Grow Youthful: How to Slow Your Aging and Enjoy Extraordinary Health
Grow Youthful: How to Slow Your Aging and Enjoy Extraordinary Health

Ailment: Mites (demodex mites)

Remedy: Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil, melaleuca alternifolia essential oil, properties, traditional healing uses, recipes, warnings.

Comment posted by Gina of Houston, TX, USA on 14 September 2016 at 7:57       4255

I adopted a puppy that I did not know had mange as it wasn't noticeable. The mites transferred to me. OMG! Under my breasts from holding the puppy. Puppy was a complete monster from all the itching until I used borax, peroxide, apple cider vinegar baths twice a day. After a week the itching crawling sensations pretty much stopped. The puppy became more like a puppy not just a terror. His attention span returned where he could listen and became trainable. Me...well I had to shower with tea tree oil, eucalyptus, clove oil mixed in my shower gel. I put borax in a spice jar with shaker top in the shower. Wet, wash up, let it sit 3-5 minutes before rinsing. My understanding is that the clove oil also kills the eggs. If you don't kill the eggs you will get reinfested from the new hatching mites that are in your pores. Be careful with clove oil, do not get it near or in eyes or any mucus membranes. Also do not use it in or mix it in plastic. Glass only! Hope this helps

Comment posted by Chris Maire of Miami, FL, USA on 1 September 2016 at 1:9       4215

There is a better remedy than tea tree oil, it is Terpinen-4-ol, the active component of tea tree oil. The study shows that it has more power to kill demodex mites, but does not burn the skin as strongly, especially on eyelid and face where tea tree oil is very harsh. Here is the study done in 2013:

Question posted by GCPORTELL of Sunrise, FL, USA on 30 August 2016 at 11:40       4213

My facial symptoms match what everyone here describes. I just started using TeaTree Oil so we'll see how that goes. My question is, can this affect your whole body? I wake up every morning and I itch. I feel like there's hundreds of pins pricking my skin. This goes on for most of the morning. Then again at night. And, if I go out in the sun and start to sweat, those hundred pin pricks turn into a million pricks. I can't tolerate it. I'm bathing my entire body with TTO shampoo. Using it on my face as well. Scrubbing my eyes with eye scrubs I got at Walmart and using a steroidal cream on my eyes that clears it up but after a week or so it comes back. I'm so uncomfortable. Any ideas?

Comment posted by Enid 06 of San Pedro, Central America, Belize on 10 August 2016 at 8:43       4191

Hi Guys 43 year old female here. I have been suffering with demonex mites for almost a year. It came following a lice infestation. I have tried everything. Tea tree oil is the joy thing that kill these mites. A mix of 50% TTO along with 25% castor oil and 25% coconut oil will rid the scalp of them. A mix of 30% TTO along with 35% of both castor oil and coconut oil apply lavishly in the shower and massage in skin in the night and in the morning. At night lavishly dust your body with diatomaceous earth. Daily Change and wash bedding in Clorox and hot water. Dry on high heat.

Comment posted by T of Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa on 7 August 2016 at 5:42       4185

I had persistent little red bumps on both cheeks that would not go away with all the usual over the counter creams I tried. After weeks of attempting to self treat this rash I decided to pay the dermatoligist a visit. He immediately diagnosed me with demodex mites demodicosis rosacea. He prescribed rosex gel and an oral antibiotic with the same active ingredient as the rosex. I felt positive and hopeful... at first... but the bumps just kept popping up. After doing some google research, I found out that I most probably got this disease from the ear infection I had around the time since my immune system was down. I found out that tea tree oil works well in killing them and decided to add a tea tree oil facial wash and toner to my other treatments. The bumps then started to itch after about 3 days of TTO use and they would appear to get better, then worse. I was extremely confused after about 2 weeks. I decided to try pure tea tree oil on my face, found that leaving it on my face for ten min per day seemed to burn the little buggers! Pure tea tree is very strong though so careful not to leave too long or it will burn your skin. It also dries your skin out. So 2 weeks into treatment I was bathing using tea trea oil facials and then toners, then applying pure tea tree oil for 10 min, washing off properly, then applying rosex gel and sleeping with a face full of cream. I would wake up during the night itching because that is when the mites are active, and I would go and wash off and then reapply my mixture. In the morning, I would use the facial, toner and rosex under my make up. This procedure seemed to be keeping my condition consistent but not really improving it. Very frustrated, my husband was applying vicks vapor rub for his cold, I had the idea to try that on my face. So I did and noticed HUGE improvements the very next morning. I haven't used the pure tree oil again. For the last week I have been treating with tea tree oil facial and toner and rosex gel, followed by vicks on top...every night. Itching is gone. Inflammation is gone ...and finally the bumps are almost gone. To avoid a reinfection I am going to continue doing this for the next couple of weeks, and will probably continue with vicks indefinitely. Hope this helps! PS from what I noticed, the itchiness is means they are dying!! Good luck!

