Grow Youthful: How to Slow Your Aging and Enjoy Extraordinary Health
Grow Youthful: How to Slow Your Aging and Enjoy Extraordinary Health

Ailment: Scabies

Remedy: Borax

Borax as a source of boron. Boron deficiency, supplementation, chelation, heavy metals, fluorides, fungicide, anti-microbial. How to use borax both internally and externally.

Comment posted by Works of Aberdeen, South Dakota, USA on 5 May 2016 at 13:34       4049

Borax, epsom salt and tea tree oil worked for myself and two children. Also a must is coconut oil jar - mix in tea tree oil small bottle or what you can stand. Rub all over head to toe before borax and epson salt bath, mites fall right off and works eggs out too. We showered in the morning.

Comment posted by Susieglows of Kona, Hawaii, USA on 23 April 2016 at 13:45       4023

I have been dealing with these scabies for 5 months now and from the beginning my skin has had such a severe reaction to them like an over reaction ... Which is common for me as my skin is beyond mom had scabies and gave it to me and her skin looked completely different than mine. With them I have giant patches of red thick skin that dries gets flaky and oozes after the initial bumps get scratched.Now I am doing the borax baths and getting much relief but don't know if the mites are dying? My skin gets super flaky dry and I have to rub it off in the bath to not feel like a snake. This was even before the borax baths.My skin is so thin now. Is this some sort of die off? Also now I get these really itchy spots and when I scratch they just ooze out liquid for a long while and burn and itch so bad. I'm so confused and trying not to take the ivermectin prescribed but I'm in the verge of a breakdown. I have never heard anyone give a good description as to what their skin is like during this process to compare with! Please help so desperate and about to take the meds. The borax soothes for a while which is so helpful.

Comment posted by Minchy of Miami, Florida, USA on 20 March 2016 at 14:45       3956

This is the BEST remedy to kill scabies. I've had scabies for over 6 months. It was a nightmare!! I used 2 cups of Borax and 1 cup hydrogen peroxide. I took a bath, but before having the bath I applied directly to my skin grapeseed oil with diatomaceous earth food grade in equal parts. After rubbing it for 20 minutes they began to leave their burrows and I removed them. After bathing do not dry your skin with a towel, apply on your wet skin diatomaceous earth again and let it dry. Wash all clothes after every use, sheets etc with borax. Dry clothes for 70 minutes at the highest temperature, clean and disinfect the car and everything you've touched.

Comment posted by Miserable girl of Dubuque , Iowa, USA on 28 January 2016 at 19:2       3868

THANK YOU! OMG some relief! Seriously was on the edge of insanity! THANK YOU to ALL for your stories. Going to try and get a hour or two of sleep.

Comment posted by Mandy of Perth, WA, Australia on 28 October 2015 at 22:38       3703

David, I agree with you. The Herxheimer Reaction is an immune system reaction to the toxins and endotoxins that are released when large amounts of pathogens are being killed off, and the body does not eliminate the toxins quickly enough.

Comment posted by David Niven Miller of Perth, WA, Australia on 23 October 2015 at 21:9       3697

To Terri of San Antonio,
The symptoms you describe were not caused by the borax. More likely is that you had an infection or toxin in your body, and the borax or peroxide was the appropriate remedy but caused an overload of toxic waste that your body was trying to excrete as quickly as possible.
If you ever use these remedies again, use smaller quantities over a longer period, and drink sufficient water to help flush your body.

Side-effects posted by Terri of San Antonio, Texas, USA on 23 October 2015 at 14:43       3696

BUT.........I was determined not to use the prescription treatment and spent hours online looking for an alternative to treat scabies. I took four baths using 2 cups of Borax and 1 cup of hydrogen peroxide over a three day period. After bath number four, I started to feel lethargic. I thought I must be coming down with something. I barely climbed the stairs and fell into bed. By 2 am I was in the bathroom with repeated bouts of diarrhea. The lethargy and diarrhea lasted into the next day. I had an odd "metal like" taste in my mouth and my urine smelled unusual. A lot of my scabies bumps dried up over that night. However, I will never take another borax bath and would not recommend it to anyone.

Comment posted by Elizabeth of Stigler, Pittsburg, Oklahoma, USA on 17 October 2015 at 23:38       3690

I have had scabies for 3 weeks now and they are driving me crazy. Last night I took a nice hot bath with 2 cups borax n 1 cup hydrogen peroxide n soaked for 15 minutes n got out dryer off n drained my water out got dressed in my bed clothes n went back to the bath tub n there was alot of black spots so I poured water in there to clean the tub...I had total relief from the biting n itching. Going to do this everyday til they are all gone...Thank you for your post it had helped me so much..God Bless.

Comment posted by The Arsonist of Wyandotte, Mi, USA on 28 September 2015 at 7:16       3659

Oh my god! I am so happy right now. it works! it seriously works! I have been fighting these mites for 4 months now, thought I was doing good after the 4th time using permethrin but they came back. I went crazy on everything, washed all clothes after every use, double dryed them, steam cleaned everything that wouldn't melt, even put stuff away not to be touched and still hasn't been touched in 4 months. But they came back. This time I got them and saw results in one day, after one borax bath, besides that, I put borax in coconut oil and applied it directly to my skin rubbing it in and pretty much scraping it all over the infected areas, opening all bubbles, its messy and annoying but is totally worth it! Please if you are suffering from scabies this is the best remedy to kill them! So far after one borax bath my skin is not itchy, a little prickly but healing, and you will feel the difference and you will know throughout the next day that you are winning the battle! I wish I had seen this earlier I would still have my job and I would have saved over $500! My skin is healing, I'm feeling normal, and more comfortable every day! Whoever figured this out, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart!

Comment posted by Kimberly of Scottsdale, AZ, USA on 13 September 2015 at 10:53       3635

I've been battling what I thought was scabies since January. The borax and peroxide baths gave me tremendous relief from itching. I had massive die off periods and black specks. However, I've seen other comments about how you shouldn't be able to see them. I decided to send a bunch of samples off to a University lab. What astonished me was it came back critter free. These specks were confirmed to be fibers and bits of synthetic materials. The question is why is this coming out of my skin? That's when I started researching and learned about Morgellons. It makes me wonder how many people don't have scabies, but this other condition that can seem identical. Wishing you all relief and hope. This whole ordeal has changed my life upside down and interfered with work. Thanks for all the encouragement and positive posts.

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