learned that my symptoms are all because of Demodex mites. I found an article by 2 physicians who have been successfully treating patients with the following routine. I have been using tea tree shampoo - Jason Brand - to wash my eyelashes, nostrils and eyebrows twice a day. I have been washing my face with tea tree facial soap -The Body Shop Brand - twice a day, I have been showering with Tea Tree Body Wash - The Body Shop Brand- and twice a week I have used a Q Tip to swab my eyelashes using 50% Macadamia Nut Oil -Now Brands- and 50% Tea Tree Oil -Now Brands. I shampoo and condition my hair once day with Paul Mitchell Tea Tree and Peppermint shampoo/conditioner. I shampoo my hair first. Leave the suds on your hair. Wash your eyelashes and face. Then rinse the shampoo out. Apply the conditioner and get it on your scalp and hair. Leave it on while you shower. Rinse the conditioner out last. My hair was so thin and so frizzy before I started this routine. Now my hair is silky, shiny and I only see a few strands of hair in the drain. Before I started this treatment I lost so much hair. Every time I washed it the drain was filled with my hair. It was devastating before. Before, every time I brushed my hair the brush was filled with hair. Now I get one or 2 hairs in my hairbrush. What a huge difference. Note: Wash your hairbrush in hot water, a few drops of tea tree oil and soap once a week! Also I am now washing my sheets and towels DAILY in hot water. The tea tree regimen I have been doing has made a huge difference. I am starting my 4th week of using the tea tree products. It takes dedication and discipline. At first the 50/50 mixture of tea tree oil and macadamia nut oil was very strong when I used it on my eyelashes. You get used to it and you get better at applying it to your eyelashes over time. You need to rub the Q tip on your eyebrows first so there isn't too much liquid on the Q tip. If my eyes get irritated I gently dab them with a tissue. I rub the Q tip on my upper and lower lashes, one eye at a time. I wait 10 minutes and do it again. I wait 10 minutes and do it a 3rd time. In addition, I use an Oil of Olay battery powered face brush with tea tree facial wash twice a week on the red patches on my face. When I first started this treatment my face and eyes were immediately better. A few days later my face really broke out! I kept up the routine. Each few days I would look better and then worse. Now entering my 4th week I no longer feel the mites in my eyes. My lashes are growing back in. My eyebrows are growing back in. My hair line is starting to grow back in. The red patches are nearly gone and the texture of my skin is no longer flaky, crusty, and bumpy. It is smooth. Also my eyes now tear. I have had such dry eyes for so long I am not used to tearing eyes. My vision is so much better now too. I am no longer loosing tons of hair every day. My eyes are not as dry and my lashes are growing back in. I no longer have crusty eyes in the morning. I have no itchiness at all now. My skin everywhere is smooth - no more bumps. The redness is nearly all gone. Before I started this treatment I had huge bags and puffiness under my eyes. My right eye was really bad. Now the bags are very small and the same size. They are getting smaller and less puffy every day. I really see and feel a huge difference since using the tea tree oil products. Since I have suffered with this condition for so long I would imagine it will take 2 months for all of the redness to completely go away. I plan on using tea tree oil soaps and shampoos for life. I first read the other posts on this site 4 weeks ago and these posts made me research and find a cure for my suffering. Good luck.

Comment posted by hankm9 of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia on 3 July 2012 at 20:50       687

I just began TTO lid scrubs after being diagnosed with a phenomal amount of mites found after an eyelash test. I have been suffering from horrible dry eye symptoms and improper diagnosis for 18 months. I have changed all my products to TTO, shampoo, face wash, body wash, exfoliate you name it I'm doused in TTO, I have noticed my symptoms have gotten worse as its been about 3 weeks. Hopefully I will see an improvement after continuing this treatment. PS: is there any information or success stories with any other products? I.e seabuckthorn oil?

Comment posted by David Niven Miller of Perth, WA, Australia on 11 February 2012 at 12:47       595

Hi Norma, the idea is to leave it on your skin. If there is too much you can wipe it with a tissue, but otherwise leave it. See the above comments regarding getting it on the eyelashes, and avoiding getting it in your eyes.

Question posted by Norma of Miami, FL, USA on 11 February 2012 at 7:36       594

Hi David, I would like to know if after applying the mixture to my face and to my eyelashes I have to rinse it out. If yes... how long do I leave the mixture for? Thank you so much!!!

Comment posted by David Niven Miller of Perth, WA, Australia on 13 January 2012 at 9:18       553

Hi Camelia, Mite eggs and the mites themselves can be embedded deep in hair follicles, so the treatment needs to go through a cycle of egg laying / hatching. Continue the treatment for a couple of weeks after the mites seem to have gone, so any eggs have time to hatch. Also try to discover where your infection came from in the first place, so you don't get re-infected. Try not to get tea tree oil in your eyes. If you do get TTO in the eyes, wipe them with a tissue and wash it out with full cream milk (which contains fat) or with warm water by standing under a shower and gently directing it into your eyes. And as I said in the main instructions, test TTO on your own skin before using it for the first time.

Question posted by Camelia of Palm Beach, FL, USA on 13 January 2012 at 4:12       552

Hello David. First of... thanks for the post! I would like to know if after doing the treatment for 6-8 weeks the mites come back again. And... would mixture of tea tree oil affect the eye vision. I have read it damages the vision, so I'm a little scared about that. I really appreciate all your help.

Remedy (new) posted by David of Perth, WA, Australia on 8 May 2010 at 13:30       165

Daily application of a tea tree oil cream. Add TTO to shampoo (and conditioner if you use one). The treatment lasts a minimum of 6 weeks, and may take 8 weeks or longer. You have to go through several cycles of eggs hatching to get rid of them all. Wash your face every night before bed. Use a mild soap, and make sure to include your nose, eyebrows and eyelashes. Gently wash and scrub your eyelash roots. Daily or every second day, wash your hair with a tea tree oil shampoo. After washing and drying, apply a mild oil (1 part TTO, 4 parts macadamia, olive or coconut oil) to all affected areas, including eyelashes. Once per week, use a strong oil with a blend of 1 part TTO and 1 part another oil. Use a cotton bud to apply the oil around the eyelashes.
I made up a skin oil using TTO, castor oil and coconut oil to use on the eyelashes and the edge of the eyelids before bed every night. I put some on the rest of my face too. Noticeable improvement after a week. However, TTO is harsh and burns if it gets into the eyes. You have to be careful to use very little, and just apply it to the lashes and edge of the lids.
NOTE: Tea tree oil is very effective at killing skin mites. Mites usually die in the skin as part of their natural cycle, but after using TTO they die in great numbers. Blepharitis, Rosacea etc break out and seem worse during this initial stage. Continue the treatment without a break for six weeks to kill the mites, and to allow their eggs to hatch and kill those mites too.