Comment posted by Bella of San Diego, CA, USA on 30 July 2016 at 15:18       4177

I was battling with styes for a year that never completely healed. The docs tried everything in the book and I tried everything online. Finally, I found something online that recommended tea tree oil. I added a bit of olive oil and a few drops of tea tree oil in my hand. Mixed it up, then applied it to my eyebrows and lids. My eyelids looked much better within about 8 hrs. After about 2-3 weeks washing my face with baby shampoo, using Rite Aid eye scrubs and tea tree oil in olive oil, am and pm, the doctor was amazed at the improvement in my lids. My lids are still healing up, because there was so much damage...thickening of lids, scarring, redness. But I'm almost there. It's been about 3 months healing time. The eye doctor did not have a microscope strong enough to verify this was caused by Demodex. But the tea tree oil was the only thing that worked so the doc was pretty convinced Demodex was the cause.

Comment posted by Joney of Chicago, Illinois, USA on 29 July 2016 at 1:56       4175

From personal experience I think tea tree oil kills mites. I applied some neat to my rosacea and it was helping but far too harsh and drying so I bought a rosacea cream which has tea tree oil in it. This works and my face is the total proof of that. Not even doc could believe the difference.

Comment posted by ScienceDoc of Florence, SC, USA on 23 July 2016 at 1:59       4172

No, we don't need demodex. This is no symbiotic relationship. It's a parasite that's just trying to live like we all, that just happens to cause and or contribute to blepharitis, rosacea, and some studies are now suggesting a host of other problems. Some people simply have more demodex than others, while other folks are more sensitive to the activities or the decay of the mite. The mite has no anus so will expand in the belly until death while feeding off sebum. After death it will decay while still in the pore or hair follicle, depending upon d. brevix or d. folliculorum. To suggest it's part of our make up as humans is erroneous. Children do not have demodex and studies are now suggesting that exposure to environment, animals, other humans, unhygienic conditions etc. is what causes demodex to increase in humans with age. Age doesn't cause it either, but rather, experiential and environmental exposure as we age. One study suggested that 100% of seniors have demodex while people in their 20's begin to have them. Again, probably asymptomatic in most people. BUT, for example, if you've had to stop wearing contacts due to dry eyes that might be demodex plogging up your oil secretions. MAYBE you've been noticing your eyes much drier in the winter but nothing alarming as you pull out the wetting drops. Maybe your eye lids are a little swollen one morning and you chalk it up to the pizza and beer from the night before. Just little things most people live with having no idea little mites might be playing a role. But no cause for panic. You're probably swarming with dust mites that won't cause a problem for most people.
I've read that TTO is working for so many people, good. I'd like to suggest a couple things for people having problems keeping them away or down to a more controlled number:
1. I'd suggest washing in hot water at LEAST pillow cases and drying on hot.
2. Throwing out ALL eye make up especially if treating eyelashes, or make up if treating face. Stop with make up during treatment. Buy new make up when you're symptom free.
3. If treating eye area at night, which is recommended, also do this in the morning AFTER lid eyebrow scrubbing. Use a borax solution with a q tip 15 motions right to left, left to right upper and lower margins. Then wash the entire face with a tea tree oil wash. One pump of favorite cleanser about a dime size 5 drops TTO be careful to not get this into eyes.
I suggest these things to avoid re-infestation since they love the sebum on shiny noses, behind ears, eyelashes, eyebrows. After treatment with a successful agonist like TTO, sage oil, ivermectin, etc., their mobility will be hindered but this doesn't mean you can't accidentally rub one to a better location that will not be treated hence advice to treat surrounding areas. Good luck and go get em!

Comment posted by Adrian of Reno, NV, USA on 22 July 2016 at 2:33       4170

I first noticed my skin problems in December and in April I started to try to figure out what my problem was. I became fairly convinced it was demodex mites. I then found the comment section on this website. These are the suggestions I used from this site that have worked for me. By July my skin was back to normal. I bought a Castile tea tree oil blend soap. I started to wash morning and night. I changed my pillows. I change my pillowcases once a week. I followed the suggestion of a little Vaseline on my eye brows and I also put some inside my nostrils. I don't do this all the time now just if I feel a flare up coming. I wash my hair a little more often than I used to but have not changed shampoos. I think diet is related but have not found my triggers. I am trying to avoid junk food.

Comment posted by Disboynamedsteve of Las vegas, Nevada, USA on 11 July 2016 at 13:11       4158

Avoid tea tree oil in eyes! I caused a surface burn on my lens when I was careless. I came down with a heavy mite infestation that caused severe rosacae all over my face. Tea tree oil is good but only can get you so far. For heavy face and scalp infestation I suggest using a mask. I used a muddy exfoliating mask on my face and scalp. Gently scrub your face at least twice a day. I keep scrubbing as I rinse because the mites try to break loose from my pores and claim territory somewhere else on my face or neck. Pour apple cider vinegar on your scalp at least once every 2-3 days. (You may or may not need to dilute the ACV) Do it after you shower and let it air dry.

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