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Grow Youthful: How to Slow Your Aging and Enjoy Extraordinary Health

Ailment: Herpes simplex

Remedy: Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide H2O2. What it is, healing properties, uses, remedies and treatments, how to use it, possible reactions, warnings, and what to buy (and what not to buy).

Visitors personal experiences with Hydrogen peroxide

Comment posted by naturopathic doctor of Los Angeles, CA, USA on 12 May 2015 at 11:12       3457

FYI, vaccination does NOT cure a pre-existing infection - it only prevents from getting a new infection.

Question posted by Jenny of Berlin, Berlin, Germany on 30 April 2015 at 1:25       3437

Reading peoples feedback here has given me hope to change my lifetime of suffering from herpes. I would like to buy some 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide and some DMSO cream with aloe vera. I live in Germany and just can't find a supplier. I would prefer to order from someone in Europe and not have to deal with the risk of it getting stopped at customs. Can anybody give me some advice? Thanks in advance.

Comment posted by Diana of Long Beach, NY, USA on 18 April 2015 at 10:47       3413

Snowpea, soy feeds this virus. Besides most of the soy is genetically modified. I am taking hydrogen peroxide now, but I also eat no sugar, no flour, and no processed foods. All I eat now is raw fruit, raw vegetables, vegan cooked food and raw dairy. I noticed that the virus wants to escape my body since it can not tolerate my new clean body, but every time I notice a blister I apply garlic, and in about 30 minutes the blisters go away.

Comment posted by John of London, London, England on 2 April 2015 at 1:37       3387

I didn't try Hydrogen peroxide but I wanted to share my success against Herpes type 2 using Lugol's Iodine, after testing a lot of other remedies (monolaurin, vitamins, st john´s wort, lysine...) some of which helped, but none as good as Lugol's. I have passed from getting recurrences almost every one/two months to nothing at all after more than six months taking Lugols iodine, which is a cure no doubt.
Initially I started taken two or three drops of Lugol's Iodine 15% in a glass of water during one week, then increase the dosage during next days until 10 drops per glass, two times per day. In the last month I just take that dosage one time per day and feel great. Despite that lugols taste is not the best, it´s not that bad and I didn´t feel any side-effects at any point at all. You can buy Lugols in Amazon etc easily and research yourself about it on this web site here. Also remember each body works different and what works for someone doesn't mean it will do it for sure for you, but be sure it´s worth you test it!

Comment posted by Hope of San francisco, CA, USA on 27 March 2015 at 13:39       3375

I started hp therapy on March 8th after symptoms started on the 5th for the very first time. I've never been diagnosed by a dr. With hsv but I'm positive that was what I was suffering from. I was unable to walk without a limp for 6 days due to a radiating pain from my butt to under my feet. And the pain in my vagina was unrelenting. The dr. Said I had a cyst on my urethra and a uti. I knew he was wrong so i went online and realized I could very well have a lesion on my urethra. Then pulled back skin I hadn't checked before and found tiny clusters of blisters on each side of bottom opening of my vagina. HORRIFIED i quickly started searching the Internet for remedies and two days later found this blog. I started with 3 drops and increased everyday. I am on 11drops tid. And feel 90% back to normal. I applied hp 35% topically with a q tip to the tiny blisters. They bubbled up and were gone the next day. Stings like hell but I was careful not to put too much. I did not put any on my urethra lesion because it is too sensitive an area. But the sting when I urinate is very slight compared to the beginning of symptoms and I can see the lesion has almost diminished. No more nerve pain at all! I went to my dr. Today and he ordered labs. He says my "cyst" looks a lot better but he seemed confused at why I did not want antiviral meds. He will not diagnose me until test results because he did not see anything on me that looked like hsv. Even if positive I will continue therapy until desired result. THANKFUL FOR THIS BLOG.

Comment posted by searching 4Dcure of Dallas, TX, USA on 18 March 2015 at 8:25       3348

I had to stop ingesting it as it was making me sick. I made it up to 20 drops and I started to feel like I had been poisoned. The healing crisis is not a real thing in my opinion. I was diagnosed about 2 months ago and fortunately only had the initial outbreak which was two ulcers. I spray my legs, genitals, and lower back with 3% FGHP and use roll on DMSO. I have started to inhale 3% HP which seems to be a more efficient delivery system in theory. I also take Lysine, BHT, and just ordered olive leaf extract. I strongly believe the best chance I have at beating this is going to be with FGHP with a nebulizer. Others have had success with colloidal silver and oregano oil. I'll update in a few months when I retest. Just keep in mind a vaccine will be available in the next 5-7 years so this is not a life sentence for most of us.

Comment posted by pete of Sunshine coast, QLD, Australia on 2 March 2015 at 9:6       3306

Hi, I have had herpes for about 20 years or so, and only recently stumbled across this H2O2 treatment. Up to now i was using olive leaf + lysine and valtrex when i got flare ups. Over the years I have found diet is irrelevant, stress is the trigger but not during the stress, when the stress was over and the body goes AHHHH then I get a flare up. I have just ordered the food grade HP. I have right now a flare up, and i am topically applying a lower grade HP along with DMSO which in itself has virus killing properties plus is a carrying agent to take the HP into the body. I have done this for two days and the flareup is all but gone, about 6-7 days quicker than normal. I will trial this HP protocol for sure and hopefully i will have the same success as others in here.

Comment posted by krystal of rochester, new york, USA on 10 February 2015 at 17:15       3252

I started the food grade hydrogen peroxide a month after i got hvs 1 i tested postive for it. i drank the suggested amount for a month and sprayed 3% On "the infected area" and a month later my blood work was negative i stopped taking the valtrex too havent had an outbreak since it really did cure me.

Question posted by Tommy of Sydney , NSW, Australia on 9 February 2015 at 10:16       3217

6 months ago i tried some medicine doctors gave to me until i read an article about 35% h2o2. When i had another out break i decide to give it a try. 16 days start from 3 drop and go back. honestly i couldn't do more than 10 drop when i got sick so much pain and vomiting in less than 10 minute after drinking it so i stop in 10 drop until day 16 then i go back with 10 drop until i reached to 9 drop. here is the result until now in 21th day of treatment i had another out break i applied some h2o2 directly on sores and it burn like hell. They become white and swelling very scary but they gone in 2 days. In day 31 of my treatment i was shocked i had another breakout which means in 10 days i had another break out worse than first time. Some people say its healing crisis but i wanted to know that about people who did the treatment. Please the people who used this treatment and had result could tell me is it normal is it a bad sign or good sign? I'm not sure how long i can do this but if i know there is even small hope im definitely stick with it.

Comment posted by Bill A of Jupiter, Florida, USA on 21 January 2015 at 9:42       3171

H2O2 therapy works! I started with 3 drops 3 times a day with 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide. I went up to 25 drops 3 times a day and during that time was having outbreaks and was very uncomfortable for over a month. But I stayed on 25 drops 3 times a day for 2 months then went down to 25 drops 2 times a day for 2 months. I then did 25 drops once a day for a week and was completely healed at the end of the cycle. It seemed at first like it wouldn't work but I was having a healing crisis and I stuck with it for over 4 months in all. I am healed. Thanks to this forum I realized that herpes is 100% curable and it just takes times and costs about $20!

Question posted by Laura of Tacoma, WA, USA on 13 January 2015 at 14:51       3149

I was diagnosed with HSV2, but fortunately with low level (3.1, which is close to negative). I never got any symptoms, just got routine STD test. I was surprised. No mater I never had symptoms, I don't want this "bitch" in my body. I don't believe that there is no cure for this virus, all is about the pharmaceutical companies, they lie because they want our money. I read about 35% FGHP and I ordered it from Amazon. Now I am in "protocol" I started 3 drops 3x/day and I am now on 4th day. I feel nothing, nothing happened with my body, I don't have nausea or any discomfort (I read about it like a side effect). How I will know when the virus is gone and I can stop? I want keep doing this protocol until 16 drops 3x per day and then I want keep it for a while and go down again. And what I can expect - I mean like reaction to the perixode in my body? How long I have to wait to go to the doc and get tested again?

update 16 February 2015: I think the HP is working. I start this HP treatment on January 10 with 3 drops 3x per day until I got 16 drops. Then I stayed on 16 for 10 days and then continued on 19 drops where I again stayed for 7 days. Then put one drops till 20 and I stayed there until now. Well I am on treatment for 37 days. I don\'t want to go to 25. I am sure, that everybody can feel, if his body can tolerate those huge amount As somebody already mentioned here that is a difference between the body\'s constitutions. So if someone has 200 pounds, then he can tolerate 25 drops and so. When I was on my 10 drops, I got my first reaction as tingling, itching, a little burning on my groin which toke about 13 days when I found the blisters. The blisters showed up when I was on 16 drops and healing for a 7 days. I put directly on it no-diluted HP. Its burning and the blisters turned white and bubbling. You can see where exactly the virus is under your skin. peroxide don\'t react on the surrounding tissue, just reacts only to virus. I put HP 3x per day until the virus was gone. Yes, its left a small scars there. Another part of my healing crisis is - little headache, dry skin, a little nausea, a little burning in my stomach. But I also get some benefit of HP - my gums look healthy and pink, pockets around the tooth are diminished. And also my hair are growing faster. Well even though I am skeptical about whether HP can eliminate the virus from the body, I believe at least, HP can disrupt the viral DNA so the virus can not replicate itself. The virus may remain in the body, but without own DNA can not be reactivated. Yes, of course, unless new infections and existing virus can be activated again. And also, If the virus will permanently dormant, antibodies have no reason remains active. Well, after I will done with my HP treatment, I am going to get my test. ....good luck to all

Comment posted by Jamie of Arlington, VA, USA on 10 January 2015 at 6:42       3144

Cured of my Herpes 2! I was skeptical. My partner and I tested positive for HSV 2 a yesr ago. I found an article about using H2O2 to cure Herpes 2. I can't say for certain this worked but I will stage the facts. Whether this was the cure or something else, I recently retested for HSV2 and the test came back negative. I retested both the IGG and IGM tests three times over 3 weeks with the same results. NEGATIVE for HSV2. My partner is still testing positive. He did not follow the regimen as I did. I can only assume this means it works. Or somehow I was just lucky and rid my body of the "incurable" virus. This is the program I followed. 1) bought food grade peroxide and a dropper from Amazon. Just go to Amazon and search for Herpes Peroxide. I used one drop three times a day and increased a drop each day for 16 days. On day 17 I decreased to 15 drops and so on. So day 1, 1 drop with a bottle of water three times a day. Day 2, 2 drops in a bottle of water three times a day. Day 3, 3 drops and so on up to day 16. Then day 6 reduce by one drop a day for 16 more days. On day 32 I stopped though I've read they suggest continuing 3 drops daily, 3 times a day for 6 months. I didn't do that. Today I am negative for HSV2. Believe this really worked for me.

Comment posted by Nancy of Hoboken, NJ, USA on 17 December 2014 at 15:34       3100

I have always been safe and non-promiscuous, but contracted this virus from rape (rufi-ed). I was told about Hydrogen Peroxide therapy months before and did the cycle as desribed here not for HSV, but for the health benefits I read about. 3 months later this incident occurred I noticed a tiny couple of white dots on top of my skin down there. No pain No irritation, not even red. My doctor was out of town so had to wait 2 days to see him. When I did he said for sure herpes but by then the dots had healed. So strange! When I first saw them, I took immediately 24 drops for 3 days staight. I firmly believe its a combination of a strong immune system and H202 the fact I did it earlier helped me fight it. The Doc says primary exposure is the most severe. I will say, not true if you take your H202.

Comment posted by Lovetap0 of Minneapolis, MN, USA on 17 December 2014 at 6:11       3097

What you experienced is normal, do some more research on H2O2 therapy and you will see that feeling nauseated and sleepy is normal and the body is detoxing. I felt that way too for about the first 2 weeks. You were also at the beginning of the protocol, this is not a 2 second miracle. Stick to it, everyone's experience is different. When I first started I was about a 3 weeks into my first outbreak, I had this itching that wouldn't go away. It was gone the first day and by the next day I felt 100% normal. I just got another outbreak and it's been about 3 weeks since I started. It is far less severe, I had one sore that came and went in about 3 days and now a 2nd has shown and seems to be persisting a little bit more, but it isn't bad. I've been putting H2O2 on the area directly as well. I didn't notice this outbreak until I reached the 25 drop mark. I'm not sure if I'm just having a outbreak our if the H2O2 is just helping to purge the virus now that I'm at a higher concentration. I can say this though, I first started a vitamin regimen (which I'm still on) and I didn't notice the same results as I have with the H2O2. I will be seeing this one through.

Comment posted by missy of Vancouver, WA, USA on 6 December 2014 at 9:53       3078

YES!! I was very unsure about this protocol but I had nothing else to lose. I had outbreaks every month for almost a year. I came across this and I started at 3 drops all the way to 25 and then went back down. I was on it for about 2 months. I am now 6 months from when I did it last and I am outbreak free. The treatment is hard and tastes gross but I promise you if you can stick it out like I have and other people on this site have then you can also be outbreak free. I am curious though if anyone has gone back to the doctors and gotten tested and were negative? I mean I might go get tested, but either way my life is back to normal and I beat this disease that was making me hate myself. I am also very curious why this is not seen as a treatment by the FDA.

Comment posted by sara of Hartford, CT, United States on 26 November 2014 at 6:45       3058

Yes this remedy works. Upon much reading about HSV I have learned about the 35% Food Grade H2O2 process. I started drinking 3 drops in 6oz spring water 3x daily, then 4-25 drops 3x daily. This was about 3 months ago. I felt prickles where the outbreak had occurred before and thought the virus was dead. I half hazardly decreased off the peroxide, but did not ween off correctly. Recently I have had another outbreak. I have to say though the peroxide did work because this outbreak is so much less significant than the last one. I believe it only came back because I did not finish the oxidization correctly. Upon learning that this virus is a PARASITE, I believe with all my heart that this process is working. When I had my last outbreak it was all along the labia crease between the majors and minor labia. It went the entire length, itching, burning and sores. I also had burning of the anus and could feel the nerve to my back and spine. I would also have oral outbreaks. Since the peroxide therapy I only had a small spot on the hood of my clitoris. One small blister. No pain in my back or spine. No tingling of my nerves. No outbreak in my anus. Just the one sore. I applied drops of the 35% Food Grade H2O2 directly to the sore. It fizzed and bubbled and burned like hell. Call me crazy, but I could see and feel something moving under my skin. It looked like there was a worm under my skin trying to get away from the peroxide. The peroxide definitely took care of the sore. It pretty much healed up overnight. I am currently at 20 drops 3x a day and can literally feel the virus being attacked in my body. About an hour after drinking the solution I will feel a stinging prickly feeling where the virus lies. I have actually been able to feel it die down and try to attach itself in other areas of my body. Just since last night when I applied the peroxide topically, this morning I have no sore. Just a hard white head where the blister was and it is the size of a pin.
I would like to know has anyone else tried the 35% H2O2 topically? And if yes did you have the same results as me?

Comment posted by Parallax of Garden Grove, CA, USA on 25 November 2014 at 8:34       3054

I have healed myself of herpes using this protocol: Dilute 35% food grade H2O2 in distilled or filtered water and you start at 3 drops 3 times a day and go up to 25 drops 3 times a day. Stay there for 2 or 3 weeks, then go to 25 drops 2 times a day for "up to 6 months" Most people either quit or go back down to 3 drops 3 time a day. Many quit because the symptoms become worse. Thats GOOD! Thats the virus trying to escape as its having a Herxheimer Reaction or healing crisis. I had back to back breakouts for the first 2 months. It is very uncomfortable for a couple months, but it will be eliminated if you stay on 25 drops 2 times a day for up to 6 months. Many people are saying on this forum you can't eat several foods including nuts, chocolate, white bread, etc. I ate a regular diet, and I ate all these foods to see if it was the foods that made any difference. For me they did not. I also took colloidal silver in conjunction with the H2O2. I have not had a breakout in months and I will continue on the H2O2 for a total of 6 months. Best of luck to all of you.

Comment posted by Jim of Lubbock, TX, USA on 20 November 2014 at 1:53       3043

I have had what we always called "cold sores" since I was a single digit age child (and you don't want to know how I got it). I put up with outbreaks for years, and one day I decided to try something. For whatever reason I was on a hydrogen peroxide kick, using it for cuts and mouthwash and even inhaling it as a spray when I had a problem breathing. One day about 5 or so years ago, I wondered if this would work as a treatment for my cold sore outbreaks - things that make you go hmm. One day I got another outbreak, and I picked the blister open. I FLOODED the open sore with regular store-bought 3% HP and walked away. There may have been one or two more outbreaks, but I treated them the same way - picked the blister open, and flooded the open sore with HP. End results? I have NOT had an outbreak again in the last 5 or so years.

Comment posted by sb of loma linda, san bernardino, CA, USA on 18 November 2014 at 8:46       3038

Most of those who are complaining it didn't work didn't use the proper food grade Hydrogen Peroxide (from a health food store like Clarks etc.) Or they bought it online claiming it was food grade. Because if they did they would be cured. I did a blood test no signs of it here. And I was diagnosed with HSV2.

Comment posted by Tammi of St John, New Brunswick, Canada on 3 November 2014 at 20:59       3001

I tried this twice. Didn't work both times. It actually spread to other parts of my body where I wasn't even infected. I took the recommended dosage of working my way up to 25 drops per day and staying on that before tapering down. I can't remember how long for now as I stopped doing it awhile ago. I just wanted to let everyone know that not only does it not work, but it can make it SO MUCH WORSE. I did not eat any processed foods, no white flour, no chocolate and only drank distilled water during this protocol. Never again.

Comment posted by mostro of vancouver, BC, Canada on 2 November 2014 at 4:25       2998

After building up to 25 drops, I haven't had a single outbreak, I stayed on 25 drops for 7 or 8 days and then started reducing a drop a day and also stayed at 15 drops for an extra week as well. No lesions but tingling which I wipe with apple cider vinegar. It can't be safe to stay on this for more than a few months so I have to reduce but am afraid of the prodrone phase never ending.

Comment posted by anonymous of los angeles, California, USA on 16 October 2014 at 3:51       2962

I've never tried this particular method but I do know that it or any other natural antidote cure for herpes is not to be taken at the time of a break out and expect the break out to disappear. Once you are experiencing a full on break out most times you just gotta ride it out to the end. Try again but this time do so while it's in it's dormant remission stage.

Question posted by mostro of Vancouver, BC, Canada on 28 September 2014 at 13:28       2902

I just started off at 10 drops x 3/day. Adding a drop x 3/day. Now at 15 drops and feeling nauseous. Right away itching on my lips, eyes, mouth gradually lessened to tingling and almost ghost twinges. All itching on my genitals have gone. My question pertains to body size. Does it make sense for a 110 lbs woman to talk 25 drops x 3/day as well as a 250 lb man? I doubt a petite woman can take that dosage.

Comment posted by JJ of London, Middx, United Kingdon on 19 September 2014 at 8:32       2878

I've been reading this page and interested in trying the 35% hydrogen peroxide oral drop treatment, unfortunately from september the 2nd you cannot buy it in the UK. Any ideas where I can get it?

