Grow Youthful: How to Slow Your Aging and Enjoy Extraordinary Health
Grow Youthful: How to Slow Your Aging and Enjoy Extraordinary Health

Ailment: Mites (demodex mites)

Remedy: Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil, melaleuca alternifolia essential oil, properties, traditional healing uses, recipes, warnings.

Comment posted by ScienceDoc of Florence, SC, USA on 23 July 2016 at 1:59       4172

No, we don't need demodex. This is no symbiotic relationship. It's a parasite that's just trying to live like we all, that just happens to cause and or contribute to blepharitis, rosacea, and some studies are now suggesting a host of other problems. Some people simply have more demodex than others, while other folks are more sensitive to the activities or the decay of the mite. The mite has no anus so will expand in the belly until death while feeding off sebum. After death it will decay while still in the pore or hair follicle, depending upon d. brevix or d. folliculorum. To suggest it's part of our make up as humans is erroneous. Children do not have demodex and studies are now suggesting that exposure to environment, animals, other humans, unhygienic conditions etc. is what causes demodex to increase in humans with age. Age doesn't cause it either, but rather, experiential and environmental exposure as we age. One study suggested that 100% of seniors have demodex while people in their 20's begin to have them. Again, probably asymptomatic in most people. BUT, for example, if you've had to stop wearing contacts due to dry eyes that might be demodex plogging up your oil secretions. MAYBE you've been noticing your eyes much drier in the winter but nothing alarming as you pull out the wetting drops. Maybe your eye lids are a little swollen one morning and you chalk it up to the pizza and beer from the night before. Just little things most people live with having no idea little mites might be playing a role. But no cause for panic. You're probably swarming with dust mites that won't cause a problem for most people.
I've read that TTO is working for so many people, good. I'd like to suggest a couple things for people having problems keeping them away or down to a more controlled number:
1. I'd suggest washing in hot water at LEAST pillow cases and drying on hot.
2. Throwing out ALL eye make up especially if treating eyelashes, or make up if treating face. Stop with make up during treatment. Buy new make up when you're symptom free.
3. If treating eye area at night, which is recommended, also do this in the morning AFTER lid eyebrow scrubbing. Use a borax solution with a q tip 15 motions right to left, left to right upper and lower margins. Then wash the entire face with a tea tree oil wash. One pump of favorite cleanser about a dime size 5 drops TTO be careful to not get this into eyes.
I suggest these things to avoid re-infestation since they love the sebum on shiny noses, behind ears, eyelashes, eyebrows. After treatment with a successful agonist like TTO, sage oil, ivermectin, etc., their mobility will be hindered but this doesn't mean you can't accidentally rub one to a better location that will not be treated hence advice to treat surrounding areas. Good luck and go get em!

Comment posted by Adrian of Reno, NV, USA on 22 July 2016 at 2:33       4170

I first noticed my skin problems in December and in April I started to try to figure out what my problem was. I became fairly convinced it was demodex mites. I then found the comment section on this website. These are the suggestions I used from this site that have worked for me. By July my skin was back to normal. I bought a Castile tea tree oil blend soap. I started to wash morning and night. I changed my pillows. I change my pillowcases once a week. I followed the suggestion of a little Vaseline on my eye brows and I also put some inside my nostrils. I don't do this all the time now just if I feel a flare up coming. I wash my hair a little more often than I used to but have not changed shampoos. I think diet is related but have not found my triggers. I am trying to avoid junk food.

Comment posted by Disboynamedsteve of Las vegas, Nevada, USA on 11 July 2016 at 13:11       4158

Avoid tea tree oil in eyes! I caused a surface burn on my lens when I was careless. I came down with a heavy mite infestation that caused severe rosacae all over my face. Tea tree oil is good but only can get you so far. For heavy face and scalp infestation I suggest using a mask. I used a muddy exfoliating mask on my face and scalp. Gently scrub your face at least twice a day. I keep scrubbing as I rinse because the mites try to break loose from my pores and claim territory somewhere else on my face or neck. Pour apple cider vinegar on your scalp at least once every 2-3 days. (You may or may not need to dilute the ACV) Do it after you shower and let it air dry.

Comment posted by Nora of Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal on 9 July 2016 at 11:14       4156

I started this misery after doing voluntary work with dogs, I have been scratched several times by puppies and dogs with mange. I catched something very itchy. So far I have got no help, scabies cream does not help. The itching and the feeling of bugs crawling on my skin and eyes keeps me awake at night and leaves me exhausted. I do not have peace any more and do not know what to do. Tea tree oil calms the itching but so far it us no cure.

Question posted by Rory Madigan of Portland, Indiana, USA on 16 June 2016 at 23:7       4121

Can Demodex also affect the hair? This question is for Jackie and what she used on her scalp? My problem has been thinning and breaking hair over the past few years, and I have gotten no answers as to why. Recently I have been diagnosed with Demodex and blepharitis on the eyelids, and have been undergoing a regimen of Cliradex that is about over 48 pads. I still seem to have itchy eyelids, but I had an exam yesterday and the doctor said he did not see any signs of Demodex or blepharitis, so it must be working. But I would like to know if the Demodex could be what is causing the problems with my hair. I have been to the dermatologist several times trying to find the answer, but just that it is stress or age related or possibly because I am Type II diabetic. Thanks for any help. I am a 68 year old woman.