Question posted by Crystal of New York , New York , USA on 14 September 2014 at 2:0       2869

Hi everyone, I just found out that I have the herpes 2 simplex virus this past Tuesday. I have been reading all about it everywhere! I'm really nervous and stressed! I brought the h202 product from amazon and waiting for the delivery.. Reading most of everyone's comments has given me hope.. :.) I was shocked to learn about this as I never ever experienced any "outbreaks" and so I hope not to. My doctor did say that my number was at 9.80( if anyone knows what this number means) for it and at first he didn't believe I had it but with further testing it showed I did. I do not take any medicine as I just learned about it but I'm really nervous and super embarrassed to talk to anyone about this.. I came across this site and again I'm hopeful but if anyone has any advice for me, please do share :) I hope that everyone who's on this site all has a wonderful success story we all can share at the end of our treatment :)))

Comment posted by Dragon of Winchester, Hampshire, United Kingdom on 27 August 2014 at 1:1       2822

I have HSV2 for 7 years now. I had an outbreak 6 days ago, it was on my thigh. It was a big attack this time and I can feel the pain. I cannot sit on it as well as sleep on that side. However, as I have read lots of successful trials on the YouTube and internet of using H2O2 natural remedy method. I have decided to try H2O2 instead of taking normal doctor's prescription of Aciclovoir tablets. I started H2O2 four days ago whilst I am having this nasty episode, I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to test if it would work. I strictly followed the dosage instruction from 3 drops increased to 6 drops on my 4th day, drink H2O2 solution one hour before or three hours after a meal. As a result, I cannot see any positive impact on my outbreak, they are maintained the same appearance and become pussy then brownie colour on the fourth day as usual. It is a real challenge to make sure not to eat any food before or after the meal, I feel I am starving all the time. Especially the first dose in the morning with empty stomach, it makes me gob all the time and feel like vomit, the solution taste like bleach remain in the mouth is awful. In the mean time, I feel sleepy and tired. Nothing like someone describe it make you energise and feel flow of extract oxygen in the body. I think I am going to give up this trial and look for other natural remedies.

Question posted by Teri of Somerville , NJ, USA on 25 August 2014 at 5:7       2816

I am trying to decide if I should use HP. I only had one OB and treated it with soaking in Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar with the mother in a sitz bath 3 times per day. I used tea tree oil on all sores and bacitracin on open soars. Lysine supplements and ointment as well. Vitamin Bs and Zinc as well. It seemed to get better very quickly after I started all this. I also started Vaclovir about 3 days from onset. The experience was very painful, I could not wear clothes or even sit. I bought a donut to sit on, My Igg test came back positive as well as the culture test for HPV1. The sores were in my genital area. They were ulcers, never scabbed over or "dried up". Soooo painful in the creases of the vaginal area dn all along the opening on the mucus membrane The whole thing lasted less than 1 week. I have had no recurrence since the initial OB in June. I obviously do not want to have any more OBs and I would really like to be rid of the virus and test negative and know I could not pass it to anyone. I will not have sex with anyone knowing that I could pass this on. Some have posted that they tested negative after H2o2 and many have asking what kind of test came back negative after H2o2. I have read this entire blog and no one has answered this specific ? If the negative test is for antibodies, could that mean that H2o2 gets rid of antibodies but not the virus ultimately reducing your ability to fight off an OB? I have a ton of questions about, if the virus could lie dormant and be undetected (test negative) prior to OB and testing positive, how long could a person carry it without OBs. Should I even consider doing H2o2 while I have no recurrence, just for the desire to "test negative" and potentially reduce the risk of getting OBs in the future? I can't make the decision to do H2o2 without more info, especially since it appears that there is much debate about it. If anyone can share resources for detailed information about any of this please let me know. TIA

Comment posted by george of New York City, NY, USA on 24 August 2014 at 4:43       2812

LIMITED chocolate ??? has to be ZERO chocolate and ZERO sugar....and make sure you use Distilled water....chocolate is herpes crack cocaine....chocolate is has both arginine and sugar

Comment posted by Thom of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand on 23 August 2014 at 22:34       2811

NO, this did not work. In fact, it only made it worse - a lot worse. I did this regime for 17 weeks and cut out all coffee, tea and all processed foods. I limited my intake of chocolate, increased my intake of lysine-rich foods and drank only pure spring water. However, it spread from a couple of small patches to all over my butt, to my thighs and on my face! It's so embarrassing! I have it all over pretty much 24/7 now! I thought it would be okay if it didn't work but I never envisioned that it would make it so much worse. This is absolutely horrible. Be aware. I know this is not the healing crisis everyone talks about because it's been like this for months and only got worse with time.

Comment posted by george of NYC, NY, USA on 18 August 2014 at 10:35       2802

I am currenly a 24 drops.....i pushed my self all this way with out dropping back and i can tell you have had rashes all over and feel nauseaus....i beleive its doing something..i currently have hsv 1 diet right now consists mainly broccoli, chicken, pure water, apples, and a little bit of apple juice...i pray this works ...i cut out all wheat, proccessed foods and any kind of soda, and i can tell you i feel less pain from the virus

Comment posted by frustrated señorita of Montclair , CA, USA on 17 August 2014 at 20:1       2798

I got HSV1 genital two years ago from oral sex and I felt miserable because I though this will never happen to me since I always used protection and I wasn't promiscuous. I tried several remedies like cleansing my body with this anti viral treatment raw food diet that didn't work. Also tried red marine algue that did help but after I stopped taking it, I got an OB right away. I researched about H2O2 and decided to give it a try. I first applied the 3% externally and then discovered the 35% food grade H2o2. I followed the protocol and also applied aloe Vera externally. Unfortunately, i felt very sick. After drinking H2O2, I couldn't sleep at night and I had nausea. Even though I stoped drinking it, I noticed that it did help to stop my OB. I thought I was cured since I didn't get any OB for two years, but unfortunately, I got another OB with an ulcer this week after I had sex. I don't know what triggered this OB since within those two years, I drank coffee, chocolate, drank soda, didn't follow a strict diet and had sex and never had any issue. I had normal healthy lifestyle. Maybe it was my yeast infection that I cured with garlic clove or dry vaginal intercourse that triggered it.

Comment posted by Stress and confused of Kingston, Kingston, Jamaica on 5 August 2014 at 13:39       2766

I tested positive for HSV2 three months ago so I went online to research the virus however I am truly thrilled and grateful of the good news so far, thanks guys you are all doing a wonderful job. I caught this disease from being raped in early 2012 and did not pay the symptoms any mind until lately. I bought an EBook by Melanie Addington and took the meds that she advised me to take, she recommended hydrogen peroxide food grade (35%) to dilute and spray on my lower back and neck..... Honestly I got so frustrated because she did not explain in detail how to use the hydrogen and I make a mess of it and used it incorrectly... It is after I read other's comments here and elsewhere I realized that I have used it wrong. To make matters worst, I live outside the USA and I cannot get HP anywhere on the Island where I live. I am still willing to try out new things and even to start the HP protocol all over again. I am willing to do whatever it takes to get rid of this horrible disease, well I am a Christian now so I am hoping and praying for a miracle from GOD. I did not know that it was the drip from the dropper that I should count! I used the entire dropper and it finishes the HP so fast, its a good thing I only sprayed it on my body. I want someone who used the HP and is now cured to explain to me in detail how to use it, thanks guys, keep doing what you doing.

Question posted by olepappa joe of main , Illinois, USA on 8 July 2014 at 12:0       2684

To dood of Vancouver, I have never been tested but got a cold sore. The physicians assistant told me to take l-lysene and it would be fine. I am now 50 and have had minimal sores sometimes years without or only once or twice a year and when they showed up i took L-lysene. Last week i had a rash on my right bun, it appears it is some form of OB, its very itchy and seems to be spreading. I started the l-lysene yesterday and am looking here for ideas. I found this blog last year and made a note to try the h2o2 because so many everyday symptoms reported here are familiar to me. Have you made progress and did this help?

Comment posted by skybyrd of Pittsburgh, PA, USA on 6 July 2014 at 23:5       2679

The healing crisis is proper healing. But it must be managed correctly.You must go slowly and gradiently increase the H2O2. Too much toxins being released at the same time creates the healing crisis. So go slow and back off if the healing crisis becomes uncomfortable. I imagine if you go real slow you won't get the healing crisis but this is a very personal matter.

Question posted by Mark of Cagary, Alberta, Canada on 6 July 2014 at 10:30       2675

I have gone through the same program to cure my HSV-2 as well as a month extra of the maintenance dose of 3 drops 3 times a day and while I haven't had an out break in almost 2 months my blood test came back positive for HSV (IgG)antibodies . My doctor says it means that I have been exposed to the virus but can not tell me if I still have it or not . I used to have outbreaks on a regular bases and really bad ones when I would eat or drink things or when highly stressed . During my treatment with H2o2 after the first month I went through a very bad break up which was and continues to be very stressful I also started eating the foods that would trigger out breaks and drinking coffee with sugar and pop . And still no outbreaks ,my question though is what is the test the people with negative results have taken ? While the outbreaks have stopped I still do not have peace of mind that I can without worry go into a relationship and not feel the need to tell a potential partner that I have or had herpes . Can anyone shed some light on this question for me ?

Comment posted by CuredCutie82 of Baltimore, Maryland , USA on 4 July 2014 at 12:25       2670

YES IT WORKS! I was diagnosed with HSV2 March 2014. Basically was given a pamphlet and a prescription for Valtrex and told, "there's nothing else to do." I had fairly good health habits prior to the diagnosis, and likely contracted the disease in 2009. My symptoms were so mild (never a visible sore), I mistook symptoms for random irritation. After being DEVASTATED for three days, I searched the internet and came across the H202 treatment. YES IT WORKS. I followed the guidelines, 1.) Take a multivitamin daily, 2.) Take 500 mg Lysine daily, and 3.) " Eat Right". I also continued taking the Valtrex daily. The H202 treatment involved the 35foodgrade H202, and rose scented/aloe DMSO. I diluted H202 in 8oz of diluted water, and used a spray bottle to spray liquid on my hips and back. Followed with the DMSO. I won't say I was strictly following the guidelines with the spray, but I was doing everything else. I started around March 21 and continued through July 2. There were days I skipped, and if I missed 3 or more days, I'd start back at 3 drops and build back up. I finally made it to 20 drops, and started back down. Before I got back down, I retested, and came back negative! I'm going to continue on Valtrex for one more month, and continue with a few drops of H202 every other day, and get re-tested in 30 days, but YES IT WORKS. HSV TYPE 2-SPECIFIC Ab, IgG: MARCH 17 - 2.16 (positive), MAY 31 - 1.02 (high), July 1 - less than 0.91 (negative)

Question posted by ZIM94 of Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico on 3 July 2014 at 14:21       2667

I did this protocol to the letter and followed the steps and it did help exponentially. It has reduced the outbreaks and the size of the out break. They appear as either one or two little blisters and then they fade away without break the skin. I feel I may have done something wrong and would like to know how I should proceed on from here because I would like to get rid of this affliction.

Comment posted by Michela of INDUNO , Varese, Italia on 27 June 2014 at 19:13       2651

The healing crisis is not proper healing, the virus doesn't come out to run away, but to spread better and take other parts of the body. When the virus comes out means that your body is not well and your immune sistem is under stress, if your immune system would be enforced by the therapy the virus should not come out. The healing crisis puts doubts on the therapy.

Comment posted by No name of Providence, RI, USA on 26 June 2014 at 12:18       2650

NO NO NO this did not work for me, it actually made my symptoms much worst!! i bought so many books on it and did exactly as it said and it is just awful now. :(

Comment posted by heartbroken of sydney, sydney, Australia on 15 June 2014 at 23:44       2626

I contracted Genital Herpes Type 1 without realizing. Had severe itchyness for months, got swabbed and results negative I also drank coffee regularly. I decided to cease intercourse with my partner as the itchyness seemed to get worse, once I did this the itchyness stopped and I had no other symptoms. A year later when I had intercourse, 2 day's after that I was very sore and burning sensation. Blood test results came back Positive for Herpes Type 1 and prior to this relationship I was negative. The symptoms lasted for 7 - 9 day's and all doctor's swab's and visual's were negative to herpes. I never had blister's, I felt the pain and I thought I saw skin coloured flat bumps but I was told it was nothing. Then I found out about the Hydrogen Peroxide program and started liquid form 1 - 25 drips. It was discusting to drink but I went all the way up to 25 drips. I didn't get any symptoms till I reached drip 14. I then got dirrhea for 3 day's. On drip 17 I then was sore for a few day's. When I reached drip 25 my bottom hurt it was sore, sometimes I felt like there was a seed or something under the skin that caused me pain. I also had a large amount of red dot's that looked like pimples(without the pus) all over my bottom and some on the thigh's. I felt bum pricks, burning in the bum crack, sore even when there seemed to be no sore's. Went to the doctor's many times (even got one pimple pricked by the doctor and swabbed and came back negative again!) I reached drip 25 and started to come down, but I was having some form of symptoms everyday. Sometimes it would hurt for a few hour's a day on and off. I dripped down to 23 drips and still had symptoms so I decided to go back up to 25 drips and then turned to capsule form for the rest of my protocol. I took 8 capsules a day (equivalent to 80 drips a day) for 4 weeks. I suffered bum pricks, bum soreness, vagina soreness, lip tingles, etc The bottom symptoms seemed to go away by the end of week 3 (except for the pimples) and once I reached 4 weeks I went through hell. The symptoms now focused on my vagina the sores were so severe for the last 3 day's of that 4 week period that I couldn't sleep being in severe pain. I endured vagina sores,(they looked like soft lumps of raised skin, some looked like pimples too, I also had back pain near the tail bone that I couldn't walk, it was then the dreaded day that I saw 2 small blister's in the morning. I went to the doctor's, I told her all swab's come back negative but I am definately sure I have it. She did a visual, confirmed I have herpes as there is ulcer looking things down there (she didn't see the blister's) they must have gone within a few hour's? She put me on Valtrax I only took 4 tablet's got off the Hydrogen Peroxide for 2 day's and then decided to re-commence the Hp Protocol. I now decided to take 5 capsules a day (equivalent to 50 drips) I did this for the next nearly 5 months. My symptoms now were very mild being on 5 capsules but after a few weeks they got slightly worse. Felt bum pricks, vagina pricks, slight itchy, sores, burning etc. The symptoms were not as bad as being on 8 capsules. I would suffer then on and off for a few hour's per day. As I reached 3 month's into being on 5 capsules a day, things got worse. I had a blister on my tongue (A doctor used a special gadget to see this) To me it looked like a sore but it was a blister. I most likely have coldsore's in my mouth but she claims it's unlikey to be inside the mouth. Feeling all the tingles on my lips on the HP I am sure I have it in my mouth. I did had a few small pimples on my inner lip but it wasn't noticeable to people only I could feel it. It took this long for lip symptoms to start and instead of getting better I was getting worse. In my 4th month of 5 capsules a day the symptoms started to not be everyday and then I had a week without much symptoms....miracle I thought. Then out of no where I got severe symptoms in the genitals again, pimples, soreness slight itchy etc etc During my Protocol I was very strict with my diet and never drank coffee, towards the end I had enough and tested it with chocolate, nut's etc etc It didn't seem to make much difference either way. I also took olive leaf capsules, Vitamin C Capsules, Lysine capsules, oregano oil under the tongue, took licorice root extract, Black Elderberry, tried the collodial silver for a while, Astragalus Plus Extract, I also tried spraying the HP onto the back of the neck and tail bone then rubbing in DSMO cream etc. I now have about less than 6 weeks till I finish the HP Protocol but thinking to discontinue it as just when I thought things were getting better it came back with a vengence and 2 weeks ago it was painful for 2 day's. Everyone say's you can't eat this or that but I say try and see what works for you as I think the friction from sex is my trigger. I also want to let everyone know you have to be very STRONG Mentally and Emotionally to start this process. I started when I realised what I had so dealing with knowing what I caught and then having to suffer the symptoms of being on this Protocol was very difficult. I think more people should post and be MUCH MORE THOROUGH in your posts, we are all trying to compare with each other but if we do not know which type you had or how often your symptoms are how can we compare results? It appears I may not be a person who has regular symptoms but I also have a strong immune system and rarely get sick. But on the HP Protocol I suffered some form of symptom nearly everyday. I went on this to try and cure myself and get a negative blood test, but obviously that won't happen. For anyone that want's to attempt this I say....GO FOR IT, Do the capsules as liquid is horrible to drink, go 1 - 25 drips and then stay on 25 drips for up to 3- 4 weeks then drip down. Don't believe anyone that tells you this can cure you, my swab results came back negative and the doctor said it was impossible. She thinks being on HP may have given me that fake result. A lot of people say, "CURED" but what they mean is that there symptoms have gotten better. I will not know what this has done for me until I wait till I get my next attack. By the way when I had sore's I used to get oregano oil and put that on them (It will burn for up to 20 min then I would also put dsmo gel on them too and so much relief) Goodluck everyone I hope this feedback helps anyone out there and let's pray to GOD for a cure soon!!!

Comment posted by Jared of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on 14 June 2014 at 1:2       2620

When I first found out I had genital herpies, I looked I to this h2O2 treatment, first time I ever heard of it actually, I started with 3 drops 3x a day, I cut out flower, most of the days, then I went all the way to 25 drops 3x a day, my body was able to take it, besides the gross taste, I stayed at 25x for about one month, I heard the longer the better, I'm still taking about 20drops 2-3 times a day, my first breakout ever was the worst, then I started this, ever since I started it I had 2 little breakouts back to back at the beginning, now it's been 2 monthes with no breakouts! I feel normal and truly feel cured, I haven't went to get tested again but I plan to in the next month, doctor says the first 6 months of receiving herpies should be the worst and most outbreaks and hearin I only had 3 withing the first month and a half and never since it's awesome! So I say keep doing the treatment because it works!

Comment posted by Hopeful of Cape Town, The Cape, South Africa on 9 June 2014 at 17:51       2612

I've had oral and genital herpes for 5 years now, I've just gone off my long term anti viral drugs and have started the oral h202 therapy I am now on 25 drops 3xa day and have had one outbreak after another since starting treatment... I'm going to persevere though and hope for the best.. NB I read somewhere that someone was taking the h202 with soya milk!!! Soya is a herpes trigger!! Stop all soya products!!

Comment posted by justagirl of kamloops, bc, canada on 3 June 2014 at 5:5       2600

Kim of NYC, please keep us posted. I use a very similar technique that you do. I also use a helichrysum oil with dmso in the morning and the hydrogen peroxide spray at night after my bath. Everything else we do the same. I also use a super strength olive leaf extract and the usual supplements like zinc, vitamin c, lysine and eat a high lysine diet. I have no idea what my numbers are but I am interested in your progress!! Thanks for the post!!

Question posted by Thom of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand on 17 May 2014 at 9:56       2569

Would anyone know if it is safe to take both H2O2 and colloidal silver? Not together but taking the required amount of both alternately throughout the day? I've tried to find information online but have not found anything conclusive. Any knowledge about this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Comment posted by iLoveh202 of London, England, United Kingdom on 17 May 2014 at 7:19       2568

I noticed an outbreak starting during the night and the next morning began applying drops of (undiluted) h202 to the sores. They burst and healed almost immediately. I applied the droplets three times today - the third time it burned like hell. This is because h202 CAN (but not always) cause slight burning to the skin. I'm going to try internal use of h202 to combat any future outbreaks. I tried before but gave up because it tasted disgusting. Hopefully this time I'll be able to persevere.

Question posted by Jon of Corpus Christi, Texas, USA on 11 May 2014 at 8:23       2559

Does anyone have information on performing hydrogen peroxide protocal during pregnancy?

Question posted by Nolan of San Jose, California, USA on 9 May 2014 at 18:5       2554

So I have had HSV-1 since the age of 14, I'm now 33. First time I got it below my lower lip I had no idea what the itching was. I scratched it, it broke open as to be expected. I then rubbed my eye having no idea the blister was HSV-1. Long story short it spread to my eye. After weeks of drops and numerous scraping of my eye the symptoms faded. This brings me to the present situation. I also have Crohn's disease and with it all the exciting ailments that come with me being immunosuppressed. I get a sores on the top left corner of my lip when I'm run down or flaring with crohns. I've also gotten the virus in my throat on a couple occasions and with it pericarditis. I was hospitalized for 6 weeks, lost 40 lbs and felt like death on a daily basis while the idiot doctors attempted to cure my pericarditis without addressing the virus that had made my throat so inflamed I could barely drink water. Once thy listened to me and treated the virus the pericarditis was no more. So here's my question: can I being so immunosuppressed with crohns attempt this regimen. Id love to be cured or at least take some control over the virus but I'm worried I will aggravate my Crohn's disease. Any info would've helpful. Good luck to all of you and Ty.

Comment posted by Kimberly of nyc, NY, USA on 7 May 2014 at 2:17       2549

HVS-2 Negitive results are 0.90 or lower
Low positive results: 1.10-3.5
High positive results are 3.5 and higher
I changed my diet to high Lysine foods like tuna,eggs and cut out all high L-Argine foods like nuts. Started taking valtrex 2 times a day. My results went from 2.85 to 1.95 in a month. Obviously it won't go away so I'm trying something that will attack the virus attached to the nerves. I started H2o2 therapy with daily increased dosages hot H202 baths finishing after spraying solution let air dry and add DSMO cream to absorb. I will let you know if my numbers change or if I get rid of this HVS-2.

Comment posted by Feeling defeated of Portsmouth, Hampshire, England on 1 May 2014 at 0:42       2524

I've suffered from herpes type 2 for nearly 8 years! I normally get it on my left leg when I'm either due on my period or just coming off, nearly every month!! I've tried everything you could possible think of and finally found the H202 course... I looked into it and was bit scared to swallow it so I researched a lil bit more and found that you could spray it onto your body! You measure the same quantitys into distilled water into a 300ml spray bottle, for the same period of time. Going from 3 drops a day to 25! Then after having a shower, I then sprayed onto my lower back and abdomen, the top of my spine and on my left leg where I normally have the herpes sore.. After doing this I dried myself off and rubbed "DMSO cream with aloe Vera rose scented" onto the same patched where I sprayed and then washed my hands!! (When you first start doing this you feel a tingling sensation, which I've read means it's working)!! Soo anyway I started doing this the first week of January 2014 everyday, had a break in Feb due to holiday etc and have been doing it ever since... I have NOT had another sore since the 9th of December 2013, even around my periods!!! I'm not saying it has gone away for good, but I haven't suffered in nearly 5 months and I feel wonderful :) I will be doing this until my bottle of h202 35% food grade runs out and see what happens!!! GOOD-LUCK

Question posted by justagirl of Kamloops, B.C, Canada on 15 April 2014 at 9:7       2464

I use Hp Food Grade and did the protocol up to 15 drops, 3 times a day. I felt my body telling me that was enough. I reached the half way point and came down with the worst cold I have ever had in years (actually haven't been sick in years) I did skip two days while I was sick. Is it ok to resume back to 15 drops at 3 times a day? I plan on doing it as long as it takes. I also do ozone i.v therapy and although expensive stopped the ob so now after my first 5 treatments of ozone, I will do it once a month. I also use organic sulfur which has dmso and Hp in it. All of these things put together seems to help. My body shows no sings of it and I thought for sure being as sick and as run down as I had got, it would of showed its ugly ob face for sure!! and it didn't! I occasionally get a short tingle in my leg but its so short and its not often and nothing happens. I eat a strict high lysine diet ( never eat high arginine to replicate the little buggers!!!) and follow the Hp protocol of when to take it and when not to. I have an iron will. I wont give up. I also take zinc, vitamin c (1,000mg) and olive tree extract with a 18% concentration. I research this day and night (those close to me that know say I have no life since I found out in January) but nothing will stop me. Out of all my research and the money I have spent (I also bought a rife machine but in all fairness I grew up with an aunt who had one in practice so I always wanted one this just sparked it to happen now) I think that the simple things and the natural ways are the right way to go. Stay strong, be open to changing everything about your lifestyle, not forever but for how ever long it takes. You are entitled to live the life you want. Healthy and free. That's what I keep telling myself every time I drink the HP, take my supplements, go for exercise, pass up a cup of coffee, spend the money on ozone iv. Just for now. You will succeed.

Comment posted by Just a bit fed up. of Somewhere, PA, USA on 4 April 2014 at 14:9       2439

As many on here I have been looking for a "cure" for many years. All the literature I read in the past stated that you will have a major outbreak and then maybe the occassional decreasing in frequency over the years. Ummmm... not so much. I have not been so lucky. I have started this protocol recently and took one day off so far, one OB but I had started up on Lysine, Olive Leaf, potassium and Licorice Root to help out with that. Apparently from reading the posts probably shouldn't have done that but ah well. So the protocal that I downloaded stated that you could mix the drops with anything during the initial month but for the follow up month use distilled water with 3 drops 3 x day. I have also had some other weird things crop up on my body like a rash that looked like shingles but never traveled or hurt. My stomach is not very happy with me but no burning suggesting an ulcer. Not sure if I am going to switch to distilled water right now as I have read that it can leach minerals from your body. I "assume" that to prevent this eating a perfect diet and taking a vitamin would prevent this but I have to say it worries me. I'll pop back on eventually and let you know what I have done and what seems to have or have not worked.

Comment posted by dood in vancouver of Vancouver, British Columbia (BC), Canada on 25 March 2014 at 11:28       2429

To Hatethis of Bronx , New York. I really sympathize with you. At the beginning of March I was a MESS. I had lip herpes so bad I was house-bound for nearly 2 whole weeks. I walked around with my hand covering my face. To answer your questions: 1)I suggest avoiding sugar, caffeine (yes the Mocha Frappe too) and all alcohol. I've cut back on flour, but haven't completely eliminated it. 2)I don't think it's a good idea to put bleach on your skin. If you want to apply anything, just take a cotton ball with 3% HP and place it on the sore. It stings, but it won't be as harmful as bleach. I'd suggest getting some apple cider vinegar (the brown stuff). Available at most grocery stores. You can place that directly on a cotton ball or dilute it 50% if it stings too much. 3)I just fill the dropper and count as many drops as necessary. I try to drink it as concentrated as possible. Tastes terrible, but as long as you are diluting it, you're doing it right. I agree about the nausea, but you just have to fight through it. The results after going through the entire protocol will be worth it. Hang in there. I know it's a rough ride. You're not alone.

Comment posted by heartbroken of sydney, sydney, Australia on 24 March 2014 at 22:28       2427

To Hatethis of Bronx, New york, USA Use the dropper and fill it entirely up then only use the allocated amount as suggested. Eg) 5 drops MEANS 5 drips, not the entire dropper that's full. Like a tap dripping one by one that would be 1 drip, so you need to count while adding it to your distilled water! As for foods to eat and avoid I suggest you start to do some research. Foods high in arginine should be avoided and foods high in Lysine should be consumed as they help prevent outbreaks. Whilst on the therapy you will get outbreaks either way but probably worse eating the wrong foods. Coffee, nut's, chocolate are all high in Arginine whilst fruit and vegetables would be high in lysine. As for your friends I wouldn't tell them either, you need all the support you can get being on this program. The hydrogen peroxide makes all the symptoms worse whilst on it and they say it gets better in time.

Question posted by Hatethis of Bronx , New york, USA on 24 March 2014 at 8:49       2425

I tried doing it the first and second day and was immediately nauseous. So I stopped. As I'm reading all these reviews, I see where most say to stay at the maintenance dosage for an additional week then try to move up in the dosage. Right now, I have multiple outbreaks. All on my left side of my buttock. To stop the first one, I put bleach on a cloth and covered it. It worked but it also burned like crazy. But then 2 more came on. When the 2nd came I did the bleach and wash cloth remedy again. That helped somewhat. I didn't rupture any of the blisters so the healing wasn't as fast. That's my fault. I should've done it. I want clarity on the dosage. When you're using the dropper, do you have to fill the entire dropper with the HP and drop it into the water as many times as recommended? I definitely want to try this again. Also, what foods do I avoid? I don't do flour a lot and I love McDonald's Mocha Frappé. I think drinking that triggered the outbreaks. Can someone please help me. I'm already not too comfy talking about this. I felt so alone in the world. I look at everyone and wonder if they have Herpes or not. Just so I can have someone to relate to. Then when I listen to my friends condemn herpes I just know that I can never trust anyone to talk to them. Please help me.

Comment posted by dood in vancouver of Vancouver, British Columbia (BC), Canada on 23 March 2014 at 9:30       2420

I just got to 16 drops per day. The cold sores/herpes on my lips are all but healed now. I'm so relieved. I still get the tingling sensation every day, but at least I'm able to go out in public again! I was house bound for nearly 2 weeks with those miserable blisters. I've noticed in the past few days a slight outbreak of genital herpes now. I normally only get 2-3 outbreaks a year, but since this bout was especially bad and seemed to attack my lips, I'm not surprised that I'm having a genital outbreak too. I have been taking Valtrex for the past 2 weeks. I was at 2 grams, 2x a day but have now decreased to 2 pills, 3x a day. I've continued taking zinc, vitamin C, D, multivitamins and echinacea. Overall, I'm feeling much better than I did at the beginning of March. Any tips on how long I should remain at 16 drops before I start to lessen my daily intake of HP?

Comment posted by heartbroken of sydney, sydney, Australia on 8 March 2014 at 17:13       2381

To vancouver - dood of Vancouver, BC, Canada, You are meant to drink the food grade hydrogen peroxide with distilled water not spring water. Goodluck.

Comment posted by vancouver - dood of Vancouver, BC, Canada on 8 March 2014 at 10:27       2380

I was first diagnosed with herpes when I was just 22 years old. I'm 47 now and unlike others on here, my outbreaks over the years have been pretty infrequent and for the most part, manageable. Until recently. For some reason, the last month my body has been thrown into a state of hyper-sensitivity. Over the years, I had very few outbreaks on my lips. Most have been contained to one or two blisters in the genital area and I'm able to heal with Zovirax ointment and Valtrex over a 2-3 day period. About a month ago, I noticed that my lower lip was extremely itchy. I thought it was eczema, as I've had that all my life. I had no sign of blisters so I didn't even think it was a cold sore or herpes breakout. I went nuts trying just about ever ointment and lip balm! I was truly getting desperate as nothing seemed to help. I finally started seeing some tiny blisters and then realized what it was. I increased my dosage of valtrex to 2grams per day. Didn't help. I read somewhere that aloe vera can help. I have a plant at home and tried gently applying it to my lips. I was shocked to see my lips turning this deep purple/almost black right before my eyes! Scared the crap out of me! These scabs lasted about 2 days but were incredibly dry and uncomfortable. I applied some vaseline gel to my lips and eventually the scabs just flaked off. Now my lips were back to this irritated, itchy feeling once again. That's when I discovered this forum. Thank goodness! I had some 3% hp in my cupboard and yesterday I tried applying that to my lips. It stung like crazy and bubbled lots, but I could tell it was working. I tried that about 4-5 times during the day and when I went to bed I placed a little vaseline on my lips to prevent them from getting too dry or cracking while I slept. Today I went out and purchased food grade 35% hydrogen peroxide from ***** in Vancouver. It cost about $27 for a one litre container. I diluted 3 drops in a glass of spring water and drank it. My first dose. I'm very disciplined when it comes to following medicine plans, etc. so I'm really looking forward to seeing what happens over the next few weeks. I promise to report back periodically on my results. Wish me luck!

Comment posted by Positive-lea of Ibiza, Illes baleares, Spain on 7 March 2014 at 3:42       2377

I'm now on 20 drops 3x a day (food proof h202) on the way back down to maintenance. I've stopped drinking alcohol, stopped smoking and eat nothing made with wheat - I figure of I'm going to run with this extreme therapy I should atleast give it my all. I've even stopped eating meat (I eat lots of fish) because meat takes longer to digest and I want a totally empty when drinking the h202. I space my doses out ever 8 hours to ensure there's a regular input to my system. The first week or so I experienced a different symptom everyday - bum tingles, a small blister, headaches etc but all we're gone by the end of the day. I started to get hot (but no fever) and chills around 18 x3 drops and difficulty sleeping. I've had no sickness but on the higher doses at first I did get an extreme burning feeling in my stomach for about an hour after taking it. I still get an oxygen head rush after taking the stuff now but my body is coping with it much more. I don't eat for 3 hours before a dose and I don't drink or eat anything for the hour before and the hour after drinking. I take the drops with distilled water and after I drink mineral water as normal. I also take supplements of milk thistle to protect my liver, zinc because the h202 drains my body of it and just recently at the high dosage I'm taking carbon with food twice a day to help remove toxins from my body (this was after a day of extreme and strange nerve pain in my bum, legs and feet. I read this can happen with extra toxins in the body and carbon can help). I also take lactobilicus twice a day to protect my intestines because I have a history of issues there. I've had no problems so far. I've had some highs and lows on the protocol but this site has been really comforting and encouraging for me. I have lost faith in doctors and preventative medicine that in long term can damage my liver and kidneys...I won't take daily preventative medicine for this reason and I refuse to let herpes beat me. The taste is disgusting but I chew sugar free gum straight after drinking and spit afterwards. I'm careful not to swallow. Some positives - I was told by a doctor I had chronic hpv2 - not by the amount but the frequency of blisters - at least once or twice a month. Since doing the protocol I've had nothing aside from mild symptoms the first week or two. Im particularly ill just before and after my monthly cycle. Since being on the protocol I've just experienced my first blister free lady week and it's such an incredible feeling after 8 months of constant outbreaks. Some might think I'm a bit extreme with my diet and methods but I really want this to work or not work without thinking 'what if I didn't smoke or what if I hadn't have had those glasses of wine?' And anyway this protocol is a bit extreme so why not go for it fully. I wanted to share my experience with you all in the hope of answering a few questions I've read on here because so far mine has been overall very positive. It will be May by the time I test for presence of antibodies again and even though like all of you I'm hoping/believing a cure is possible I am prepared for any outcome. Just by doing this protocol I am stronger, healthier and mentally in a much better place. I've forgiven my ex and I'm working on forgiving myself for being so trusting. H202 therapy so far is one of the best things I've done for my health. I hope this gives a few confused and lost people out there (like me) some positive energy. I promise I will post my results. I've been keeping a daily diary too I'll share at some point - everything from reactions to emotions to poo colour and diet. (I guess I am pretty extreme) Good luck everyone...and remember 1 in 5 of us has this...we're by no means alone. We're just the ones who refuse to accept it as black and white

Comment posted by Mr. L of New York City, New York, USA on 6 March 2014 at 8:55       2372

you can dilute it and take it to work and drink it later on. As for drinking beer I would suggest against it, drinking anything carbonated will make you throw up, at least give it 3 or 4 hours after taking the HP (but make sure there is some food in your system too)

Comment posted by jason of albuquerque, NM, USA on 28 February 2014 at 20:48       2363

Anyone using Hydrogen Peroxide needs to make sure they are using food grade only. The stuff in the brown bottle and the store is toxic and can make you sick. Make sure of that. You can use the brown bottle h2o2 topically but that is all it should be used for. Also for those of you using the food grade peroxide 3 times a day need to make sure you are doing so on an empty stomach. I ersonally only use it first thing in the morning in distilled water about 1 hour before I eat or drink anything. Peroxide can oxidize minerals in the food you eat, and the minerals that oxidize can become very toxic to your body. Make sure you all do your research in regards to food grade h2o2 before you jump in head first in that type of protocol.

Question posted by Cindy of Orlando, FL, USA on 24 February 2014 at 4:31       2352

Hey guys, I have had genital Hsv2 for 10 years, got infected when I was 21 by a cheating asshole boyfriend. I have been taking Valtrex when the OB occurred to clear it up and it was working well but then I heard about H2O2 therapy and decided to give it a try. I have a very sensitive stomach so I was too worried to do the liquid form and I opted out for capsules. I bought XXXXX from XXXX and started with 2 capsules in the morning first month and now I'm on second month and taking 2 capsules in the morning and 2 at night. Everything was great the first month and now a week ago I experienced a tiny OB when I got my period. So, I kept on with 4 capsules/day and applied cotton swab soaked in h2o2 on the OB and it was gone in 3 days. I was really happy. But then after a week I got another OB which was much more severe and it has been going on for a week now where I have these small painful blister looking spots and as soon as one cluster heals, another one seems to pop up down there. I keep taking 4 capsules a day and applying h2o2 on it twice a day but I'm getting really annoyed that it doesn't seem to get better. I'm contemplating whether to take Valtrex so that it clears up but then if it's a healing crisis, I don't want to disturb it and ruin the effect with Valtrex... Is it ok of take Valtrex or not? Also my question is- does anybody know how many drops does one capsule equal? It says there is 500mg of H2o2 in each capsule. Please, advise if you know.

Comment posted by Joe of NYC, NY, USA on 23 February 2014 at 12:13       2349

After the 4 weeks on 25 drops 3 times a day with distilled water, empty stomach and all the requirements, I still got a small outbreak when I was already almost finishing with the protocol. Now a week or so after the small outbreak (one tiny blister), I got another outbreak which was also one tiny blister. I don't know if this HP protocol really stops the outbreaks or just makes them really tiny and less severe. I don't know what else to do. I've never taken any pills or anything so I am thinking maybe I'll start and try them out (valtrex etc.) I feel like I gave the HP my best shot but it didn't work. When I have outbreaks I get kind of acne on my torso or lower back and it bothers me more than blisters, it's kind of itchy. I think what bugs me the most is that I think about it all the time, and how I won't find someone...

Comment posted by Vanessa of San Francisco, CA, United States on 15 February 2014 at 3:21       2323

Answer to Snowpea of Brisbane: SOY MILK: It is a very bad idea to drink H2O2 with SOY MILK because the H2O2 could react in your stomach with it. H202 must be taken on a EMPTY STOMACH with distilled water or at least filtered water. Soy milk is food. Don't mix your H2O2 with it. Take it 1h before eating and 3hours after eating food. Take it when you wake up in the morning. Another point about soy milk: it is high in Arginine. Arginine is an amino acid that fuels herpes simplex virus. If you eat food high in arginine compared to lysine (the ratio is important), you will get hsv outbreaks. that's why people take L-lysine tablets.