Comment posted by Lilylelani of weaverville, North Carolina, USA on 14 June 2016 at 22:29       4117

To Jackie T from Great Falls, after having biopsy of my scalp by 2 derm docs, my GP doctor went a step further and did some research on what might be causing my scalp problem and what felt like a thousand fleas on my skin at night, not every night, but often. I have a compromised immune system from autoimmune gastritis of the stomach. I did the fungus spit test: spit in a glass of water in the am before eating and drinking, if it is stringy after 15 minutes it indicates fungus . I have been putting essential oils rosemary, lavender and tea tree, mixing all three with a coconut carrier oil to put on my scalp. My doc told me to change pillow cases every night, and it is also beneficial to change sheets, wash in hot water. I take a hot bath nightly in epsom salts and at least 15 minutes, this also relieves muscle pain and fatigue. I try to never skip the scalp oils even when I am out of town. It only takes 4-5 drops of each oil for 1 treatment. Where I had a couple bald spots, small but annoying and thinning hair, my generally thick hair has returned and no longer breaks off and falls out.

Comment posted by Greg of Rye, Victoria, Australia on 9 May 2016 at 15:8       4057

I have been suffering with Demodex mites. I recommend tea tree oil, but have had the best results using Borax and Navratna oil. Rub it into all effected areas a couple of times per day and mix borax with water into a paste and rub on the skin as a scourer each morning in the shower. Also use as a hair shampoo. Nearly immediate results, I'm so pleased...

Comment posted by jackie t of GREAT FALLS, MT, USA on 27 April 2016 at 3:45       4031

First I would like to say thanks to the guy named joe who suggested I get checked for yeast or fungal infection. I spent almost a year at different doctors and got a hypochondriac label, was offered a couple pain pills to go away and even had a dr ask me to leave saying nothing was wrong with me. It has been truly a living hell lying in bed with sores in my mouth, feeling like bugs were crawling and biting and no one could help. I just happened to break my glasses and the eye doctor I saw found mites in my eyes. He gave my Clearidex wipes and I bought Jason tea tree oil shampoo and washed in it. I did not know it then but that caused a mass die off in my skin and I got blisters everywhere. I freaked then I had trouble breathing so I learned I can only leave oils on my skin for 30 minutes tops then I have to wash them off or I have and asthma and panic attack. I tried Seven Soap with coconut and neem oil and my skin spit out white black blue and thread looking stuff. I’m getting better now and hope my story will help someone else. I have an infestation of demodex mites and a fungal yeast infection of the skin. It was yeast in my mouth not mites. I don’t know which came first, just know one triggers the other. The stuff coming out of my skin was dead mites and the fungus growth surrounding them.
I am also taking vitamins, a probiotic, kelp, garlic, olive leaf supplements and a table spoon of food grade coconut oil. I drink 1 table spoon Braggs organic apple cider vinegar 2 times a day. I rinse my mouth with 10 drops of Usnea tincture diluted in 1 cup water 2 times a day. My sores stopped in 1 day with that. I soak 15-20 min in a bath nightly with a cup of borax, epsom salt or cider vinegar. After my soak I wash all over with Jason tea tree shampoo, let it sit for 5-10 min then wash again with shea butter body wash, get dry and rub myself down with coconut oil and or aloe vera gel. In the morning i spray my bed with Lysol and use a clean towel and pillow case daily.
Within days of doing all this I am sleeping through the night and I barely itch now. The sleeping through the night has helped my sanity and mood. I intend to keep this up until I haven’t felt an itch in a week. Everything I use was at Walmart and health food stores.

Comment posted by Sympathetic of Mooresville, IN, USA on 13 April 2016 at 18:2       4007

I have them on my face and now my scalp. At first I thought they were scabies, but from what I read, scabies are usually from the neck down and I don't have them anywhere else. I have them behind ears, along chin line, cheeks, in nostrils and on eyelids. I have used a ton of things and this is what has worked. I am almost completely over the creepy little critters. Use tea tree oil on eyelids. I dilute with a carrier oil about 50/50. Use a QTip to apply. On my face I have used three things and my face has drastically improved as it was fully covered in welts.
1. I apply tea tree oil full strength to the red spots.
2. Apply sulfur butter 10% sulfur daily to face.
3. Mix grapeseed oil with diamataceous earth and apply liberally at night. You can even add a teaspoon of tea tree oil. Grapeseed 2/3 and diamataceous earth 1/3.
4. Apply Diamataceous Earth to bed under sheets. Leave on 24 hours, vacuum off.
5. This will be controversial, but I bought ivermectin apple flavored horse paste and took about 3 doses. It is based on your weight. Every 7 days for as long as you need. I had absolutely no problem with this, but that is something you ll have to decide.
6. Clean all surfaces daily.
7. Borax in the laundry.
Good luck sweetie. The medical community are crazy when it comes to this subject. They think we are crazy, but I am highly educated and no one knows the pain and suffering unless you have experienced it.

Comment posted by Britt1013 of New Castle, Indiana, USA on 19 February 2016 at 13:46       3910

I think I have demodex and it started with a small patch on my son's head looking thin and then matted. I started treating us for body lice and one actually made a cocoon in his nose. I took him to the Doctor and they called child protection on me. I had to tear my carpets up and throw away my couch cuz I thought it was some kind of bed bug or something. I kept treating my hair with lice shampoo but they kept coming back. I ended up moving and left everything thinking it would solve problem. It did get better at first but now they are coming back. Went to dermatologist 3 times 100 bucks each time. They prescribed permethrin but they came back. I'm losing my hair by the handful and they suggested anxiety meds and therapy. And to have the Dr dismiss everything you tell them and say it is keratin like I'm a moron. Now my son has visible bites and kept chewing on his chin the lol things are trying to absorb moisture or something and his chin stays chafed no matter what I do. I actually found a full grown demodex follicular last night. Thought it was a maggot til I researched. But at least now I know what it is and have proof I’m not crazy. That’s been one of the worst parts feeling helpless not being able to help my son and people thinking I’m crazy cuz I don't even know what I have. It's good to have some here to start to know I'm not alone.

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