Comment posted by Heartbroken of Sydney, Sydney, Australia on 11 February 2014 at 16:15       2309

To Joe of NYC, NY, USA I experienced the same as you after staying on 25 drips x 3 (for 4 1/2 weeks) but I had one of the worst outbreaks ever. I then decided to drip down to 5 capsules a day (3 morn / 2 afternoon) I have outbreaks but very mild sometimes feels sore, few small pimples down there but lot's of pimples on buttocks. Symptoms are heaps better then being on the high dose of HP. Be careful staying on high doses as I do not believe it's recommended. I would dose down to 50 drips (25 drips x 2) and stay on that for up to 6 months or till symptoms disappear. As for the white flour thing, people say chocolate, white flour, coffee, nuts etc trigger outbreaks however I had Genital herpes type 1 for nearly 1 1/2 years and was a heavy coffee drinker and I didn't even realise I had it!! I think everyone has a different trigger and if you find a certain food trigger's it off best to be avoided. Good diet through this process would be wise, eat healthy fruit and veg and stay away from takeaway food.

Comment posted by Joe of NYC, NY, USA on 11 February 2014 at 14:52       2308

hi everyone, I used the protocol as written with distilled water, empty stomach etc. I got to 25 drops 3 times daily and stayed on it for 4 weeks. I had no outbreaks at all. I did have alcohol here and there which was also fine, and only couple days (out of 4 weeks) of cheating and only taking 25 drops twice daily instead of three times. However as I was done with my 4 weeks I had one day a bad stomach ache for a whole day and a half which came with a small fever. The next day I noticed a very small outbreak. It was barely noticeable nor painful in any way. I am just wondering why it happens after 4 weeks at 25 drops 3 times a day?!?!? I am going to stay on 25 drops for one more week and then taper down (only because I am traveling and cannot do it longer). When I come back, I'll try to do it again and maybe this time change my diet as well. How important is the diet aspect of it? Should I really not eat white flour for months? I am desperately looking for some encouragement, I thought it was all working out well until today. At least I am hopeful that OB if they come will be so small and unnoticeable like the one today. It did not hurt or bother me in any way, it's more the psychological aspect of having it. I am still single and want to meet someone :( did anyone experience similar situation? Help!

Comment posted by Daisy of Tacoma, Washington, USA on 9 February 2014 at 19:11       2304

I have read many of the comments here, and I see how long this is taking for some people. I see the benefit of the hydrogen peroxide, but I cured the disease very easily and rapidly using homemade colloidal silver and olive leaf extract. Once the symptoms were gone they never returned. I continued to take a couple olive leaf extract capsules every day for years, as it keeps the immune system in good shape, and kept me from getting colds. I've never had another outbreak, even after I stopped using the olive leaf on a regular basis. This was in 1996, which is a long time ago. It did not take very long to cure, once I used the silver and olive leaf. It was easy, I had no outbreaks after starting the routine. Just keep up the routine long enough to be sure it is gone, even after the outbreaks stop.

Comment posted by Bev of New Smyrna beach, Fl, USA on 5 February 2014 at 15:23       2296

Apply at first tingle and keep applying (I soaked a cotton swab in h2o2 , and securef it in place) It really WORKED !

Comment posted by lady4life of indianapolis, Indiana, usa on 25 January 2014 at 5:30       2275

Hi everyone one. Concerned that some people are using other forms of hp. Only food grade hydrogen peroxide is able to be consumed without making yourself sick.... anyway im on 20 drops 3x a day and found a trick for the horrible taste... orange peel under your nose works wonders! Helped me move forward as I wasnt sure after 7drops if id be able to stay dedicated to the cause. Orange peel is working for me. Try it!

Comment posted by sam001 of Alb, NM, United States on 24 January 2014 at 8:23       2273

Hey Sam here again, I've been on this stuff for a month and 1/2 now. I've been on 3 drops 3x a day since the 9th of January, and let me just say it's clearing up. Little tingly feelings here and there but nothing as bad as they uses to be. I'll be done with the protocol on the 9th of Feb. But seeing great results from using H202. like everyone is saying don't give up. Don't let herpes win! Have a positive attitude. some days I felt like it was never going to go away. But never think like that or you'll bring yourself down and make it come back by worrying about it. Don't give up. My skin is clearing up but from that I have to say I eat 3 green apples a day and have yogurt every morning. Now I drink nothing but water. Soda and coffee well make it come back quick. So stay away from that. Just stick to water. and I also take lysine pills everyday. 6 pills a day at 1000 mg. Two after every meal.

Comment posted by Andy of Houston, Texas, USA on 23 January 2014 at 18:17       2269

Ever hear of those people with outbreaks constantly? Well that's me. My ex girlfriend gave me genital herpes without telling me over a year ago and I have been suffering ever since (i have been on daily valtrex ever since which has helped a LOT. I decided to try ingesting H202 taking one drop 3 times a day up to 25 and back down. I am doing this procedure for the second time. All I can say is thank you, ingesting h202 has all but eliminated the virus from my body completely. I don't have tingles, outbreaks or any symptoms of herpes anymore. I strongly suggest taking valtrex at the same time as H202 ingestion I also recommend taking valtrex daily after the h202 therapy to keep the virus at the weak state that the h202 created. The first time i did this method herpes disappeared for a while , but as soon as i stupidly stopped taking my valtrex (i thought i was completely cured) it multiplied and came back with a vengeance. I will continue to take h202 for AS LONG AS I CAN and hopefully this time i will completely eliminate the virus, if not I will get it to be extremely weak/dormant once again. don't eat and take h202 especially, and you WILL see results. This stuff works, and the sad thing is my dermatologist thought I was crazy for trying this, but here I am outbreak free with no symptoms whatsoever.

Comment posted by PaxVirosa of Philadelphia, Pa, USA on 23 January 2014 at 15:10       2268

There are several things people should know about taking the HP as to why some people are getting results and others are not, and why some are getting sick and others are not. First, for active oxygen, the type in HP, to get delivered to all cells in your body, you need a delivery system such as MSM, Methylsulfonymethane. If you don't have enough sulfur in your body, like having a bad diet (hint- the typical American diet), the oxygen won't get delivered everywhere. Secondly, in addition to the first point, you really do need to be eating a healthy diet like a lot of leafy green vegetables. Cut out sugar and carbohydrates. And, you'll probably need to supplement vitamins, minerals as well as the aforementioned MSM. Thirdly, for those getting sick, you most likely are already toxic from the foods you eat or your environment and should, therefore, start out slow and not build up so fast. You'll need time for your body to detox before building up to the larger doses. Toxicity here includes parasites, funguses (fungi), bacteria as well as the chemicals. Once they are stirred up, you will get sick, which is why it's better to do some kind of cleanse/detox first (liver, kidney, gallbladder, juicing), or start on the HP slowly. I'm 27 days into the protocol and am at 20 drops 3x day of 35%. Once I hit 25 drops, I'll start my downward trend. I've been eating peanut butter and chocolate with no outbreaks just some itching once in a while. I ate peanut butter (like half a jar) before starting the protocol to test and got an outbreak. We'll see how the test goes when I'm done but no outbreaks so far is good news.

Comment posted by scott of mooresville, NC, United States on 19 January 2014 at 3:53       2252

i ditched white flour and ate healthier than usual didn't adhere to empty stomach rule cause i thought it was making me to 18 drops 3 times a day and refused to go on. the bloating was hideous and i felt like death.i used tap water coffee doesn't bring it out in me.a guaranteed ob for me is lack of sleep along with drinking to much.if i behave i can go 60 to 90 days max with no ob.i got an ob right when i quit not bad.if i try again it will be all veggie fruit no alcohol and distilled water on empty stomach.i felt horrid at 18 drops the bloating was intolerable.i am 6ft 200 lbs very strong and 47 yrs old had h since i was 25.hope this helps best to you all.

Comment posted by Thom of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand on 12 January 2014 at 15:37       1695

I don't understand how a test for HSV can come back negative once you've had HSV, because once you've contracted HSV, the antibodies your body produces to fight off the virus will always be present. It's the same with chicken pox. If you don't know whether you've had chicken pox, they do a blood test to determine whether you have those particular antibodies present. If you do, then you've had the chicken pox. If you don't, then you've never had the chicken pox. It's exactly the same with HSV. The only viable way (IMO) you can determine whether you no longer have HSV after finishing the H2O2 protocol is to see whether you get any more OB's or not. Taking a test to check would be invalid because it only checks to see if you have the antibodies present which, like I wrote before, you will always have even if you don't have any OB's anymore. I would also like to know what type of test people are taking if it comes back negative after finishing the H2O2 protocol and if they've had a second test done to confirm the initial results???

Comment posted by Pur of Willayah Persekutuan, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 11 January 2014 at 0:10       1686

I have Herpes, HPV and Hemorrhoid. I'll share with you here how I cured my Herpes and HPV. HERPES and HPV SOLUTION: I ordered my 35% food grade H202 from Thailand because it's hard to get it here where I live. For those of us that has problem getting distilled chlorine free water, what I did was. I took the normal tap water and I cooked it and I capture the water vapor. I also used rain water at some point or I just buy the normal distilled bottle water.
1st day, use 9 drops ( 3 drops, 3 times/day)
2nd day, use 12 drops ( 4 drops, 3 times/day)
3rd day, use 15 drops ( 5 drops, 3 times/day)
4th day, use 18 drops ( 6 drops, 3 times/day)
5th day, use 21 drops ( 7 drops, 3 times/day)
6th day, use 24 drops ( 8 drops, 3 times/day)
7th day, use 27 drops ( 9 drops, 3 times/day)
8th day, use 30 drops (10 drops, 3 times/day)
9th day, use 36 drops (12 drops, 3 times/day
10th day, use 42 drops (14 drops, 3 times/day)
11th day, use 48 drops (16 drops, 3 times/day)
12th day, use 54 drops (18 drops, 3 times/day)
13th day, use 60 drops (20 drops, 3 times/day)
14th day, use 66 drops (22 drops, 3 times/day)
15th day, use 72 drops (24 drops, 3 times/day)
16th day, use 75 drops (25 drops, 3 times/day)
After a month and I went back to see my doctor, My result came out negative for herpes and Hpv. Stay healthy folks.

Comment posted by Grace of Brisbane, Qld, Australia on 5 January 2014 at 18:24       1668

I have posted a while ago about taking HP in capsules form, I still have OB every 2 weeks. BUT, I started taking colloidal silver water as well and apply the colloidal silver soaked cotton on my sore, and it goes away very fast. I only started taking colloidal silver 2 weeks ago, and hoping that taking HP and CS will enhance the chance of killing the virus. CS also kills over 650 different pathogens, including bacteria and viruses. Well, I hope this information will help some of you who is still struggling with HP. By the way, I make my own CS, using simple method, but be careful how you make it.

Comment posted by mickey in michigan of lansing, mi, united states on 3 January 2014 at 3:45       1665

Nervous nellie, Im so sorry you are going through all of those episodes. I was wondering if you have tried lysine pills found at any store where they have vitamins. Lysine has been god sent for me . Plus i take 3 h202 capsules daily. The liquid made me sick so i bought capsule form. I have not had an actual breakout since sept when i was on liquid protocol. After my protocol was done i couldnt tolerate liquid anymore so i just cont to take capsules, cant hurt. Im able to drink alcohol, coffee tan and eat sweets all of which trigger hsv. If you take h202 remember its not a medicine , think of it more as a therapy , dont quit taking it no matter how discouraged you get , and be prepared to have bad breakouts during it its the ugly beast getting zapped by the eztra oxygen in your blood trying to survive. I hope this givees you some hope and eases your pain. Good luck.

Comment posted by JJay of Asheville, NC, United States on 31 December 2013 at 9:58       1658

This has been a miracle. I'm currently on 12 drops 3 times a day and haven't had one breakout. Before I would have bad back pains and headaches but now even those have died down. All you have to do is stay with it! Don't give up, because you will see results in the end.

Comment posted by Nervous Nellie of Mpls, MN, USA on 29 December 2013 at 18:59       1655

Why is this virus so widespread and out of control in people's bodies who appear to have normal functioning immune systems? I don't get what is going on but I have primary immune dysfunction, IgG 3 is very low and this is the immunolglobulin that is protective against HSV but for almost 50 yrs I never had any outbreaks and all of a sudden in the last three years I am riddled with this infection and my whole body tingles then I break out in odd areas like on the top of my hand, on my shoulder, on my face, neck or lip. It's random where I get a sore and they aren't typically really bad but I did have two horrible outbreaks that took months to clear. Sometimes I get teeny tiny blisters that erupt and bleed and then scab and go away..they are more like shingles but they are random where they end up too. I don't get it. And the other thing that I completely think they are HSV related is that they come after I've been around someone with a cold sore..and I'm super careful and wash my hands all the time. I also get low grade fever, swollen lymph nodes, a cold, a bug, a flu or stomach bug, rhea or something else and I'm so run down I can't function at all. I realize some of this is the primary immune status, however, the fact I get these sores and also on my scalp that really are painful..they are not pimples and the only conclusion I can come up with is HSV. They always tell me to take valtrex daily but I get so sick from them and after I go off is when I noticed the massive outbreaks. I recently tried DMSO about a month ago and had the worse breakout I've ever had outside of shingles. I am so hesitant to try it again. I put it on my neck and low spine and broke out in welted rash all over my back and leg that looked like I had the measles. I broke out on the corner of my lip/chin and smile line horrible, and got two huge pimples that were not pimples one on the bridge of my nose on the side and the other right above my msaxillary sinus on the cheek. They were not pimples or cysts or anything like that..just hard red angry bumps that hurt horribly and shed skin and turned deep red and then flat. My diet is extermely clean and has been for decades. i live an exemplary lifestyle. I have been ingesting essential oils on and off and they seem to help more than anything but you can't take this daily so then I suffer again. I tingle and itch all over from head to toe, clothing hurts my skin and I just feel suicidal at times. My eyes get all gummed up and tingly too as though this virus is in every single inch of my is that possible? Isn't it just suppose to reside in certain areas? How can it take over a whole body? Will it kill me? Could I get it on my brain? I'm nervous nellie and obssess constantly because i'm constantly active even if I don't break out I feel like I have one and don't see anything but my skin gets so dry it's like paper..then it starts to clear up and everything goes to normal for a few days and then bam, all over again. I feel like taking a firehose with peroxide and pouring over me if it will help but somehow I doubt it. I will try the protocol and see what comes of it.

Question posted by CUSIP 25 of Philadelphia , PA, USA on 29 December 2013 at 3:56       1652

My question is, has anyone been cured! Not surpressed, cured! I have read comments that people say they have been cured and others that say it's hocus pocus. I was diagnosed with HSV 2 a little over a year ago and have the awful herpetic whitlow side effect that sucks! I am willing to try, change my diet, and stick w/ a program, as well as share my results!!! I feel like there needs to be a clumping or filter to see one specific thread of process towards a cure, etc. it's hard to track an individuals experience throughout the thread... Thanks to the administrator, in addition to those who have shared!

Comment posted by sam001 of Alb, NM, USA on 27 December 2013 at 4:43       1645

Hey Sam here again and I'd have to say. I only got to 23drops A day and that was way to much for me. I got sick and felt nauseous, and just didn't get to 25 drop like I wanted to. But outbreaks everywhere on my body. So I let the beast out, and now going back down till I get to 3 drop a day for a month. But I would highly suggest you start decreasing your drops. My outbreaks are slowly going away. Do not stay at 25 drop for a long period of time. It just makes the beast crazy and you start going crazy because u start getin outbreaks like crazy. Let the beast out then slowly kill it but lowering your drops. It's working for me. I know I wanted to stay at 23drops for like a week but it wss making me go crazy with all the little outbreaks. PS stay away from white flour, it's very hard but try your best. I'll keep you posted when I get back to 3 drops. I'm now on 14 drops and going down.

Comment posted by Heartbroken of Sydney, Sydney, Australia on 20 December 2013 at 20:12       1635

To Itchypants, I don't think your mean to take famciclovir or any other medication for herpes while doing the Hydrogen peroxide therapy. Famciclovir prevents herpes from coming out and we want herpes to come out of hiding as we want the hydrogen Peroxide to kill the virus. Just curious why test now if your still having outbreaks? How long from starting the therapy did you test? All the best hope you have killed it!!

Comment posted by Itchypants of Melbourne, Vic, Australia on 20 December 2013 at 19:50       1633

Hi all Started on 3x3 drops in 200ml distiled water now on 13x3 Have a breakout just starting looks a little worse than average, Could be healing crisis. Still on 250mg famciclovir 2xdaily The drinks make me feel queezy, yes food grade and empty stomach, just keep mouth closed till I brush my teeth to remove taste. X fingers I can report again with more promising results. Have had blood work done waiting on the results. I haven't heard of anything else that can cure this so will give this my best effort For those having trouble sourcing hp or just to compare $ H2o2 from found them to be a lot cheaper than my chemist They ship to most of Australia approx $80 for 1 litre with a seperated dropper bottle And glass funnel. There a lab equipment company.

Comment posted by PJ of Tamworth, New Mexico, USA on 8 December 2013 at 2:13       1600

Finished the whole protocol as directed - up to 25 drops (3 x daily) then maintenance period of 3 x 3 drops. That didn't work. Tried it the second time - worked my way up to 25 drops (x3), took 25 drops 3 x daily for one week then maintenance period of 25 drops 2 x a day for another month (so about two and a half months total). Then I had to stop because it was so disgusting that even the thought of drinking it would make me dry retch. Good luck for anyone else trying it. I just couldn't take it anymore. Might try the capsules later on but right now I just need a break.

Comment posted by Cat of Clinton Township, Michigan, USA on 1 December 2013 at 10:0       1582

Snowpea - it may not be working for you because you take "soy". It contains Arginine that Herpes virus feeds on. Also, if you dilute 3 drops in 8oz distilled water (tap water binds with metals in it) and use all on your outside body (with spray bottle mainly on your back or spine and hip area) it works well too, and after it dries I use DMSO cream to hip and back area and it seems to cure genital herpes even though not directly on that area. I also increase 1 drop a day, to 25 drops, then go back down by 1 drop a day. Taking L-lysine with Vit C and Zinc in it are also good tablets to boost immune system.

Comment posted by Heartbroken of Sydney, Sydney, Australia on 22 November 2013 at 20:47       1562

Thought I would post something more positive.....
Trials for both a vaccine and cure for herpes.

Comment posted by Mr. L of New York City, New York, United States on 20 November 2013 at 23:27       1559

Heartbroken of Sydney - you need to do it on an empty stomach in order for the H2O2 to work, the food will just absorb it and it won't do you any good.

Question posted by Heartbroken of Sydney, Sydney, Australia on 20 November 2013 at 19:32       1558

I have started the hydrogen peroxide treatment but I don't follow the 1 hr before meals or 3 hrs after rule. Does this really matter? I can stomache it and don't feel like vomiting at all so can I continue like this and still have results? Isn't the 1 and 3 hr rules simply so you don't vomit your food?

Comment posted by brandi of Buffalo , new york, usa on 20 November 2013 at 17:10       1557

I used food grade hydrogen peroxide for months. 4 month to be exact, drinking it 3 times a day in the beginning, and once a day in the last month. I had no outbreaks and thought I was cured and stopped consuming it. 2 days later I have a giant, deep, extremely painful outbreak that lasted almost 2 weeks. I think we are not supposed to suppress the virus in the body, for as soon as the suppression stops a outbreak will happen immediately. I think we are supposed to let the virus run it's course, and only use supplements during outbreaks. Herpes can become immune to daily treatments and also mutate to cause outbreaks. We have an immune system for a reason and eventually it can and will suppress this horrible virus forever.

Question posted by Lynn of Richmond, Virginia, USA on 19 November 2013 at 23:48       1556

Thom, thank you for the advise. I am now 3 days at 25 drops 3x a day without any medical drugs. Hoping that freeing my body of all the chemicals will aid the healing process. I do feel a bit pale after the dosage but it wears off quickly. My question to all is... What exactly does 3 x a day mean? I have been starting my protocol first thing when I wake up and finish around 4 or 5 pm. Basically in a 8 to 10 hour span making sure to follow the one hour before eating and 3 hours after rule. I haven't seen anything thing about how far to space the doses out. If I am not eating I will take them 3 hours apart and then wait another hour to eat.

Comment posted by Thom of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand on 16 November 2013 at 12:40       1550

Lynn - You shouldn't be taking Valtrex because by doing so you are effectively cancelling out any effect the H2O2 would be having. Valtrex is an merely an inhibitor whereas the H2O2 is trying to destroy the virus by surrounding the cells with more oxygen. You need to let your OB's happen. Just because you get OB's whilst on this regimen doesn't mean it's not working - in fact it likely means it is working. Also, keep in mind this isn't a quick fix and everybody's different. For some people it may take 2 months and others up to a year. Don't give up.

Question posted by Lynn of Richmond, Virginia, USA on 15 November 2013 at 23:40       1549

Today I have started the 20 drop dosage with 8 oz of distilled water. I haven't really felt sick or anything out of the ordinary. When I drink it in the am I immediately brush my teeth and that pretty much cancels out the taste. During the day when I am at work i drink a strong tea before to reduce the taste and at night I use mouth water after. I am still taking Valtrex and have not had any out breaks. Would the thought be that I need to let outbreaks happen to heal or can the protocol eventually cast out the virus it taken long enough? Wondering how much longer that might take? I was also just told I have a bacterial infection down under. Could this be from the H2O2 working out nasty things? I believe it is working and I may stop the valtrex daily to see if an outbreak comes after I reach 25 drops in 2 days.

Comment posted by LEELA of DAVENPORT, NY, USA on 15 November 2013 at 11:10       1547

DO NOT USE supermarket 3% hydrogen peroxide, it is not food grade, and could hurt you very badly. Only use 35% food grade or pharmaceutical grade. The 3% store-bought stuff is only for external use.

Comment posted by Mina of Billings, Montanan, USA on 10 November 2013 at 16:11       1534

The H202 makes most everyone sick while you're going through it. I experienced fatigue, nausea (often at the 25 drop dosage), vomiting at times, and chills. Your body detoxes and goes through bouts of this and it's perfectly normal. The herpes protocol says that if you have a day where you're not feeling well..then stay at that same dosage the next day until your body adjusts. But if you prepare and expect to have a few bad days along the way, it will be easier for you when you don't feel great. Your life isn't over. I contracted HSV-2 eight months ago by my boyfriend at the time who lied and told me he was tested and clean. He also gave me chlamydia. Quite a traumatic experience being lied to and going through all of that. Forgive the person in your past that gave you this. Be at peace. Many many many people are getting healed of this disease. My blood test is 2 weeks away and I'm feeling positive about it. You can do it.

Comment posted by mickey in michigan of lansing, mi, united states on 2 November 2013 at 9:35       1517

Lynn, I would say if its tolerable enough to remain off it then let your body do it naturally. But I will warn you, you are going to have breakouts during HP therapy. Its your hsv rearing its ugly head to try to survive. Also use lysine. It really helps.

Question posted by Lynn of Richmond, VA, USA on 1 November 2013 at 22:54       1516

I was diagnosed a Month ago with Simplex 2. I have been taking Valtrex. My original OB has taking the entire time to heal and I'm not sure it is fully yet. I started HP this am. I am on a gluten, sugar, GMO free lifestyle already since I have MS. Should I stop taking Valtrex while on the therapy?? Thanks

Question posted by Island Girl of nassau, new providence, bahamas on 30 October 2013 at 5:32       1508

Diagnosed with HSV 2, I have started the h202 program using 35% food grade and distilled water. There has been many responses in the forum. Only a few reported back that they beat the virus. Several people completed the program and said they are still positive for with hsv 1 or hsv 2. I have reached 25 drops (3) times per day and now I am back down to 18 drops making my way back down to 3 drops. I want to know the percentage those who completed the program and achieved negative hsv testresults.

Comment posted by jackie of columbus, oh, usa on 29 October 2013 at 15:34       1506

I tried the peroxide and it really made me sick. I used the 35% food grade and followed the directions to the letter. I am still having outbreaks from hsv2. I contracted it more than 2 years ago from a sex partner who lied to me. Since I found out that I have it I have not dated again in over two years I do not want to take the chance on infecting somebody. I feel like my life is over. I am 52 years old.

Comment posted by Grace of Brisbane, Qld, Australia on 28 October 2013 at 2:22       1500

To Gil of Nairobi, sorry I gave you a wrong dosage information.After 9 drops x 3 a day, I started taking 1 capsule x 3 a day, stayed on two days, then 4 caps a day, (2.1.1), stayed two days, then 5 caps (2.2.1), and so on till 8 capsules a day (2 caps x 4) stayed on 8 caps a day for about ten days, then now down to 6 caps a day(2.2.2). I don't know if it's the right dosage but as close as to the suggested liquid dose. I used to have mouth ulcer a lot (not cold sore) but now I don't have it at all, so somewhat it's giving me a health benefit, immune system is improving. Good Luck, I will keep you posted.

Comment posted by Reader of Sydney, NSW, Australia on 27 October 2013 at 12:20       1498

The herpes virus uses a protein to neutralise interferons so no interferon/white cell can be totally effective against it especially in long-term because the Herpes Virus treated with interferons becomes interferon resistant. The only way to kill the virus is oxidating it. The Hamletic question is "how to oxidate the virus without damaging DNA material?" Apparently 25 drops 35% peroxide in 8 ounces of water is a solution. One note: I have been on the peroxide protocol for herpes for 3 weeks now after that I had outbreaks every 25 days and I could not accept what the doctor told me: "incurable".

What happened after about three weeks: I had a small OB. It was a red spot with two microscopic blister that never broke. I would say that the intensity of the OB was 4 times smaller than usual. Thi smeans that H2O2 therapy is somehow effective.

Another unbelievable thing is that I stopped totally being allergic to dust mites after more than 15 years of nightmare because just a tiny amount of dust and I woke up full of mucus, synovial pain and puffy face. I did a test: not dusting for three weeks. I would have been devastated as allergic as I was before. What happened: nothing!

This means that H2O2 has beneficial effects in the regulation of the immune response that have not been understood at all by the traditional medicine. Just for the fact I got rid of allergies and allergic rhinitis I am happy. If herpes goes too in a couple of months treatment it is a bonus.

Comment posted by Grace of Brisbane, Qld, Australia on 27 October 2013 at 1:42       1497

To Gil of Nairobi, regards to capsule dosage, I believe each capsule is equivalent to 10 - 12 drops. some specify their equivalent, and some don't. I started liquid HP till 9 drops and I couldn't take it anymore because I was getting too sick, then I switched to capsules, I don't know how many I should take it but if one capsule=12 drops, then I take them as close as possible to the suggested dosage of liquid HP. For example, I stayed on one cap for tow days and moved up to two caps for two days, and each two days I added one caps till I got to 8 caps a day. Now I am staying on 8 caps for the second week because I am having a bid healing crisis. I have one OB after another, but if this is the real healing crisis I welcome it, because it's the chance for virus to be exposed to the O2. Good luck, I will keep you posted.

Comment posted by David Niven Miller of Perth, WA, Australia on 26 October 2013 at 9:41       1496

Reply to Libra Girl of Los Vegas:
There is no study that I know of testing a healthy diet vs. a sugar, omega-6, wheat and processed food diet, for different groups of herpes sufferers. However, such a diet underlies the remedies in this website and is the basis of my Grow Youthful ebook. Many visitors in this forum have suggested that avoiding these "foods" has helped them with their herpes. I don't have herpes, but I do know that on such a diet I feel well, have plenty of energy, a great skin, and my immune system is strong so that I virtually never get colds, 'flu etc.

Question posted by Libra girl of Las Vegas , Nv , USA on 26 October 2013 at 8:12       1495

Is there really scientific evidence that white flour, chocolate, wine etc. is not good for you when you have herpes? Can someone clarify this for me...I'm really confuse about all these foods that I should not be eating. Thanks

Comment posted by mickey in michigan of lansing, MI, USA on 22 October 2013 at 7:54       1489

Steve remember its therapy. When I first contracted it, I wanted to kill myself. I was so ashamed because I was married but separated at the time when i contracted it. Got back together with my husband and brought along this wonderful gift. Fortunatly he has been supportive. God sent! My mother told me go day by day and think of it as your chemotherapy, like youve just been diagnised with cancer. So thats what I do. Ive only had it a yr. Had 1 st breakout 10 months later, and have been on h202 therapy since july 29. You have had it in your system a very long time. It has had yrs to get stronger. So you really need to attack it gradually. Then stay at it strong, for as long as you can. It may take a year. But it sounds like you have weakened it. Also have you read the book hydrogen peroxide miracle cure? It helps mentally to read books about it. Sounds like you are struggling mentally as well. Read positive research instead of stuff on internet that can be discouraging.

Comment posted by mickey in michigan of lansing, mi, united states on 22 October 2013 at 7:27       1488

The higher dosages do make you lethargic. I went through the whole protocol and I could barely stay awake during the teen dosages. Oh i also started drinking 3 capfuls of app cider vinegar with the mother. It has to be with the mother. You can find it at health food stores. I figured if it helps heal sores quicker then it must be effective inside the body too. I drink it when i eat . Ar this point we have to try everything we can right? I dont understand how people live with themselves knowing they give this disease to others intentionally! I also just bought the pill form of h202 because I will continue to take this stuff for a long time. It helps to keep me disciplined on my normal everyday life and health.

Comment posted by Steve of Iowa City, IA, USA on 22 October 2013 at 6:1       1487

Thanks, your comment is enlightening. Maybe I am just too impatient. Thin the protocol (Allison Freeman's) recommended as much as six months of "full speed" in difficult cases, and then there should be no more problem. And yes, I tend to think that bo's come as a result of low immunity. But this has been the pattern for 6 months: bo's repeatedly (not necessarily pimples) but rather this sudden feeling of tiredness and lack of good mood and good rest). Much more often than before starting the treatment. But I can see that the virus keeps my physical and mental and perhaps emotional shape on a roller coaster and all in all it consumes a lot of energy. Often when I feel tired there is no other explanation than this virus's attacking again. The tingling sensation is often followed by lesions and shedding these days (as opposed to pimples before). A big question is: is it necessary to go thru 100 or 1000 attacks before it is over? Wouldn't the path toward healing mean less and less attacks? Have to say that I am quite confused regarding this point. And the virus is there in my left leg more or less always since 5-6 months ago.

Comment posted by mickey in michigan of lansing, MI, USA on 22 October 2013 at 4:23       1486

Steve, I think you were trying to attack it too fast. Why didnt you just follow the protocol? Drinking the max dose for a period of time isnt all its about. But im impressed you were able to drink the max for so long. My stomach couldnt handle it. I did it but it was 1 quick day and then back down the ladder. I had 2 break outs (same place) during therapy and a very bad one (never before there) during maintnence. And none since. Also try apple cider vinegar with the mother on lesions, it works great.

Comment posted by mickey in michigan of lansing, mi, united states on 22 October 2013 at 1:9       1484

Feeling defeated, yes it is a healing crisis. I did the whole protocol and during maintenence i brokebroke out on my butt in 3 diffirent spots in a big circle, had 2 boils on my neck at diff times and im still taking maintnence and have boil on bridge of my nose. But my pickly itch feeling is gone. Still have discharge though. As far as drinking wine. Dont do it for atleast your whole protocol and maintenence . 2 months at most. Wine is an antioxidant and the hydrogen is an oxidant. So youre basically canceling out the h202. Which defeats the purpose of taking it. Also alcohol suppresses your immune system, when immunity is low herpes like to attack. I enjoy drinking too. But i quit for the whole summer. Never had a drink until i was done w maitnence. I still take maintnence but do ok with a beer now and then. Also get lysine vitamin. It works wonders for keeping the picky feelings down there at bay. You can get them at any store that has vitamin aisle. Good luck!

Comment posted by Steve of Iowa City, IA, USA on 21 October 2013 at 5:1       1480

I started using H2O2 March 13 when in China, have had the HSV2 since 1980. Bought a nasty-tasting food grade 35% H2O2 in China and used it until I left beginning of July. Went up to 25 drops for one day and then down to 10-12 drops maintenance. When back in Europe I used a zapper for a month but mt nasty little friend was still there. Started a better-tasting H2O2 (food grade) after about 5-6 weeks of not taking. Started right off 25 drops x 3 for about 12 days, then 25 x 2 for 6-7 weeks. All together I used H2O2 for 6 months and guess what! The virus keeps attacking my left leg more or less continuously but no BO on the leg, just lesions on my dick from time to time (no old-fashioned BOs there either). The story is changed and I am off H2O2, wondering what to do next.....

Question posted by feeling defeated! of Portsmouth, england, England on 20 October 2013 at 1:47       1478

I'm going to stat the H202 program, but I was just wondering if anyone else suffered from sores else where?! As I contracted the horrible virus many years ago and after the 1st year it transferred over to my left inner thigh! Will the H202 still work?? I also normally have an episode when I'm due or just finished my period, so I have recently gone on the mini pill to hopefully stop my periods as I've been told its less stress on your body! Will this effect the program? I also smoke and like to have a glass of wine or two after work.. should I give up while doing this also?? just want to know the risks!

Comment posted by Grace of Brisbane, Qld, Australia on 11 October 2013 at 16:22       1457

I am now on 7 capsules (equivalent to 84 drops a day), you can take up to 8 capsules a day. I had OB on the Oct 7, took one valtrex the same day, but didn't take any after that. Usually takes two valtrex a day and 10 - 14 days before it completely clears up but this time it took only 3 days, I didn't take any valtrex apart from the one on the first day of OB. Instead, I took 6 capsules for 1 day and 7 capsules for 2 days. Also, soak the cotton ball with 3% HP (diluted 35% food grade with pure water) and applied it as often as possible and kept the soaked cotton ball on the sore. I believe it is working. I am winning the battle!! For those who hate the taste of HP and have stomach upset, I recommend using the capsule form. I was sick with HP and hated the taste, but with capsules, it is easier to take and no stomach upset. Fellow sufferers, don't give up!! I almost gave up when I was taking the liquid HP and got very sick, until I discovered this capsules. I will keep you posted.

Comment posted by Grace of Brisbane, Qld, Australia on 8 October 2013 at 12:5       1453

I started HP therapy last year, and got very sick at 8 drops, I was unable to continue so I stopped and went on valtrex. A year later, I am still on valtrex, which is great and no OB, however I don't want to continue with medication and I thought I will try again with HP therapy. I started again, but also got sick at 9 drops, meanwhile, I am still on valtrex, then as I was reading this comments, it looks like I should stop taking valtrex because the virus needs to come out of its hiding place and have chance to be exposed to oxygen. I stopped taking valtrex about two days ago, and on 2nd day I felt OB coming out, so I took one valtrex, stopped the process of OB then. I should stopped it altogether and let the oxygen do its job. Also, I am too scared to take liquid form of HP, I am now taking capsules. I was on my way up to equivalent to 20 drops x 3 when I stopped valtrex and had OB two days later. Now I am on equivalent to 24 x 3 a day, and will stop taking valtrex. Most likely my OB will return, then it is a chance to kill the virus from outside. I just don't want to give up, I am really sick of this virus. I hope and pray that HP therapy will work. It may take longer time than some people who posted positive comments here, but I will continue and hope to win the battle.

Comment posted by mickey in michigan of lansing, MI, USA on 8 October 2013 at 4:47       1451

Was told last nov I was positive for hsv 1&2. Had 1st break out in july took 1 full prescription of valtrez then started HP protocol. I had a lesion on inside vulva and very tic discharge. Since taking peroxide my lesion is gone and discharge began to get thinner. During maintenence i had a breakout in 3 diff spots on my butt, and got the worst cold ever, then starred spitting up huge balls of mucous. Since then i have not had a breakout but still feel slight tingle or itch. Last wk of maintnence i increased back up to 5 drops 3 x a day. I noticed a diffirence in symptoms improving more. I should add that once i broke out it was a constant irritation and itching and prickling feeling through the whole protocol. And now I have minimal everything. I will continue to stay at 5 drops until i test again at end of yr. Plus it has other benefits. It cleared up skin tags that I had on my neck and helps me maintain my weight.

Comment posted by Snowpea of Brisbane, Qld, Australia on 26 September 2013 at 8:10       1419

For Melodie63, I have commented about one year ago that I get very sick with H2O2, it took me one year to even think of starting again. This time, I use pure water instead of filtered or spring water. pure water is like a distilled water and contains no minerals. Spring water still contains some minerals which react with H2O2 that makes you sick. If you can get pure water, try with that. Also, if you are not trying to get rid of Herpes or other nasty things, you may not need high dose of H2O2, just stay with the comfortable revel. I'm on my 9 drops x 3 day level now and I'm still not sick, last year I was very sick at 8 drops, because I wasn't following it properly. Good luck!

Comment posted by stay positive of perth, wa, australia on 25 September 2013 at 11:58       1418

im on 13 drops 3x a day, i drink mine with distilled water as it has less minerals to effect the Ho2o. i was very nauseous at 9 drops and stayed on 9 drops for 2 days until i felt ok about moving up a level. i'm now having my first ob since starting the therapy. but i'm not nauseous anymore, look into using the distilled water :) reading the success's people have had is keeping me positive!

Side-effects posted by Melodie63 of Auckland, Browns Bay, NewZealand on 25 September 2013 at 8:25       1417

I have started the hydrogen peroxide therapy for my general health, (not for herpes). I am only on day 5, 7 drops, 3x a day, but already feel nauseous, & like my gut is burning. I'm petrified it's damaging my digetive system. I dilute it with spring water, have it on an empty stomach, & don't eat for 3 hours. Is the acidic/nausea feeling normal? Many thanks Melodie63

Comment posted by Happy Girl of Dallas, TX, USA on 25 September 2013 at 6:39       1416

It took a LONG time. Like almost 8 months. I started with the 1-25 drops and back down, but that wasn't enough. The most efficient way I found was 1-25 drops. Once u get to 25 3x per day. Stay there for 1-3 weeks. Them down to 25 2x per day until u are free from complaints. It may take up to 6 months. Mine was almost constant breakouts for practically the entire 8 months. I had a day here or there of relief but I felt it everyday. It finally started to become less and less severe and is now gone. I stay on 25 1x per day for maintenance and will keep going through the end if the year. I drink coffee, tan in a tanning bed abs stay up late with no issues. I eat as few processed foods as possible but that's about all I changed as far as diet goes. No extra vitamins. Just faith and determination! The people who say it doesn't work have not been on it long enough. It's a long slow process and u have to want it to be gone to stick w it. DONT GIVE UP!

Comment posted by Mind Power of San Francisco, California, Usa on 19 September 2013 at 12:15       1404

GOOD and Bad News!! Today, I visited an Ozone Therapy Certified Doctor and after describing how the ozone or Hydroxide peroxide works he said that OZONE CAN KILL DE VIRUS!!! ,). The "killing period" depends from person to person. -He said that by using his method it could take from 1 to 14 treatments and is expensive. He wasn't sure why I was so interested. He believes that a lot of people have it and is pretty normal-. Anyway, the bad news is that the ANTIBODIES Will never leave our body :(. He also mentioned that drinking HP may not be the most effective way to get the ozone into the cells, he suggested other procedures. I'm sure he knows a lot about this topic, so I believe 3/4 of what he said. I'm glad there are options to kill this virus. I'm going to try a HP sauna, continue with the HP drops and maybe in the future IV HP. THose who tested negative can tells us what kind of test you take? After how many months of finishing the HP drops treatment did you take the test.

Comment posted by Red face of Greenwood, Alabama , United States on 18 September 2013 at 6:38       1403

I purchased 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide. Had a amazing results had multiple break outs from where a mean girl licked and kissed all over my face and body. Two days to three days after starting the protocol the burning subsided and blisters began to disappear it did cause head aches and for a few days the healing crisis seemed to be unbearable but stuck with the plan and every thing cleared up had oral swab and blood test done after getting down to maintance dose of three drops three times a day and my blood and swab test came back negative still get pink spots on my skin from time to time but its bearable took a few months break from maintance dose about to start it back cause my mouth has began to start burning again but there are no visable blisters any where on me now

Question posted by Unfortunate News of Buffalo, NY, USA on 16 September 2013 at 22:46       1401

This is to Jeremy of Perth: You said you cured both HSV1 & HSV2? Please tell us what your antibody count was when you were identified with the virus and what it is today.

Comment posted by Alex of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia on 16 September 2013 at 16:11       1400

I tried this regime where I increased the dosage from 3 drops 3x per day up to 25 drops 3x per day, and then decreasing to a maintenance dose of 3 drops 3x per day for an additional month. I didn't eat any white flour during this time as I was advised not to. I felt constantly nauseated after 20 drops and would be sick on 25 drops. However, I still carried on and finished the entire recommended treatment. I had three outbreaks throughout - one during the maintenance period so I was beginning to be skeptical about whether it worked or not. I would think that if it did actually work then by the time I reached the maintenance period I shouldn't be getting any outbreaks??? Anyway, it's been 4 weeks since I finished and I've broken out. BUT it is only one sore and a lot smaller than what it used to be. So I believe it did work in that it killed some of the HSV-2 but not all of it. I'm going to try again in a week's time and try to extend the 25 drops 3x per day from only one day to about a week and extend the maintenance period from 4 weeks to about 6 - 8 weeks. Will post an update.

Comment posted by Mind Power of San Francisco, California, United States on 15 September 2013 at 13:30       1398

TO JEREMY of Perth: Thank you for cheering us up. Can you tell us more about your experience? how long did you do the therapy? Did you take extra vitamins? what about a diet? After how many months did you take the test again and what kind of test? Thank you.

Comment posted by Jeremy of Perth, WA, Australia on 14 September 2013 at 14:2       1396

hi, i posted a comment on here awhile ago talking about my experience with oxygenation therapy. after a month and a half of this therapy, i can proudly announce i have cured myself from hsv 1 and 2 antibodies from my system. Please people, don't ever give up when it comes to trying treatments no matter how radical they may seem or how many people shut you down because you are trying the hydrogen peroxide therapy. doctors and pharmaceutical companies work together regardless of what they tell you. Don't ever give up. thanks

Comment posted by danni of falmoth, cornwall, england on 11 September 2013 at 18:24       1390

I used hydrogen peroxide method but unfortunately it came back, however it has not been as severe. I also found that putting hydrogen peroxide on the blister makes it go so much quicker. The main thing that has stopped me having outbreaks is that i have stopped drinking coffee and if i do crack and have a cup i almost instantly have an outbreak! If you're a coffee addict like i was try green tea instead, not quite the same but i'd rather not have an ob myself. I have heard olive leaf extract is amazing but i haven't tried this yet

Comment posted by Unfortunate News of Buffalo, NY, USA on 9 September 2013 at 22:47       1387

In theory, if a virus is killed (which has never been proven) then the specific antibody titer count would decrease as well and eventually back to zero, similar to a vaccine wearing off. Yes, determining what virus you are infected with we look to see what specific antibody is associated with in blood work.

Comment posted by Mind Power of San Francisco, California, USA on 9 September 2013 at 15:6       1386

I just read that even though there are people that receive negative blood test results after completing the treatment, there is no blood test that can reliably show that the herpes virus has left the body because the antibodies to the virus will always remain. There is no known blood test that can differentiate between antibodies that are present due to a prior herpes infection and antibodies that are present due to a current herpes infection. If the antibodies never leave the body, then the only solution is to continue with a healthy diet and/or detox, the HP therapy, vitamins, minerals and a positive mind. After the outbreaks are gone for months, the WB Test will be probably the only final exam.

Comment posted by Unfortunate News of Buffalo, NY, USA on 8 September 2013 at 1:54       1379

Yes, I have been doing extensive research comparing the principles of the virus and the H2O2 therapy to prove or disprove if it will actually work. As for your questions, my plan was to try the hydrogen peroxide and document the steps and outcome. I was very hopeful that it would work but after diving deep into the virus characteristics and writings of scientists (virologists) I am skeptical. So…the question is, can the H2O2 kill the virus, no one knows but if I believe the therapy works, I will post that happily. Neutralizing (vaccines) the virus would not affect the antibody titer count….that is how we know which virus we are infected with. As for why people have blogged to state the therapy worked, I have no idea….hopeful perhaps or the regimen actually worked but since there is no documentation, should we as adults believe hearsay on such an important matter? In testing, localized H2O2 does affect viruses but to relate that to ingesting small amounts in the body to kill the HSV? Lastly, I cannot say the virus can or can’t be killed nor can I state what the therapy actually does for sure… just seems like a whole lot of speculation but when I get my next blood test that will shed some light on the bigger picture. If it doesn’t work, I/we just have to remain patient for a vaccine to come to market.

Comment posted by Mind Power of San Francisco, California, United States on 8 September 2013 at 1:19       1378

To Unfortunate News of Buffalo. Thank you for sharing your research. It seems you know now more than some doctors. Anyway, I was wondering if you can give me your opinion on this 3 questions. 1.- Since a virus once in the body cannot be killed and remains in the body forever, what is your plan? Neutralizing the virus so the antibodies decrease to a level below 1.10? 2.- People that say they tested negative is because is a false negative or because there was a miracle? 3.- Since you have done a lot of research and apparently the H202 can't killed the virus, what does the Ozone Therapy really do? Thanks!!

Comment posted by Unfortunate News of Buffalo, NY, USA on 7 September 2013 at 4:58       1376

To answer a few questions: (Specific antibodies) are produced in the body as a defense to invading viruses and take a few months to build up. If you had a similar virus such as chickenpox, your body with have specific antibodies that shows up in a titer figure in your blood. The same for when you receive a vaccine, your body will build an antibody for that shot but since you were only given a percentage of the infection, the antibody and thus protection a limited lifespan....that is why there are 'booster shots' to re-introduce the infection to allow your body to increase specific antibodies. Now on to the decrease or disappearance of antibodies: one of two things will happen, antibodies will naturally degrade on their own once the 'threat' is no longer present (dead virus or worn out vaccine) or the antibodies will always be present. A virus once in the body cannot be killed, only neutralized, there has been no vaccine that can do this for any virus...once infected, you have it for life but since you have the specific antibody, you cannot be affected by the same virus (memory antibodies). A vaccine only stops the replication and from being communicable to someone else. I hope that helps. Also, I do not beieve the whole premise of this so called 'healing crisis' which is just putting a label on the therapy not working as intended. Since the HSV hides in the lower spinal gangla, it is protected from antibodies... such as having severe strep (high ana titer), where the infection hides in the tonsils thus antibodies nor penicillin cannot reach and the tonsils have to be removed.

Comment posted by Unfortunate News of Buffalo, NY, USA on 6 September 2013 at 0:4       1370

Hello again all, I posted a few times on here with my titer numbers and the H2O2 process attempt. I just completed the 6 week therapy and I also took Fenvir, vitamins and Lysine. I had one tiny outbreak almost halfway thru and hated the taste, yuck! I will get another blood test soon but truthfully even though I was enthusiastic through the whole regimen, I have serious doubts this will even work. I base my thoughts on facts and conversed with a scientist that is actually leading a HSV2 lab looking to develop a vaccine and he discounted the H2O2 would work. From all the research I have conducted, I see how one could come to the assumption that this particular therapy might work but....there has not been one documented case of someone posting results that backs up having killed the virus. Think about it, all the people (possibly thousands) that have tried this therapy and not one posted meaningful results, if they did, it would be huge news. All I have read was someone 'saying' their results came back negative. I want… and wanted to believe this would work but I don't know....I viewed myself as the 'perfect' test specimen due to the fact that I used the proper chemicals, strict eating times, never strayed from the course and my antibodies were the highest that I ever came across (4.47 for HSV-1 & 7.63 for HSV-2) which means my body is working overtime to fight off the virus. In conclusion, if I cannot eradicate the virus then sadly, I don't think anyone could. The reason why one person has outbreaks more than another is due to the level of antibodies fighting the local area. We all want to believe and have hope this will work but just to let you all know that there are many labs around the world testing vaccines right now and hopefully presenting one to the public within a few years or less! Stay upbeat, I know it is tough at times. I will post my results soon.

Comment posted by Mind power of San Francisco, California, United States on 5 September 2013 at 7:47       1369

First test: hsv1 3.5, hsv2 2.35 Second test : hsv1 4.8, hsv2 >5 (after peroxide hydroxide) 35% Food grade peroxide hydroxide therapy 3 times a day with distilled water. Drops: 1, 2, 3,...,24,25,24,22,20 (second test), 18,... Vitamines: Vitamine C, Monolaurin, Zinc, Diet: no Sugar, no coffee, no chocolate, no grains, etc... My results are higher after the peroxide hydroxide therapy. ,( I hope the "healing crisis" is real. I though I was going to get a cold sore and my throat hurts, I'm feeling sick. I have never had an genital outbreak, not even now. Anyway, someone said that the H2O2 is definitely making the virus more agitated. It is just trying to survive and as you continue to oxygenate your body, it is trying to get OUT of your body and away from the oxygen. I hope the virus is "dead" now and maybe the antibodies will disappear eventually... I will continue with the treatment until I get back to the maintenance 3x3 drops. If I ever forget the horrible taste of 20+ drops I will start the treatment again, until I kill that Fvirus! Conclusion: It's important to believe that the virus will be eventually killed. I guess the antibodies will disappear when they are not longer needed?

Question posted by keshawn of cleveland, ohio, usa on 4 September 2013 at 13:59       1365

I have genital herpes I found out five months ago only had one outbreak and that was it in one spot well anyways I started this h202 on Aug. 15 13 I was doing everything they said but once got to 13 drops I couldn't do it 3 times cuz it was making me sick so I only do it once a day. but I made it to 25 drops. well no outbreaks at all I got a boil twice down in the genital area is it working since im getting boils n no outbreaks? plus im getting acne on face and a little on my body so my question is this am im doing it right and is it normal for me not to have outbreaks doing this cure instead of boils? and omg the taste of it is so nasty if anybody can answer that question I greatly appreciate and thanks

Comment posted by tripper 1012 of Phoenix, Arizona, USA on 15 August 2013 at 9:5       1326

I have had HSV 2 since 1988 when I contracted from a girlfriend in college that did not know she had it. I was on zoverax, for many many years with one tablet a day. Then about 5 years ago I switched to Valtrax. I would rarely have an outbreak (once a year maybe with no blisters). about 2.5 years ago I went off the valtrax all together and started a natural medication that I was on for about 6 months. I went off for a year with no outbreaks, then I had a little tingling but I think it was nothing (did not want to take the chance). They are imune boosters so it's actually good to take every day since it's all natural. Recently after several years I just had an outbreak that popped up with no warning signals (always warning signals). I have read about this H202 thereapy, and met with my doctor to discuss. He said to try it, but how can it cure the virus if it's living down at the base of your spine. I just received a 30 day dose of valtrax, but only need to take it if and when I have an OB. I say with a 100% my breakouts are related to stress, and have a big stress right now. I'm going to try the H202, and stick with it all the way through. When I discussed with my doctor, he acted a little strange talking about it as he says there is no cure, and it will just make me sick. We all know that if we have a cure, what do we need to visit them for and prescribe medication that just supresses not cures. With that being said, I'm starting the program beginning of September. I will let everyone know how it goes. When I first contracted the HSV2, it was severe pain, but after the first time it subsided to very minimal. Many of you just contracted it, so be patient, try the H202 therapy, and use supressive drugs if you have to. I say in the next 5 years they will find a real cure if we may have not found it already in H202 therapy (in some form or another. I have lived a normal life, lots of stress but Hang in there.

Question posted by GotCheatedOn of Edmonton, AB, Canada on 14 August 2013 at 19:41       1323

SO okay, I have HSV2, my ex cheated on me and I got punished with this virus. Its, well we all know embarrassing and terrible. I am taking H202, I am following that 3 to 25 drops a day system, everything seemed to be working but a few days before my monthly cycle I got one giant spot. I am down to 14 a day and I stayed at 20 drops for like a week. I drank wine here and there and I am wondering if that caused problems. I don't know what to do. I need to cure this, I cant keep going this way. How long should I keep on this? Did anyone else get a OB this late into the treatment. should I forget about it all together? Should I increase rather then decrease considering I have this spot? Also I thought I went through this healing phase where I already got that one outbreak that was suppose to be like the final push or something. I don't know what to do anymore. Please help.

Comment posted by Unfortunate News of Buffalo, NY, USA on 12 August 2013 at 14:24       1316

To you, Chick 383..........I am not an authority regarding this therapy but I just reached 25 drops and am on my way down right now and never had a stomach problem. My initial thoughts were to ask are you taking the mixture on an empty stomach? You have to, 1 hr before a meal and 3 hr after. 8oz distilled water only, the chlorine/minerals will negate the H2O2 and contents in your stomach will foam/interact which could be causing the problems. Something else that I wanted to add from my previous post, not only is it important to follow the correct chemistry but....something that I found more difficult than that is to enact rigidity in the timing when you take the liquid. It seriously interrupts your normal eating/drinking schedule and takes a form of discipline to do so. I have no idea if this plan will work but I have been documenting and researching the plausibility for success and I think it could be possible. Normally the specific antibody count will decrease when the threat is no longer present or diminish as a natural body function. That is the goal to remove the threat and continue to check to see if the antibody count lowers below 1.10. Stay focused everyone.

Comment posted by Chick383 of Miami, Fl, USA on 12 August 2013 at 2:45       1313

And I had a huge stomach problems with bad fever followed by huge outbreak that lasted a month and was worse that i can remember, is it true u cured ur condition? I m just really scared to start over again, I got to 15 drops when I start feeling my stomach getting irritated, do u increase the amount of water together with drops?

Comment posted by Unfortunate News of Buffalo, NY, USA on 8 August 2013 at 10:39       1307

Hello all.....I found out I have HSV-1 & HSV-2 July of '13 and had no idea I had either! My blood anti-bodies were 4.47 for HSV-1 & 7.63 for HSV-2. I have no symptoms or outbreaks. Since that time, I have been doing a huge amount of research about the disease, technical characteristics and this H2O2 therapy. I am up to 22 drops right now and no side effects and feel no different. After reading what is out there (internet) about the virus and the people on here who have attempted the H2O2 regimen, it would appear the results do not favor overcoming the invader. From what I understand about what is trying to be accomplished and the chemistry involved, I believe most people either are not using the proper liquids and/or utilizing poor discipline in applying the procedure. There are instructions for what to use, how much and when BUT I see people just do not follow the anticipated way in following thru and that may be a factor in the undesired results. I will state what I have been following because that is how this treatment should be taken and hopefully if enough people follow the guidelines, perhaps there would be more happy stories. * 35% food-grade hydrogen peroxide only! Distilled water only! Empty stomach only! 3 drops (3x day) up to 25 drops (3x day) in 8 oz water, then back down to 3 drops (3x day). Until everyone adheres to the exact same routine, we cannot expect repetitive or accurate results. Not only that, I notice that most people on here do not follow up with their results again, more information is needed and there is obviously no one voice on this. I hate that I got the bad news but I have striving for good news. I will have a blood test taken in Sep ’13 to check the outcome.

Comment posted by Me of Little rock, Ar, United states on 4 July 2013 at 0:52       1253

I have been using 35% hydrogen peroxide in apple juice 3 times a day at 25 drops. I started with 3 and worked my way up to 25. I stayed at 25 and now have been at this amount for a month. I had pains in my legs and constant break outs. I can say that I have no more pain and I will get a small OB during healing crisis and I get really sick for a few days. If u suffered like I did being sick for a couple days is a small price to pay. Once the crisis passes I feel better than ever. It is worth it. For those who say it doesn't work bc theirs is too bad, u just haven't been doing it long enough. Keep it up u will get results. I won't lie to you and tell u it's not a long road tho bc it is.

Question posted by Jay of Waco, texas, United States on 29 June 2013 at 2:12       1242

I had my first out break start a week or so ago and a blister showed up about 7 days ago and it seems like a new one shows up every 2 days or so. I assume that ive had the virus for a long period of time but always tested negative to the anti body test. I was under TONS of stress which i think might have trigured it. I even retested about a few days ago about 2 days after the first blister and of course the blood test came back negative but im convinced it is herpes. Ive started the hydrogen peroxide treatment and im on day two. Some people say this treatment works while others do not. For the ones that it dosent work why not stay on the treatment since it has tons of other health benifits and maybe it will eventually work. Also is there anyone out there that tested negative for anti body test as well as the blood test that looks for the virus?

Comment posted by jAY of vancouver , bc, canada on 26 June 2013 at 4:0       1233

It only works on some people, I tried the same thing and it didn't cure them

Comment posted by Stoked of Steamboat Springs, CO, USA on 11 June 2013 at 12:11       1193

Started at 3 drops 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide in 6 oz. of water, 3 times a day, increasing to 25 drops, and back down to 3. I am on a program that discourages eating white flour, and you must ingest the H2O2 mixture at least an hour before meals, or three hours after. I was also instructed to continue on 3 drops, 3 times a day for an additional month. I was pretty faithful to the instructions during the first part, but have since slacked. Still, I have had no outbreaks since about mid-way through the therapy. When you get to higher doses it is common to have an outbreak, because the increased oxygen in the system stirs up the virus. The outbreak only lasted 2 hours and didn't even break the skin. I have had none since. One of my triggers is chapped lips, and I had a spot that would normally balloon up with a cold sore, but instead it just healed like normal skin. I think I've kicked cold sores. I highly recommend this method!:)

Comment posted by Jessica of Santa Barbara, CA, USA on 7 June 2013 at 19:42       1188

hydrogen peroxide is a good way to test if you have any virus on the outside. If you get white spots it could be bacterial or yeast but if its spotty probably its the virus. Definitly is good to clean yourself wiht h2O2 before having sex with partner, plus condom. I douch with 3% and no issues. I also make sure he uses the peroxide before and after sex to make sure. I've been doing 75 drops for over 35 days and today found one lesion. Very small and not painful, but its definitly a sign that its good to continue with the peroxide for a few months to get any of the hidden viruses. I know a man in his 60s who takes 20 drops a day (10 twice a day) in distilled water and he has been doing it for over a year. If he can do it, most people can do it long term. Its kind of like fighting cancer, everyone is different, but if you know that something kills a virus then its only a matter of time until is kills it all. I'm not discouraged, just a little disappointed that with my high doses not everything was killed. But I'm sure I will kill it all, just being patient. Even if i tested negative and didn't have any outbreaks I would still keep on the regimen for a few months or even a year. One thing I have to admit is that I know my partner really loves me to take the risk to be with me, at least that much is positive :)

Side-effects posted by Jessica of Santa Barbara, CA, USA on 4 June 2013 at 9:34       1181

its normal to increase in outbreaks and the lesions are your body reacting and attacking the virus. Its like fevers, runny nose, coughing, hives etc, its your bodies reaction to the pathogen not the pathogen itself, that's why only a few people get cold sores when 80% of us have herpes virus 1, the only changing factor is the individual and how their body reacts. All though it make you sick at least you know its working. just keep it at the low dose, it may take more time, but over time you'll get the full dose.

Comment posted by Jessica of Santa Barbara, CA, USA on 3 June 2013 at 13:28       1178

I just completed a month of the 35% Food grade h202. I did 75 drops (25 3 times a day) everyday this month, no side effects. now that I am in month 2 i'm slowly going down (now doing 60 drops a day for a week). I just got a nebulizer so I'm going to start using it. Anyone have a formula for 35% food grade with water? strong as I can go is best. BTW for all future participants in this program I learned you have to stay away from antioxidants (wine, vitamin e, berries) because they undo the oxygen ions that kill the virus. Feeling super energized from the h202 and I'm careful about what I mix with it. Since it effects my heart rate and liver I watch my alcohol because one is an upper and the other a downer. if the hydrogen peroxide hasn't worked yet for you just keep on it. the fact is that it does kill the virus but how long and easy depends on the person.

Side-effects posted by Nicole of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia on 20 May 2013 at 23:52       1168

Hi. I was diagnosed with Herpes 4+ years ago and for the past 2ish years have had outbreaks every month! In that time I have drastically changed my lifestyle to low(er) stress levels, plenty of sleep, limited coffee and tea, low sugar & gluten intake, minimal alcohol.... but still have OB's often. I started Hydrogen Peroxide drops, got up to 14 drops and had major physical reaction of neausea, diarrhea, body aches and pains, lethargic, head ache. Unfortunately i stopped for a couple of days after having the worst outbreak I've ever had! :( On further research I realize its a healing crisis so i am going to start back on again on 10 drops and stick to it! So much of this reflects other patterns i have in life, I look forward to pushing through and creating some health and freedom for myself. Wish me luck :)

Comment posted by Swain of Fairfield, Iowa, USA on 18 May 2013 at 16:57       1161

Oh, I forgot to mention that before starting the H2O2 I used Lamisil/Terbinafine tablets for about 6 mos. This made outbreaks go away by 90 %. However, H2O2 does not seem to care much about Lamisil as constant outbreaks started happening after reaching 25 drops

Comment posted by Swain of Fairfield, Iowa, USA on 18 May 2013 at 16:27       1160

I followed the 3 to 25 back down to 10 drops, mostly 3 times per day. I am still on 10 drops x 3 per day. What has happened is that after 25 x 3 drops, I am having more or less constant outbreak (giving sensations in a leg as well). Allison Freeman recommends this regimen and mentions some treatment symptoms in her book. However, nowhere have seen mention constant outbreak as a reaction to treatment. But I believe this is the way - the H2O2 is irritating the virus, the virus appears from its hiding place, and is attacked by the H2O2. This makes sense to me, and all I have to do is hope for final exhaustion of the virus.

Comment posted by JessicA of Santa Barbara, CA, United States on 11 May 2013 at 18:4       1149

some people retest negative and others positive but its possible both don't have it. The test only tests for antibodies and depending on the person the body can keep those antibodies or not. Think about getting the chicken pox shot (and chickenpox is from the Herpes simplex) you get antibodies that develope and your body keeps them even though you were never really infected.

Question posted by Ron of Lincoln, NE, USA on 9 May 2013 at 12:56       1142

Will hydrogen peroxide kill herpes zoster live virus in blisters?

Comment posted by Rosie of London, England, England on 8 May 2013 at 19:7       1139

The way to cancel out the foul after taste of the H202 is to immediately chew a sprig of parsley. Nasty taste all gone. If you dont like parsley, immediately suck a Marmite Twiglet, don't swallow this or the parsley. Works brilliantly. I have HSV1 genital and am trying the H202 remedy. I have read comments from many websites and have to be sensible and realise it is a disease for which there is no known cure. However, I am more energetic and am living a healthier lifestyle.I will continue with it and am on 18 drops and have had only minor side effects which arent too bad. Has anyone, in all truthfulness, either been cured or know of anyone who is now free of this miserable condition. It's been a hard two years living with it. Thanks. Rosie

Comment posted by WTF of New York, New York, USA on 2 May 2013 at 20:34       1128

I was reading the posts and I noticed that so far only 1 person claimed that this has worked according to a blood test (someone named - concerned citizen). Everyone else is either going to try it, is trying it or tried it but it did not work. I'd like to think positive but the data here says otherwise. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Comment posted by Jessie of Dallas, TX, USA on 2 May 2013 at 2:29       1127

Hiala, I believe once you test negative you will not transmit the Herpes simplex but I am not a Doctor, but from what I've read being a doctor means nothing. But you should still have the blood test done by a different doctor. I am not a medically trained person I'm just suggesting what I would do.
I have seen two different regimes, the first is listed above with the 3, 4 ,5 drops diluting 3 times a day for 30 days and then go back down to 3 drops 3 times a day. The second one recommends that once you reach 3 drops 3 times a day you continue this for another month. This ensures any hidden bacteria is not left. I am on day 2 and so far so good. I am off all the other medication. The only thing I still take is vitiman C with bioflavonoids and lysine. It is very important to build and keep your immune system healthy. I will keep you posted! And if it upsets your stomach try manuka honey it really does calm your stomach.

Question posted by Hiala of Hamburg, Germany, Germany on 29 April 2013 at 13:32       1118

After you finish the Hydrogene peroxide 35% regimen and have no outbreaks anymore can you STILL transmit the herpes simplex 2 to someone who does not have it?

Comment posted by Jessie of Dallas, TX, USA on 29 April 2013 at 3:1       1115

Hello, I was diagnosed with herpes simplex 2 this past Monday. I feel like I'm in hell. I have been searching desperately for and using anything that will help. I have been putting vinegar on the the area, it burns like hell, but it does help dry it out. I also soak in the tub with the vinegar and it is the only relief I can get. I pour a half pint in the bath water and soak for at least 15 min which allows the vinegar to get into the skin. I will start the hydrogen peroxide treatment next week. I ordered everything on Amazon but you have to allow for ground shipping on the 35% peroxide. I have a friend in Germany whose mother is a gyno. I spoke with her this past week and as it turns out this hydrogen peroxide regimen has been used in Germany since WWII. I'm daring to hope desperately that this works for me. Additionally I have been researching the benefits of medical manuka honey from New Zealand. It helps as an antiseptic topical treatment to draw out the infection and dry it up as well as prevent scarring. It also may help with the hydrogen peroxide treatment because one of its many health properties is calming the stomach. I have also started changing my diet as sugar and caffeine can be catalysts, so I've read I hope this might help someone.

Comment posted by Working-so-far of CBD, Auckland, New Zealand on 25 April 2013 at 2:42       1114

My advice from my experience before starting 3% food grade HP, is to take an organic Olive Leaf Extract in liquid form, this will make all viruses in your system react because they are being attacked by your strengthen immune system. As a result flu like side effects, and constant outbreaks will happen. Do this for four weeks. THEN start the HP treatment and also apply it directly to an outbreak. The sores will turn white instantly, and any liquid with the virus present will turn white also. Don't leave the HP on for too long, your hair in the area will start to change colour (go lighter). Powerful stuff even at 3%. Also use a glove to protect the skin on your hand (your fingers will turn white as well if exposed long enough) and really rub in the HP on the sore, then wash off the HP fairly soon after. Don't worry if the sore stays white for an hour or two. I also used Lovir pills (prescription meds) from the doc to help stop the outbreaks during the first four weeks of near constant outbreaks. Still early days for me I have to say but so far it seems to have worked. I've eaten loads of chocolate, peanut butter, I'm up late constantly, I'm highly stressed because of my job, and no out breaks, not one. Will check in again and update at a later date.

Comment posted by John99 of new york, new york, united states on 16 April 2013 at 15:32       1097

A couple of years ago I used 35% undiluted HP on my herpes which was in the groin area next to my nuts. It burned like hell, but, the herpes went away and hasn't come back in that area. Unfortunately I had one night stand with a girl. I used a condom and somehow got herpes in my ass. I never did anal sex then or ever. BTW anal herpes sux big time. I have been taking lysine which helps,but it always comes back. Don't think I could handle putting 35% HP in my anus. ouch! I'm going to try taking the dropper method and see it it works.

Question posted by RaRa of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia on 15 April 2013 at 16:18       1096

I have been diagnosed with HSV2 - I started the hydrogen peroxide protocol - started at 3 drops 3 times a day then up to 25 and back down to 6 atm. I started an outbreak at about 20 drops so stayed at 25 drops for a week... now I am back down to 6 and still have sores. I am also putting 3% on the sores. I am hoping this is still a healing crisis but it seems weird that is has lasted a good few weeks now.... does this mean it isn't working? should I work back up to 25 drops rather than down to a maintenance dose of 3 drops?

Comment posted by Dan of Perth, WA, Australia on 28 March 2013 at 0:46       1058

I got "35%" from nightingale pharmacy in south lake, after using it or a few weeks and having no improvements, I put 1 drop on my skin, knowing it should oxidize, nothing at all. So I ordered H2O2 test strips, and after testing a diluted solution I've determined I was sold 3% I'll be heading back to nightingales and demanding they refund my money. Will be trying a supplier on eBay.

Question posted by SteveBKK of Bangkok, Klongtoey, Thailand on 23 March 2013 at 21:39       1054

I haven't been diagnosed but I'm sure I have GHSV from researching and looking online. My symptoms are exactly as described. I think I contracted it about 3 weeks ago. I want to start h2o2 regime but can't find 35% food grade in Bangkok (where I live) and Amazon won't ship it to Bangkok either... Does anyone know of a Thailand based source for 35% food grade h2o2... I want to cure myself and also the girl that gave it to me to prevent her from cursing her next lover in the same way she has cursed me.

Side-effects posted by Lavender of Honolulu, Hawaii, USA on 23 March 2013 at 11:42       1053

When I first heard about using food grade hydrogen peroxide on cold sores I was excited! I have had outbreaks since I was little and now in my mid twenties I have some control over them. But every time I hear about a new remedy and try it, it only works for the 1st few outbreaks then has no effect on the cold sore outbreak. Example, I used lavender oil and castor oil the first time and completely dried and healed the outbreak with in the day! Next few outbreaks it took longer and longer. Now with the H2O2 the first time I diluted it to 3% and applied to the beginning of the sore it worked wonders! Left it a little white but dried it up completely! Now I'm on my 4th sore or so and tried using the H2O2 and the sore completely inflamed and hurts! No drying effects at all! Just my story.

Comment posted by Robin of Dallas, Texas, USA on 7 March 2013 at 6:3       1028

I've been doing the treatment for almost 3 months. I believe I'm about a week past my healing crisis and feeling normal for the first time since being diagnosed in January 2013. I believe in this stuff! It has made me feel so good and I know it will work. I am tapering down and will continue for about another month if I am symptom free. If my symptoms return, I will start taking it again. Once I am symptom free for a month+ I will retest and share my results.

Question posted by Jojo of Menasha, WI, USA on 26 February 2013 at 21:40       1015

I used 35% H2O2 all the way up to 25x3 per day for 13 days in a row until i went back down to the 3 drops BUT i was still drinking my ONE cup of coffee and had a bowl of oatmeal with brown sugar every day still I only did 2 weeks of the maintenance and got tested ....still positive. I am a person that never knew I had it, had three beautiful children, sometimes felt like I was getting a yeast infection but no doc. said anything! I had an std test, negative so gyno gave me herp blood test. PLEASE keep in mind I never had outbreakes just tingeling and burning every once in a great while! I am very upset that the test came back positive & wonder if my gyno had something to do with it.....same on both tests one in 2006 & one in 2013. Keep in mind that I was married for 17yrs. He tested and did NOT get it ...lots of unprotected sex...also 8yrs. with another man where in the middle of that relationship is when I found out! unprotected sex ...he got tested he did NOT get either. Then a last bf ...unprotected sex....did NOT get either... I'm going to try protocal again of h2o2 up to 25 BUT IM NOT SURE HOW LONG TO KEEP UP THE 25x3! I want to get rid of this stigma for good and am thinking it may have been the coffee & br.sugar,or where else can i get the test done besides my gyno? HELP I HATE THIS, I have also always thought of my self as a very strong never sick stresless person, what went wrong???

Comment posted by ThatGuy of Jacksonville, FL, USA on 14 February 2013 at 15:41       972

I came to the conclusion about the otc h2o2 from reading Bill Munros experience with inhaling otc h2o2 with a nasal sprayer, check it out and see what u think. In a nutshell hes been inhaling it for almost 13 yrs now, beat lung cancer with it. But anyhoo, Im a nurse so i use the nebulizer at work ,) and im not sure what type it is as far as per liter, but as long as it nebulizes it and u see the "smoke" coming out it should be good enough. At first i would dilute 3% with 1 part h2o2 and 2 parts normal saline or distilled water. I gradually would use a lesser dilution just to see how it would effect me, (my thought was the stronger % u use the more h2o2 absorbtion u will get) and i didnt notice any negative reactions when i started using just 3% in the nebulizer. U just put the h2o2 in the neb chamber and push on. I dont like using the mask, i just use a piece u can bite on. Yes I do suffer from hsv2 since august of last year, I drank food grade 3% after that but got depressed and stoped and would only treat OB topically with h2o2. About a month ago i got my act together and started taking 200mg zinc a day, 1000mg vitc a day, cayenne extract, drinking h2o2, bathing in h2o2, and just recently started nebulizing h2o2. I stress alot from work and barely get any sleep during the week, still trying to quit smoking tobacco, and trying to cut down drinking so i still can see some tiny OB's sometimes but topical h2o2 knocks that out before they can grow to anything. I recently went through a healing crisis so Im pretty sure the virus is getting bent over pretty good right now ha. Will keep updating

Comment posted by Kelly of London, Uk, United Kingdom on 14 February 2013 at 6:47       971

The otc H2O2 has heavy metals and stabilizers in it that will harm your system. These ingredients are in this h2o2 because the manufacturers do not know how long it will have to sit on the shelf before it is sold and these things act as preservatives to increase the shelf life. You should never use otc h2o2 inside your body, only outside. They will not cause any immediate negative effects... but heavy metals accumulate in the body and can cause Alzheimers, stroke, arthritis and other illnesses later in life. For the sake of your future health, please take my advice and NEVER use otc h2o2 with your oral dose.

Comment posted by That Guy of Jacksonville, FL, USA on 13 February 2013 at 16:32       964

Another thing that can help is to use h2o2 via a nebulizer. Nebulizing a medication through the respiratory tract is almost as good as h2o2 IV. It is systemic since is goes directly to the blood. Unlike h2o2 throught the GI tract (drinking it) u dont have to worry about any h2o2 being wasted by gastric juices or partially being absorbed by GI organs instead of getting to where u need it. Nebulizing goes straight to the blood then throughout the body, directly to whatever area u need it. There r doctors online who talk about this method, look it up. When u breath it through a nebulizer u immediately feel the vasodilation affect on ur body, u get a jolt of energy from the immediate feeding of oxygen to cells, u think more clear, its amazing. I recently began doing it twice a day for 15-30 mins each a few days a week. I believe it is safe to use otc h2o2 with the stabilizers from the research ive seen. I also drink the otc brands also. Using 3% without diluting it wont irritate ur lungs, u might get a dryness sensation in the back of ur mouth though while nebulizing. I also bath in h2o2, i gargle with it, I wash my hands in it. USE IT IN EVERY WAY U CAN IN UR EVERYDAY LIFE TO GET THE ULTIMATE ABSORBTION. That way if u miss drinking it or nebulizing it u still r getting it into ur system somehow.

Comment posted by CeaCea of St Louis, Mo, U.S. on 8 February 2013 at 10:26       947

So here is a question. I have been hearing that the virus is an obligate anaerobe therefore when you increase the amount of O2 (via H2O2) it creates an uninhabitable environment and the virus dies. But here is the part that is tripping me up. The virus remains latent in the dorsal root ganglion, within a nerve cell body. Nerve cells are purely aerobic, and they are not capeable of food storage. How can the virus "hide" in the most aerobic cell in the body?

Comment posted by Kelly of London, Uk, United Kingdom on 8 February 2013 at 3:10       946

Hydrogen Peroxide is produced naturally in the atmosphere when Ozone (O3) is struck by ultra-violet light in the presence of water vapour and falls to the earth as rain. Hydrogen Peroxide can also found in fresh fruit and vegetables and Mother's breast milk. Hydrogen Peroxide comes in many grades, all designed for different applications. Electrical grade for example has many chemical stabilizers added to it to prevent it from decomposing. This is true for most grades of Hydrogen Peroxide. Hydrogen Peroxide has many properties and is used for industrial, commercial, military and scientific purposes. But most importantly, and what has been forgotten, is that it has a wide range of applications relating to many areas of daily life and health. The only grade that can be used safely for health and cleaning reasons is known as 'Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide'. Hydrogen Peroxide easily breaks down into water (H2O) and an atom of free oxygen (O). It is this single oxygen atom that gives Hydrogen Peroxide its huge range of beneficial uses. Within the body, friendly bacteria flourish in oxygen rich environments, whereas most strains of harmful bacteria (and cancer cells) cannot survive in the presence of oxygen (anaerobic). Hence, H2O2 is incredibly effective at treating infections topically. The number of ailments effectively treated by Hydrogen Peroxide is simply astounding. Over the last 25 years over 7000 papers have been published in medical journals relating to the use and benefits of Hydrogen Peroxide. Our own body's immune system produces it in tiny quantities to kill bacteria and viruses in the body. When ingested in small amounts, (see the internal use page) it kills off harmful bacteria in the digestive tract as well as parasites and fungal infections (Candida Albicans).

Comment posted by Kelly of London, Uk, United Kingdom on 8 February 2013 at 3:1       945

But in your case, yes... the H2O2 is definitely making the virus more agitated. It is just trying to survive and as you continue to oxygenate your body, it is trying to get OUT of your body and away from the oxygen. Dumb viruses don't realize that when they break the surface of the skin, there is just more oxygen out here. *smile* But seriously, I do not understand everything that happens with the HSV virus... but I do know that they can not live in high oxygen environments. Amazingly though, I've read that the AIDS virus can live for days in open air, eg. as in on a plate or other moist surface.

Comment posted by Kelly of London, Uk, United Kingdom on 8 February 2013 at 2:52       944

Hi there , I'm on they hydrogen peroxide food grade I continued increasing the drops until I reached 25. , I have been on 25 drops for 2 weeks now ! And had a severe outbreak in 5 different places , back bum cheeks ! This has been called a healingcrisis (which maifested itself like a combination of herpes and candida) I hope pray to god live in faith that this works , I have read so so many reviews on this and there is hope ......................... The first thing the H2O2 will do is to attack viruses and bacteria in your body. This includes the HSV virus. Once you have agitated the virus with your H2O2 doses, you will probably experience an outbreak but it should be short-lived and relatively painless as you continue your therapy. And as more and more of the virus is killed off, you should begin to experience fewer outbreaks. But please remember that this virus hides in the spinal ganglia (a cluster of nerve cells at the base of the spine) and while it is in hiding, it can not be killed... but it can not replicate either. In order to replicate it will have to come out of hiding and travel along a nerve until it reaches the surface of the skin where it can break out. Or enter the bloodstream where it will try to infect other red blood cells. The more H2O2 you have in your body, the sooner it will be killed before it can ever reach the skin surface.

Comment posted by Erase herpes of Valencia, Ca, USA on 2 February 2013 at 13:23       934

I agree that it works way faster than the other meds for Herpes. This really is a lot faster but I still need to get the concentrated form.

Comment posted by Aaron Broughton of Bozeman, MT, USA on 27 January 2013 at 9:43       924

You can't buy the stuff at walmart (3% food grade). It has some stabilizers in it to keep the H2O2 from disassociating.

Comment posted by hp 30 of Johannesburg, CA, South Africa on 26 January 2013 at 21:4       922

To Just curious : What you described is a begining of an outbrake that goes through your system, especially groin and leg. Sometimes it will not erupt to blisters, sometimes it will. In both cases, such period is a high risk where sex should be totally avoided.

Question posted by Lonely Guitarist of Johor, Johor, Malaysia on 23 January 2013 at 3:28       915

Hi, does it mean that it doesn't kill the herpes virus, with taking h202 just creating an environment that herpes virus remain "hiding" in nerve cells? Do we need taking H202 for our entire lives? Once we stop taking H202, for example 3 years, we may suffer from the herpes outbreak again?

Question posted by Katy of London, London, England on 20 January 2013 at 9:37       913

Hi I was diagnosed with genital herpes 2 month ago and I've been putting iodine on the blisters. Is it safe to try this peroxide method at the same time? Katy

Question posted by Just curious of Bostin, Ma, USA on 18 January 2013 at 5:38       908

Does anybody have non-typical outbreaks where they have no blisters lessions or ulcers just burning sensation in the whole groin area that is present everyday, with itching on occasional days? It feels more like a nerve problem. If so did this treatment work for you?

Comment posted by Kathy of Bergen, Hordaland, Norway on 17 January 2013 at 21:38       907

It's hard to say what you will test after this. After having read the comments above, it looks like serveral people tested negative after completing the treatment and others have not. At least you will keep the virus supressed so you can go on living your life without it being affected by herpes. But I'm hoping that this will kill my virus. I'll get retested in a month or so and let you know. I hope more people will comment on their test results after completing treatment as instructed.

Comment posted by Kathy of Bergen, Rogaland, Norway on 14 January 2013 at 5:41       895

I continued increasing the drops until I reached 25. By that time the healingcrisis (which maifested itself like a combination of herpes and candida) was over, but I stayed on 25 drops for a week just in case. Down to 20 drops now, and am having sex, eating chocolate and drinking coffee without any symptoms. I also rub 3% HP on my lower back twice a day (just in case). I try to drink as much water as possible to rinse out the toxins. I even told my new boyfriend who I have been seeing for just a month about the herpes and the treatment and he didn't freak out at all!!! What a relief:) When I was diagnosed 3 months ago I thought my lovelife was over, but now I feel like I can really beat this and get on with my life! When I am back down to 3 drops I'll get retested. Fingers crossed!!

Question posted by Hopefull of Worcester , Ma, USA on 13 January 2013 at 22:44       894

Did any one who is cured have constant symptoms everyday that would come and go throughout the day? I have this issue and I'm at 25 drops 3 times a day. I thought it was working but seems to be getting back to the itching ang burning everyday. Don't know if it's a healing crisis or just not working. Going stay at 25 drops for a week then come down with the drops.

Comment posted by ATLRESEARCHER of Atlanta, GA, United States on 7 January 2013 at 17:54       887

One thing worth noting is that the body can have a "healing crisis" in which your symptoms get worse for a short period of time and then dissipate. You may feel like you have the flu, with aches and pains and even an outbreak. This is normal and your body is simply trying to get the virus out of your body any way that it can. You may even develop boils that are painful and will eventually rupture. DO NOT STOP THE THERAPY! Continue on whatever dosage you are on until this period passes and then continue to the next step with the increase in drops, etc.

Question posted by Kathy of Bergen, Bergen, Norway on 29 December 2012 at 5:10       880

I am up to 18 drops 3 times a day now, and now I am experiencing a genital outbreak. Two blisters on the inside of my vagina that sting like hell. What does this mean? Is the cure not working? Is this what they call a healing crisis?

Comment posted by chicken lickin of Dunedin, NZ, New Zealand on 22 December 2012 at 23:26       867

Herpes and Chicken Pox are VERY similar. Part of your immune system is simply what you believe. Your body does the same work to get rid of herpes as it does to get rid of chicken pox.... and most people never get chicken pox twice because... you have now developed the antibodies for it - just like herpes but also you believe you can only get it once. At some point herpes will be the same. A good book to read is The mindbody prescription by John E Sarno, he has actually tested 1000's of patients with 'ongoing' illnesses and problems of various sorts, and has cured them all with education - no drugs or physical therapy. His results are PROVEN and have a much higher success rate than most conventional medicine.

Comment posted by steve of daytona, Florida, USA on 16 December 2012 at 3:59       858

I don't know how they can be negative....all they test for is the anti-bodies which just says you had the virus at one point. It's not a test for the actual virus. I have started the HP 35% therapy in combination with acyclovir...I'm having good results...time will tell.

Comment posted by Jaydub of Cleveland, OH, USA on 14 December 2012 at 7:44       857

You must take it on an empty stomach, also. This is very important or you will instantly get nauseous and could even vomit. Also, when you get to the highest levels you might also experience a little nausea after taking (I did). I persisted with the protocol successfully but I can see why intravenous solution of the stuff is really the way to go especially when trying to eradicate persistent and serious bacterial/viral-based illnesses. I imagine you might have to go to a clinic or something for that.

Comment posted by Jr of Wichita, Ks, USA on 13 December 2012 at 13:45       853

I have been using 3% food grade for about 2 monthly now. I started mixing 4 tablespoons with 1 gallon on distiller water. I drink 12 ounces first thing when I get up, that way I have an empty stomach and I don't eat anything for 1 hour after. I drink another 12 ounces 2 to 3 hours after dinner. I now am mixing 5 tablespoons 3% food grade with 1 gallon distiller water and will be going to 6 tablespoons tomorrow. I am going in to get tested in 2 weeks I will let you know my results.

Comment posted by malik of San Diego , CA, USA on 6 December 2012 at 12:43       846

In reply to AnnaLee: The real concern is not the testing, but do you still get outbreaks or not? This is because once your body develop HSV2 antibidies, it is for life.

Comment posted by AnnaLee of Central Coast, California, USA on 5 December 2012 at 17:11       844

Went through the entire h202 regime. Got tested. Still have hsv 2. Bummer

Question posted by jame of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia on 8 November 2012 at 16:30       809

A question about the use of h2o2 and transplant rejection I had a corneal graft done 30 years ago. Taking into account that the cornea has no blood supply would the H2O2 affect this?

Comment posted by Thatguy of jacksonville, FL, USA on 6 November 2012 at 19:19       804

Hello, yes ive had good reactions to h2o2. A tip that i think might help for males, is to wrap ur little guy in toilet paper or paper towel and spray with 3% regular h2o2 untill saturated. If u have any active sores, they will turn white after about 15-20 mins. In my experience that means they are dead and begin the healing process. This method also works as a good proactive treatment. Ive had current outbreaks since july when i was diagnosed. Been on ingesting h2o2 for about 2 weeks, using it topically for about a week. Im the first time outbreak free for almost a week. Even without an OB i still wrap the little fella up once a day. Just wrap it, spray it and go, no hassle. Heard soaking in a tub with h2o2 helps too.

Comment posted by Bill of Richmond, VA, USA on 18 October 2012 at 13:53       776

Bill again. I made the post above about how amazed I am with food grade h2o2. Today I decided to really test this out. One of my biggest triggers for outbreaks is lack of sleep. Before h2o2 anything less than 6 hours and it was outbreak city for me. Well, for the last 2 nights I've only slept about 4 hours each night with no naps during the day. To top that off, today I drank 2 cups of coffee, which was a huge trigger. I have also drank soda pop all day - all that sugar and caffeine would have be a recipe for disaster before. Lastly, it's been nothing but junk food today. All of the things I've been avoiding for a long time, all of my worst triggers, I stacked them up today, and nothing. No outbreak, no redness, not even a tingle. I wish I would have found this stuff 3 years ago.

Side-effects posted by Tonyahk of Houston, Texas, USA on 15 October 2012 at 14:31       772

I just started taking hydrogen peroxidetp help me with herpes. I am right now using the 3% store kind. For some reason I have lost my voice. Not sure, but it happened once I started the hp. I ordered the 35% food grade kind on Amazon and plan on taking it like suggested earlier on.. Working up to 25 drops. I have done a lot of reading and it seems legit. I will post my results also.

Comment posted by Bill of Richmond, VA, USA on 15 October 2012 at 5:20       771

For the last three years I've had constant outbreaks. I've done it all: cleaned up my diet, eliminated artificial sweeteners, cut out acidic foods - goodbye coffee :( I got on a good sleep schedule, cut out stress. I've tried lysine, monolaurin, garlic, BHT treatment, echinacea. I've tried all kinds of creams and concoctions applied to the sores. Very little has worked, all of that stuff combined and I still had constant, but less severe outbreaks. In the three years since contracting the virus I can't recall one time that I didn't have a sore.

I bought some food grade h202 and a 24 pack case of 16oz spring water. I dosed like so:

1st day, use 9 drops ( 3 drops, 3 times/day)
2nd day, use 12 drops ( 4 drops, 3 times/day)
3rd day, use 15 drops ( 5 drops, 3 times/day)
4th day, use 18 drops ( 6 drops, 3 times/day)
5th day, use 21 drops ( 7 drops, 3 times/day)
6th day, use 24 drops ( 8 drops, 3 times/day)
7th day, use 27 drops ( 9 drops, 3 times/day)
8th day, use 30 drops (10 drops, 3 times/day)
9th day, use 36 drops (12 drops, 3 times/day
10th day, use 42 drops (14 drops, 3 times/day)
11th day, use 48 drops (16 drops, 3 times/day)
12th day, use 54 drops (18 drops, 3 times/day
13th day, use 60 drops (20 drops, 3 times/day)
14th day, use 66 drops (22 drops, 3 times/day)
15th day, use 72 drops (24 drops, 3 times/day
16th day, use 75 drops (25 drops, 3 times/day)

I'm on day 19. I'm doing the day 16 regimen for 2 more days, then tapering off.

For the first time in 3 years I'm completely outbreak free. Feeling extra confident I even tested my luck by drinking 2 cups of coffee with sugar yesterday morning, a soda at lunch, and ate like crap all day, and nothing.

All the diet and stress changes were great for my life in general and I will keep them in place, but so far h2o2 is a miracle.

Comment posted by Concerned citizen of Atlanta, GA, USA on 11 October 2012 at 15:4       765

My fiance and I both have herpes simplex 2. We both started the hp and he went to the doctor to get tested again and the test came back negative for herpes. I have not retested yet.

Side-effects posted by AnnaLee of Central Coast, CA, USA on 24 September 2012 at 3:37       753

Have gone through the 2 month regime. Used Lecithin to stop the stomach ache and cinnamon gum to stop the bleachy taste in my mouth. . I do feel better than before. Will wait until Oct. to get the blood test.

Comment posted by atos of newark , nj, usa on 19 September 2012 at 11:1       746

"OXYGEN THERAPY The two basic types of oxygen therapy are ozone blood infusion and absorption of oxygen water or hydrogen peroxide at very low concentrations. It turns out that the AIDS virus, like other virus, cannot tolerate high oxygen levels in its victims' blood. Not only that, every other disease organism, tested so far, apparently has the same weakness. Even cancer growths contract and disappear when the oxygen saturation is sufficiently increased in the fluids surrounding them, since these growths are anaerobic.

Comment posted by Mick of Hopetoun, WA, Australia on 1 September 2012 at 23:6       732

If it makes you sick, it's usually because there is something wrong with you and you suffer a healing crisis. Stick with it you will feel better when the healing picks up steam. Also, get off the Soy milk, it's garbage and will cause you more health problems. Research it a bit, it's not very nice stuff.

Comment posted by South of the River of Perth, Western Australia, Australia on 17 August 2012 at 14:30       715

I got 35% from Nightingales Pharmacy, South Lake. Ask Bret, the pharmacist. If you explain what you want to do, he will make it for you in 10 minutes.

Side-effects posted by Snowpea of Brisbane, Qld, Australia on 11 August 2012 at 10:33       710

I have HSV-2. I tried the hydrogen peroxide, but it made me very very sick after 8 drops, my stomach could not tolerate the high dosage of HP. I still take it 3 drops each night with soy milk, but I have outbreaks very often. Good luck.

Comment posted by Needa2ndchance of Alberta , BC, Canada on 29 March 2012 at 14:52       633

Currently on 6 drops a day, developed a cold. Feel a lot of tingling in my body, I hope this works, I know it will!! Do you think weed would affect therapy?

Comment posted by ed of bangkok, bangkok, thailand on 24 March 2012 at 20:35       631

hi albert, ed from bangkok here, i am still on 25 drops, i take it in two glasses of 13 and 12 drops, easier to drink than one glass, doesn't taste so bad. to answer you question i would think decreasing the ammount daily from 25 back to 3 is the way to go. ie 25-24-23-22-etc. herpes is a horrible disease i will let you all know how it goes. ed.

Question posted by Albert of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA on 2 March 2012 at 12:2       615

How exactly do you do this, start with 3 drops then 4, then 5, etc until you reach 25? and how many times a day? Then after you get to 25 do u go 24, 23, 22, etc til you get to 3, or do you go from 25 back down to 3??

Comment posted by ed of bangkok, bangkok, thailand on 25 February 2012 at 19:11       609

hi everyone, the doctor said i have herpes, but could not say if it is type 1 or 2 anyway i decided to start on hydrogen peroxide therapy myself. not easy to find h2o2 or distilled water, but now i have both. i am now on 8 drops 3 times per day still feeling pretty well, wonder what it will be like on 25 drops. after i complete the course, approx 6 weeks i will go to australia and have a proper blood analisis done. i will come back time to time to let you all know how i'm doing. regards, ed.

Comment posted by David of Perth, WA, Australia on 2 December 2011 at 20:33       538

Hello Zim, in Perth, West Australia you can get 50% food grade h2o2 at several chemists, including some but not all Friendlies Chemists. Be careful, it is potent and dangerous. Double check that you dilute it correctly, it is 50% not 35%.

Question posted by Zim of Perth, WA, Australia on 1 December 2011 at 18:14       537

Hi, I'm from Perth Western Australia. Where can I get 35% Food Grade H2O2?

Comment posted by Albina of Sheman oaks, Ca, USA on 5 November 2011 at 16:12       523

Get pure 35% food grade peroxide ONLY!!!! Take 3 drops with 6-8 ounces of distilled water. Everyday go up with drops till 25 drops and go down to 3 drops back. Your viruses should be cured. Good luck. I cured herpes.

Comment posted by David Niven Miller of Perth, WA, Australia on 15 April 2011 at 8:31       456

Hi Joy, Hydrogen peroxide is not like a pharmaceutical drug, with side-effects and the need to maintain dose. Please click on the 'Hydrogen peroxide' link at the top of this page for full details. It is best not to take it in high doses for long periods. Even at a maintenance dose, I would give it a break sometimes.

Question posted by Joy of Phoenix, Az, USA on 15 April 2011 at 5:35       455

I am interested in starting this H202 program and have read a lot on the topic, however, once I begin this program and get to the regular maintenance dosage("5-15 drops a week")...what will happen if I stop taking it altogether? Or even just periodically? Any side effects? and can I begin again at a later date with the maintence or will I have to begin the program again? Thank you for any help you can provide.

Remedy (new) posted by Magnus64 of Perth, WA, Australia on 27 April 2010 at 0:21       113

Apply h2o2 directly onto blisters. Use a solution diluted to 3% or weaker. Apply hourly, as soon as you notice the outbreak. Usually this will heal the outbreak within 48 hours. If you have blisters, pierce it with a pin and then cover it with a small swab / cotton wool wetted with hydrogen peroxide. Cover it for at least an hour. Again, this will result in rapid healing, and the prevention of it recurring

Remedy (new) posted by Steve of London, UK, UK on 27 April 2010 at 0:13       110

Last week I had a cold sore outbreak on my upper lip (I started feeling the tingling sensation). I had read about using hydrogen peroxide and decided to use it for the first time. I bought some 35% food grade h2o2 and carefully diluted it 10 times with water in a little dropper bottle. I used a cotton tip to apply it every hour or two. Let me tell you it is a wonderful remedy for cold sores. Within two days my cold sore was completely dry and it got never bigger than a tiny dot. I have had outbreaks before (usually when I am stressed) and it was always a nightmare - the cold sores lasted for weeks and were huge - as big as half of my upper lip. So cheap and easy!